Valentine's Day Ideas

So I thought it would be fun to share some our family’s Valentine’s Day traditions. I’d love to hear some of yours as well… for next year!

*I always start a month or so in advance and just put up our Valentine’s decor, So that the house feels Valentiney!

"Be Mine" Valentine's banner hanging on a window seal

(I made the quilt)

Valentine's Day themed quilt hanging off a chair
Large white banner with the word "love" on it surrounded by hearts
Valentine's Day themed decor around the fireplace mantle
Valentine's Day themed throw pillows with "xo" and hearts
* On the eve of Valentine’s Day, we always “Heart Attack” the bedroom doors of our kids. It usually looks something like this. Easy, but fun for them…

Picture of family "heart attack" tradition of cut outs of lips and hearts on a door
* We make a pancake breakfast (all pink of course) in the morning, including Strawberry milk! I try to dress up the breakfast table with a heartish table cloth and some sparkly heart garland. I took a picture of them for you to see, but they weren’t out on the table like normal since VD isn’t until tomorrow…

Multi-color heart table cloth and red heart garland
* We usually give the kids a fun valentine. Last year I made paper flowers shaped like hearts, but this year I went lazy and simply bought heart-shaped See’s chocolate for their pillows (about $1 for a chocolate heart about 3-4″ big).

* And last but not least, I buy heart-shaped pizzas and cook them up for dinner. You can buy them at Papa Murphy’s for around $5 each (or various other pizza places)…

Heart shaped pepperoni pizza
So… what do you do???

Happy Hairdoing!

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