Spring Break? Yeah Right!

Well… after coming back from vacation and celebrating Easter last week, our dishwasher and clothes dryer decided to go out on us at the same time!

That being bad enough, we now have a crew in our basement jack-hammering the foundation to place in additional water drain lines and a hefty sump pump. Yes, we apparently bought a house where the developer did not place the code-required construction gravel before pouring our foundation. This is costing us a ton but it is much better than flooding!

Since it seems that projects were making themselves evident, we decided to finish painting/sanding our bannister and also bleach the tile grout throughout the whole main level.

We have also had quite a bit of April snow here so the kids have been cooped up inside all day every day (can’t bannish them to the basement)! Today is our annual Spring Cleaning… poor kids… they have been troopers! We have to take them to a movie on Saturday so they have something nice to report back to their teachers about what they did during Spring Break!!!

I have quite a few hairdo’s on my camera, but, as you can see, simply haven’t had time to upload them and draft the instructions on the blog. Thanks for being patient. In the meantime, Jessica over at Every Little Detail is offering a Spring Fever Savings of 20% off of your total order by entering “springfever20” in the coupon-code box during checkout. Jessica sent me some samples of her stuff and I love them! Check out her website!

How is your Spring Break (hopefully better than mine)? At least we are healthy and happy!

Happy Hairdoing!

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