October 06, 2011

Braided Crown | Updo Hairstyles

I have been wanting to upload this Braided Crown hairstyle for along time, having been asked for it a ton, but I wanted it to be perfect just for you!

Crown Braid {Side}

There are so many tutorials out there that teach you how to do the crown braid, but ours was intended to be one of the most clean and crisp variations of the style. What I mean is that some variations use a ponytail on top from which you pull strands down into the crown braid. I do not particularly like that version as it leaves a bump and hole on the top of the head. {It also makes the crown appear more like a braided wheel with spokes.} Our version is intended to look like a braided halo was simply placed on the head.

The Crown Braid uses the Dutch Braiding technique, but you simply pull the hair in on top only from the front. This is what makes the hairstyle to look so simple and clean, and allows for the braid to pop out.

Crown Braid {Front}

Crown Braid {Back}

This braid style is perfect for so many occasions such as Renaissance festivals, Oktoberfest, Halloween princess hair, weddings, flower girls, prom, homecoming, graduation, baptism/communion, etc. It is particularly great for cheer, gymnastics, ballet, and other sports due to its tight braiding.   The style even makes for very pretty skirt curls in a second-day ‘do!  Enjoy!

Items Needed:  Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 small hair elastic, 2-4 bobby pins, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 5-7 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Happy Hairdoing!

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  • I am absoulutley in love with the MilkMaie Braid, and so many others. Your tutorials are so simple and easy to follow along to, thanks so much Mindy!

  • love your hare style

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  • Jennifer

    Can you help me!

  • Jennifer

    Wow I love this I even tried it on me

  • Harrypotterluver

    How can you do it on urself? I’ve been trying to do it on myself but can’t!!!

  • Does this hairstyle work on medium hair?

  • riley

    i like that a lot but do you think you could show that braid taylor swift did when she had curly hair?

  • 18hperki

    love it

  • jhennylyn

    i Love this hair style

  • Jennifer

    Hi Mindy, I tried doing this on my 6yr old it didn’t turn out very well. She has medium length baby fine hair, is this a hairstyle that doesn’t work in thin hair?

  • Kendra

    Hi Mindy, I still have some trouble with doing this hairstyle, and when I first saw it, it reminded me of Princess Leia’s hairstyle in Star Wars Episode V.

  • Hey Mindy! I am a total fan of cutegirlshairstyles! I have 1 question though. What do you put in your daughters hair to get it soooo shiny? Thanks!!

  • Anonymous

    Love this hairstyle but I need a tutorial!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love this hairstyle, but I really need a tutorial!!!

  • Lucia

    Could you PLEASE do a tutorial showing how to do this hairstyle half up and half down?? I am actress and this style with half of my hair would be perfect for one of my shows that I am playing the lead in so that I don’t look like a boy.

  • Gina

    Im gonna try to do this to my hair. You said that it is kind o hard to do it to yourself unless you a good braider. Im a fairly well braider, so hopefully it works (:
    Thanks for the video

  • its cute! can you make a video on yourself and i think its great for summer and sports!
    its fabulous!
    can you make some new shorty dos?

  • Dani

    i love this hair style and want to wear it to my “Greek olimpics” but two problems:

    wavy hair


    HELP *sad face*

  • Sama

    THIS IS FABULOUS!! But can it work with curly hair?? Im itching to try this hairstyle on my sister, but i want to find out if it works on curly hair as well 🙂

  • Emma

    Can u do this on yourself? Will you do a vid on it. I would appreciate it.

  • Retha

    You look like the Cassie Nightingale (played by Catherine Bell) from the film The Good Witches Garden!

  • Claire

    I do gymnastics! And it was actually my gymnastics teacher who told me about this site.(for anyone who knows me, Bunny Foo Foo says hi and sends hug!)You always make everything look so easy and perfect. Wish I could do this on myself!

  • a


  • pls do it on yourself pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls………………………………………………………………………………………..

    thanks 🙂

  • Zoë

    I love this hairstyle and it would be perfect for my daughter but it seems like her hair is too thick. I tried it once and after we got the crown done and brought the braid up, the braid was to thick and couldn’t be tucked under. At that point i wasnt sure what to do so I just took the braid down and made it a side braid kinda! Do you have any suggestions for that problem? Thankyou!

  • Yara

    I just tried this on my 6 year old.
    She has long, wavy hair and it tends to tangle as I’m braiding it. (Hair that I’ve just untangled before starting)
    I managed to finish the braid, after trying to start it 4 or 5 times. I’m still not sure if I started it right. Also, I’m sure I didn’t gather hair as close to the part as I was supposed to. It doesn’t look as neat as yours, but then, it was my first try. Also, I’m going to put a bit of the blame on my daughters hair ; )
    I hope it stays up until morning.

    PS have you ever stabbed yourself with a bobby pin? I don’t recommend it.

  • Sophie

    so beautiful!!! i love that hairstyle
    can you make some braided headbands?

  • Nice styles c: I have a cute tutorial showing how to style three, quick, easy hairstyles.
    If you or anyone else likes it, check out my other tutorials c:


  • Micha

    My mom used to do this to all my long thick hair back in high school drill team to fit under my hat! Thanks for bringing back some memories! I sat on the floor and she would sit up on the couch so she could get a good look at the top of my head while braiding! haha! Your videos are great and I always look forward to coming here for inspiration on learning something new to do to my daughters hair now.

  • Tracy

    Love the hairstyle but I can never get the braiding right. So frustrating for me because I have four daughters , three with long hair and I just wish I had the dexterity to get a nice clean braid like that, though I can do really nice regular braids. In the end the hair looks all over the place.
    What are your suggestions for those of us who have daughters with different hair types, in getting a clean braid? I have curly, wavy , and my youngest has curly/wavy hair with uneven ends (due to a bad hair cut, I paid for), and the one with short hair is straight! So the curly and wavy girls have hair that is just all over the place even when I wet it down.

  • You always make french braiding look so easy. I’ve known how to do it for years, but mine never look as clean. My daughter would love this hairstyle though so I might have to start practicing some more.

  • Janice

    I love the styles you do, with 3 girls I get a lot of inspiration from your site. this style is a favorite that we have done a lot before, I do it the same as you have here, but not as neat, we also do another variation that goes around 1 and a half times and comes across her forehead and down the side of her face in a lace braid like you have shown before in the “lace braid into soft ponytails” (if that makes any sense)

  • katrina

    Hi Mindy, Love all your videos and trying the hair styles on my 6 year old daughter but i came across this side fish tail braid kinda thing on top of the head but the video was in spanish (i think) and the woman doing the video didnt show how she started the braid. Any how this is the link and just thought if you ever had a chance one of your tutorials would be awesome!

  • Joanna

    This is beautiful. I love your idea of starting around the ear. I have done a variation of this for years. I add hair to the outside only..gives a slightly different look. I also like to use a crochet hook and loop narrow ribbon through the braid- just another touch of elegance. Thanks for sharing!

  • Rachel

    This hairstyle is so great. I LOVE ALL your hairstyles!!!!! Are you and your family christians?

  • Andrea

    Mindy how did you do your hair in the video it looks great