December 02, 2009

Hairstyle Video: Tween "Slide-Up" Braid

I posted a hair trick back in March called the Tween “Slide-Up” Braid. Since I had last posted this trick, moms (and some teens) have requested that I create a video to show exactly how this braid is done. I hope this helps you!

cool braids
This is a fun braid as it can accent pretty much any hairdo, be the feature hairdo in a combo, or a standalone like I have done here. You could even start lower on the one side and bring it over the top as a headband. Many sites show how to do this braid and Jill recently posted her version on our Facebook page.

The end result of this braid looks so intricate that other moms will think that you had spent 30 minutes weaving it when it really only took you 2 minutes (literally) with a simple braid! Also, don’t forget to join our Facebook fanpage, Cute Girls Hairstyles! Enjoy!

Items Needed: Rat-tail comb, 1 small hair elastic.

Time Requirement: 2-3 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Happy Hairdoing!

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  • Taylor

    Awesome! But when ever I do the braid it slides back down into a normal braid

  • Fernanda

    LOVE it! You are awesome!Your hairstyles are the best!

  • I did it to my hair i am young and it was so easy thankyou

  • Sophie

    Oh my goodness! This is so Cute! I LOVE it! Great for medium size hair!

  • Ashley

    Could you crimp the whole strand of hair

  • Cami Vasquez

    It’s an awesome video!! I’m going to try it in my own hair 🙂

  • Dana

    Oh my gosh! Cute!! I love it!!

  • Daisy

    goodness gracious i tried this several times and it just slides back down into a crooked loose braid. im frustrated.

  • nice

  • Julia

    when ever i do this the braid slides back down into a normal braid

  • s.m

    no offense but,this hairstyle is a lil crAZY!!! but creative and cute!! it looks awesome!!! your fan,s.m

  • Holy cow that is awesome! Might have to go and try this on my girls’ hair while they’re sleeping!