March 11, 2009

Teen Slide-Up Braid | St. Patrick’s Day Hairstyle

Ok, so I was thinking about St. Patrick’s Day hairdo’s and it occured to me that most tweens or teenagers aren’t going to want a huge shamrock on their heads.

Tween Hairstyle

But they still want to celebrate the spirit of St. Patty’s day. So I came up with a couple of simple, easy tween versions. This is the first. We’ll call this the “Slide-Up Braid” hairdo. It’s SUPER easy and look’s adorable on girls of all ages!

Items Needed: Brush, comb, spray bottle, 1 rubber band, and hairspray.

Time Requirement
: 3-5 minutes.

Skill Level: Easy

Begin by brushing hair. This DD has very straight fine hair to begin with so I quickly ran a flat iron over it to flatten any bed-head waves. But you can do this hairdo with long, straight, or curly hair. You can do it on short, but it’s a little harder just because you do not have much hair to work with. Part the hair on left (or right if that is your DD’s natural part)…

Tween Slide-Up Braid #1

Section off a small chunk of hair right next to the part…

Tween Slide-Up Braid #2

Apply a little pomade or spritz lightly with water (just to keep down the frizz). Form this hair into a LOOSE braid. You don’t want this as tight as you can do it… it needs to be a medium loose. Not crazy loose either – just look at the picture…

Tween Slide-Up Braid #3
When you get the very end of hair instead of adding a rubber band hold the MIDDLE piece of hair with two of your fingers…

Tween Slide-Up Braid #4

Now using your free hand, slide the rest of the braid upward. The braid will naturally slide upward along the middle strand and gather up near the roots of her hair…

Tween Slide-Up Braid #5Tween Slide-Up Braid #6

Now, pull the braid slightly downward again until you think it lays right. The braid should look somewhat lace-like…

Tween Slide-Up Braid #7

Rubber band the end of the braid. If having one piece of hair hang out of the rubber band longer bugs you simplye twist that hair up and then rubber band it all in. I never mind since I think it just sort of blends into her other hair. It’s a very cool look that seems really difficult to do – but we all know it’s a snap!

To make it festive for St. Patty’s Day, simply add a cute green ribbon. I found my ribbon in the craft/ribbon section of Walmart for $1.00. The ribbons says “Shaking my Shamrocks” which I thought was very funny and appropriate!

Tween Slide-Up Braid #8Tween Slide-Up Braid #9Tween Slide-Up Braid #10

Happy Hairdoing!

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    That is the cutest braid I have ever seen. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it. Cant wait to do it on my younger sister.


    P.S. I am the twins age. And I love all the tween hairstyles.

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    OMGOSH!! I love your website!! I have learnedly soooo much! LOL I have socks in my hair so that i can have curly hair tomorrow!!! Hahaha my sister keeps asking me to do the. Lady Gaga bow in her hair….that’s what i get to do tomorrow.

  • Kenly

    OMGOSH!! I love your website!! I have learnedly soooo much! LOL I have socks in my hair so that i can have curly hair tomorrow!!! Hahaha my sister keeps asking me to do the Lady Vagary bow in her hair….that’s what i get to do tomorrow.

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