May 01, 2010

True Fact About My Girls…

OK, a few of you have started noticing… so I need to let you know a little something.  A few days ago Julia contacted me via email and asked if my twin daughters were in a movie called “The Adventures of Food Boy” with Lucas Grabeel (Ryan from High School Musicals 1, 2, & 3) and Brittany Curran (from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody).  The next day Dawn from Virginia contacted me via our Facebook Fanpage and asked if my girls were in a print ad for Turkey Hill’s Dynamic Duo Twin Mint Ice Cream.

Since people are asking I thought I’d fill you in…

My girls, all four of them, have been modeling a little for a few years now.  Our little guy isn’t quite old enough yet, but we’ll likely add him when he is older.  Now, by no stretch of the imagination are they “Hollywood” kids, and we are very realistic with expectations in that regard.  In the beginning we had very serious reservations about listing them with an agency, despite all the encouragement of friends and others.  Of course, our concerns were centered around what we see in tabloids about Mary Kate & Ashley, etc, and about the possibility that even a little exposure could send them on a distructive path we never intended.

We began, and still hold to, strict guidelines with our kids that if at any time they wish to not continue modeling, they can quit.  They love it, and as long as they like it we will continue.  They do at most a couple of local auditions a month, and may get 1 out of 5 jobs booked.  All earnings go straight to the college fund!

Yes, our twins were in “The Adventures of Foodboy” with Lucas and Brittany (and, yes, I did their hair!). The role was as Julie, but the writer and director loved the twins so much that they decided to book both girls and write in our second twin as Elle.  They were the only minors with speaking roles.  The movie was filmed in 2007, and released in theaters and on DVD in 2008.

This was the director and writer’s first full-length film, so it had a very limited budget.  Given that fact, it was amazing that they got Lucas for the starring role!  Our twins favorite part off set was having Lucas serenade them in their dressing room with a jamming version of a Little Mermaid song (and other hilarious songs). I was told NOT to bring video equipment on set, but could have kicked myself for not being able to film that! I am sure it would have had the best YouTube response!  Being on set was so awesome and fun! We were very lucky that one of the stars’ father, Marty Curran, was able to take photos for us…

One part that caught me off guard was when Lucas ran in and stripped right down to his boxers, without warning, right in front of me and my girls (he was changing wardrobe for the next scene). I wasn’t quick enough to cover their eyes! So they had quite the story to tell their friends! LOL!

As for other jobs, the girls have done quite a few short films and print ads … but not one directly for Turkey Hill Ice Cream.  That being said, the twins have done three”stock photography” shoots. This means a photographer will book the twins for a job where they take tons of shots to be sold to companies for use on any advertisements.  Since I haven’t personally seen the ice cream ad, I don’t know for sure they were on it, but Dawn assures me that it’s them. She even thinks that they were sporting my hairdo’s, too!

So I have a favor to ask. Whenever possible I like to keep copies of their work to place in their portfolios. I have been doing some research online and noticed that Turkey Hill ice cream is mostly sold at stores in the Midwest, South, and Eastern States. If you see this circular ad, featuring twin girls with their arms around each other, for Turkey Hill’s Dynamic Duo Twin Mint Ice Cream,  PLEASE pull it for me and mail it to me! I would love to have it!

Also if you happen upon any other ads….let me know. Since they have done quite a bit of stock photography, sometimes we don’t even know where their photos are popping up!

Thanks a million!

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