February 07, 2016

Bailey’s 25mm Wand Curls

For a long time, people could not tell me and my twin sister, Brooklyn, apart, so I decided to cut my hair and donate it to charity. Ever since I’ve had my hair at this shoulder length, I’ve been doing these wand curls. So many of our viewers have been asking for a tutorial on how I create them, and that is what I am going to teach you today.

25mm Wand CurlsThese wand curls are super easy to create. I begin by sectioning off my hair into three layers (a bottom layer, middle layer, and top layer), and then I use my 25mm curling wand. As I curl each strand, I wind them away from my face, and then hold it there for a few seconds.

Wand CurlsAs I release the curl from the wand, I gently tug the hair strand a bit just to give the curl some length. This is an important step to keep your short curled hair from forming a triangle shape on your head.

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Curly Hairstyles


Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 25mm curling wand, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 7-10 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Video Tutorial:


Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by parting your hair hair into three sections, a top layer, middle layer, and bottom layer {and temporarily secure the top two layers out of the way while you curl the bottom layer first}…
  2. With a 25mm curling wand, begin curling your hair by wrapping each strand away from the face…
  3. As you release each curl, gently tug down from the bottom of the strand to help lengthen the curl…
  4. Once you have finished curling the bottom layer, drop down the second layer of hair and continue curling…
  5. Repeat Steps #2-4 through the middle and top layers…
  6. Once you finish the top layer of curls, gently swing your head from side to side to cool down your curls…
  7. Then, feel free to take a straightener and straighten the ends of the curls that from your face to loosen them up {you want your eyes and face to be the feature from the front, not crazy tight curls.
  8. Gently finger comb the curls, part your hair to your liking, and add hairspray {if desired}.

Please feel free to leave a comment below telling us what you think of my Wand Curls tutorial, and be sure to let Brooklyn know that you want to see her do a DIY hairstyle soon!

Happy Hairstyling!

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