September 27, 2015

Half-Up Rosette Combo | Homecoming Hairstyles

Brooklyn and Bailey have both been asked to their school’s Homecoming Dance, and have spent the better part of two week’s free time looking for the perfect dresses, shoes, accessories, and hairstyle! {Shaun isn’t sure he’s ready for all this!}

Brooklyn settled for this Half-Up Rosette Combo, a combination of two loose Dutchbacks on top into a Rosette bun, with the rest of the hair down in loose curls.


TJ9A0294To see your own photo recreations of this style featured in our app, feel free to tag your photos on IG with: #CGHHalfUpRosette

The great part about a combo hairstyle is that with the basic braid and bun styles, combined on loose, wavy, or curly hair… your options really are limitless.


TJ9A0299What do you think? Be sure to check on the twins’ channel this week to see their recap of Homecoming Week and see their final dress looks!

TJ9A0368Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 2 small hair elastics, Moroccan oil, heat protectant, volumizing root boost, 4-5 bobby pins, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 5 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Video Tutorial:

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Hair Prep (Very Important).  With this type of hairstyle you want your curl and volume to last all night.  You can use a few styling products to do this.  Moroccon oil (or comparable) on ends of hair, root boost, and heat protectant prior to blow dry. For Brooklyn’s look we added wand curls…
  2. Part your hair in the middle and then again on both sides so you have two rows on the top of the head…
  3. At this point I added a touch of dry shampoo to the two sections as well as power play.  These create added texture and grip for maximum volume…
  4. Taking one section at a time add a little back combing to your 2 rows…
  5. Using your comb or smoothing brush; gently smooth the top layer of hair on your two sections…
  6. Next do a regular dutch braid in both sections of hair.  You don’t want to pull the hair tight.  Leave some slack to give the braid height and volume on the top of the head…
  7. Continue with a regular 3 strand braid when reach the end of your row…
  8. About half way down your 3 strand braid you want to pancake the outside edge (closest to the ears) of your braid.  Continue this process to the end of the hair and secure with an elastic..
  9. Gently pancake your dutch braid on top…
  10. Starting with your left braid wrap it up and around in a circle or “Rosette” at the crown of the head…
  11. Take the right braid and go the opposite direction wrapping the braid up and around adding to your Rosette or bun…
  12. Tuck the ends under your bun and secure with bobby pins.

If you loved this tutorial, please be sure to leave a comment below, and let us know what hairstyles you would love to see next!

Happy Hairstyling!


  • Brooklyn

    I am here from your giveaway and this is definitely one of my favorite hairstyles! 🙂

  • Olivia

    I looove this! Definitely doing this when school goes back!

  • Nikhila

    Totally in love with this hairstyle!! 😁 ❤️ And brooklyn is soo prettyy 😍 You have such beautiful daughters! Love their personalities! Very lovable 😁

  • Jemma Hicks

    i love this!

  • Another one of my faves. Brooklyn look gorgeous 😍

  • Olivia

    Love half up half down styles and this just adds that little bit extra!

  • Georgia Bryant

    so cute

  • Mackenzie Elizabeth

    One of my favs! Love you guys!! 🙂

  • Marva Ben Aharon

    This is great one! I love it

  • Kassity Knox

    I love this hairstyle so much! 😊