The "I-Need-Your-Help" Giveaway (Ended)

We all know that Valentine’s Day is coming up. In our marriage, we have worked out an arrangement where each of us takes turns doing the “big” holidays. This way both never land on only one of us. LOL! So this year I have Valentine’s Day and he is responsible for our anniversary… next year, it will switch.

Here’s where I need help… I am just plum out of ideas. Lame, I know. But true. Usually I am very creative. One year I heart attacked his car, where you tape hearts all over the outside of his car, and hung some cute new undies (for me) over the rear view mirror (sorry dad!).

One year I took the back two benches out of our van and decked it out with pillows and blankets. I had sparkling cider and chocolate-covered strawberries waiting. The idea was to watch a good movie on our car DVD player in the mountains somewhere or overlooking the valley lights. Of course, while snuggled up together under the blankets… but that didn’t work out so great because I picked the movie “The Notebook” to watch. I had heard it was kind of a romantic movie. HA!!! I ended up bawling from about halfway through the movie until the end! Needless to say, it was a mood-killer because by the end of the night I had a huge headache and was too drained from crying to really enjoy the evening. (So, make sure to pick a GOOD/HAPPY movie!)

One year, I kidnapped him from work (with the permission of the boss) and drove him to Lava Hot Springs (about 2.5 hours away). We ate dinner, spent the evening in the hot springs together, which was especially fun since it was snowing outside, and then crashed in a hotel (a little on the rough side, but cheap) for one night. The next morning we hit a yummy breakfast at a local cafe and then home.

So as you can see, I like to try to do fun (not necessarily expensive) activities. But this year–I just can’t think of one darn thing! So PLEASE!!! I’m begging for some ideas! I’ll make you a deal. You leave comments with ideas… if I pick your idea to use, I will send you something fun in the mail. Not going to tell you what… but it will be fun! It may be hair related, maybe just fun and girly. So get thinkin’… I need help!

Happy Hairdoing!

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