July 27, 2011

Four Twist Ponytail | Daddy 'Do Hairstyles

It is time for another Daddy ‘Do hairstyle, a style that is so easy a dad can do it!

This incorporates a high ponytail that is then separated into four equal parts.  Each section is then divided again, the two strands twisted into each another tightly, then secured with a rubber band.  Repeat the same for the other three sections of the ponytail.

Now we all know the above to be a Rope Braid cheat for dads.  With a rope braid, you can actually tightly twist the two strands independently and then twist them around eachother, securing with a rubber band.  For this tutorial, we simplified the process so that the dads are not spending 20-30 minutes on the style.

My daughter is only 11 and she does this style on herself in just a few minutes.  She prodded my husband to see if he could do it, and the tutorial below was the result!

Four-Twist Ponytail (Side)

The best part for dads, is that by leaving the style in overnight… he can take out the twists the next day and have a fun curly ponytail {2nd Day ‘Do}!  Enjoy!

Items Needed: Rat-tail comb, brush, water bottle, 1 hairband, four clear elastics, hairspray and accessories (if desired)

Time Requirement: 5-10 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Happy Hairdoing!

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{As awkward as it isfor my husband to film hairstyles like this, because he has big hands and is not used to doing hair all the time, it is just as awkward for me to film the tutorial!  Watching back the video, I was horrified to notice that I spent more time watching my hubby do the style than watching the viewfinder on the camera!  My filming was way off!  Sorry!}

  • Omg this is so cute

    Does your husband have braces

    • mrshairdo

      Yes, he did… but he now has them off. Lucky guy only had to wear them for one year!

  • Grace

    I actually LOVE this website. Whenever I need to spunk up my hair, instead of the plain usual of wearing it down, I’ll always refer to http://www.cutegirlshairstyles.com ! Just wanted to say a big “THANK YOU!” !:)

  • Allie

    I love this hair style I did it on my sister and it ended up having five pieces and I just twisted it up into a bun and if you make it look right I look like a white rose

  • Misty

    I just want to say thank you. I have just found your site and am loving all the Ideas you have here. My daughter is 6 and loves having long hair but does not like me doing it. Well until I found all these cute ideas. She is not excited to see what the two of us can do with her hair.

    Thank you for the daddy do’s also. I got up early this morning to do a 5k and my family was still sleeping. I was worried that my daughters hair was going to be a major mess for the 4th of July breakfast they were going to so I left this page open for my husband to try. I have not seen it yet but he said he turned out good and they both got complements about it at the breakfast.

    Thank you

  • politehnica bucuresti

  • Brenda

    This is great for parents and kids.
    Just a little note, I found out the hair stays in the twist longer if you take the two strands you are twisting and twist them both to the right, then when you twist the pieces together twist to the left (or vis versa). You will know you are doing this correctly if they look like the end results. If you twist it all in the same direction it looks kinda messy while you are doing the style. Hope this helps.

    • Jayne

      They now know that. In their more previous videos they do it with that method.

  • I love this but… Icannot do it on myself! and my mom dosnt really like to do hairstyles on me. so… Icannot wear this. Im destroyed. ITS SO SAD!

  • Lex

    LOVE this! SOO cute! Would this work with a lower ponytail, like for sports? Because if you play something where you need a helmet, a high pony doesn’t work to great.


  • Jamie

    Love it!!! I will have to show my ex-husband this website!!! I know he can do the four twist ponytail…I’m so excited for him (and our daughter, of course!
    Keep ’em coming!!!!! Thanks!!!

  • Cassidy

    I enjoy watching your videos and your daughter is very cute!

  • hi, love your site hoping you could mention my blog on here. http://www.simplystylish11.blogspot.com. This is great! I am doing 365 hairstyles for 365 days! Also follow me on twitter. @lynze85. Thanks!!!

  • Anna

    this is so pretty! my hair is just too short…>:(

  • anni

    love it!!i cant do my own hair but that style looks cool

  • Tamara

    I did this hairstyle this morning before my daughter went to school. She loved it!

  • Emily

    I like your daughters braces I’m eleven too!

  • Kate

    Thank you so much for posting these daddy dos!!!!!I like doing them on myself ecause their so EASY!!!!thanks again!!!!

  • Kati

    Hi im 12 and i love watching all these videos! i have learned how to do so many cute hairstyles! I am a flower/bow and feather freak and i was wondering where you get all the hair clips you put in your daughters hair? The red one she is wearing in this video is sooo cute!:)

  • anonymous

    I recently purchased a new flat iron and was wanting some cute teenager dos with a flat iron. I know how to curl, wave, and straighten, but was wondering if you could do some cute teen dos incorporating wave, straighten, or curl. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    This style is adorable! I LOVE the feather hair accessories. Where do you find them?

  • Melissa

    Yet another GREAT hairstyle for my little one. I also want to know what you use to get her ponytail so perfect without lumps or bumps. I love it. Thanks for posting. I absolutely love your site.

  • Fay

    Love this hairstyle, My girls love when I make their hair in the morning now that I have gotten such great ideas from your website.

    Thank you!

  • Anna

    Where do you buy all of your hair accessories?

  • I have 5 girls and was so excited to find your site! Mostly they prefer to wear their hair down, though, so even I don’t get a lot of practice, let alone Daddy.

    This is a cute ‘do, but I doubt my husband could get a ponytail in that tight to even begin the hairstyle (hey, I have a hard time getting a ponytail to look that nice without “bumps”)! Any basic tips?

  • Anna

    I LOVE the fact that you can wear this hairstyle in a pool and it won’t fall out! Could you post some more hairstyles that you can do on yourself?

  • LOVED this video! it really is something I’d trust my husband doing with my daughters’ hair! lol! Great video! I do tons of these for my girls.