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May 04, 2014

One of the biggest questions I get asked is if my girls enjoy having their hair done.

In general, yes, they do. However, just like every other family, we have our moments. When it comes to filming hairstyles, we have never forced our girls to be a model, it has always come on a volunteer basis. This is why you will see CGH3 volunteering the most, and CGH4 the least.

Disappointing Your Parents

One of our viewers, Sasha, asks the following question, “I hate going to soccer and it doesn’t make me happy anymore, but I know my mom loves that I play. I want to quit, but don’t know how to tell her I don’t want her to be disappointed in me.

Disappointing Parents

As a parent, I want to support my kids in all of their child activities, but sometimes it’s difficult to notice when they’re bored with their current activities and are ready to try something new. I definitely fear that my kids will resent me for making them stay in an activity that they don’t enjoy. I also do not want them sitting idly by watching television or playing video games all day.

The key for us a parents and our children is always open and honest communication. In this episode of #MomMinute on The Mom’s View, I’ll teach you how to communicate so that everyone gets what they want!

For any of our readers, what suggestions do you have when kids are afraid of disappointing their parents? Please free to leave your comments below…

Happy Parenting!

  • Stevie Kyra

    I agree with you, Mindy! You should definitely sit down with your parent(s) and tell the truth. You won’t disappoint them if you tell the truth!

  • K

    When I was 12 years old I hated my piano lessons. I was sad a lot and even cried myself to sleep. I didnĀ“t do my piano homework and hoped my mom would let me quit. I just felt anger when I was going to the piano lessons. She did never let me quit the lessons and I am so grateful for that now. I did eventually quit my piano lessons during my last year of high school. Now I’m very glad that my mom forced me to keep on going to the lessons. It was just a phase and now I am 24 years old and a pretty good piano player. Love from Sweden <3

  • Mary

    A pretty effective method for our family when I was growing up was the agreement that we complete the activity we chose (which they had paid for). If afterward we decide we want to quit that would be fine. In this way we weren’t forced and they weren’t wasting $. I really thought this a fair deal and it also taught perseverance…

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