July 28, 2013

Lace Braided Bun | Cute Updo Hairstyles

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I have been trying so hard to perfect this braided bun for two months now! I never could get it secured the way I wanted it, and this week I finally figured out a trick to getting the braid and bun to look perfect!Lace Braid Bun | Cute Updos

If you have practiced our Lace Braid tutorials, this updo will be a so easy for you!

The trick for me was to isolate out a small strand of hair before placing the bun maker into the hair. This strand is very important, and serves as your base to anchor the lace braid.IMG_3395



The style holds up nicely throughout the day, and is a perfect updo for Prom or Homecoming, or to be worn casually on any other day! I love hairstyles like that!  It is one I would wear to work, and even the gym!

CGH#3 volunteered to be my model, and isn’t she adorable? She wore it to church today, and I noticed several of the young women commenting on it!

I guarantee this one will get you compliments, as well!


Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 bun maker, 1 large hair band, 1 small hair elastic, 2-3 Goody Spin Pins, 2-3 bobby pins, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 5 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by pulling hair up into a high ponytail, and secure with a hair band…
  2. Separate a small section of a hair {about ½ inch} out of the ponytail, in the back behind the right ear, and let it fall while you hold onto the rest of the ponytail….
  3. Slip the ponytail hair through the bun maker, and snug it down against the head, making sure the sectioned piece stays out of the bun maker {actually, the bun maker should sit right on top of it}…
  4. Now, let go of the ponytail, an let the hair fall evenly over the bun maker {try to make sure it is all even all the way around, and that hair evenly covers all of the bun maker}…
  5. Comb out any tangles or fly-aways around the bun, to help make the bun look perfect and silky…
  6. Now gently part the back hair and find the strand that you intentionally left out…
  7. With this strand, begin to create a 3-strand Dutch braid with it {as you braid, add fallen hair from the bun maker into the top strand only… this creates the Lace Braid}…
  8. As you continue braiding, make your way around the base of the bun, adding hair into only the top strand, and keeping the braid tight near the base of the bun maker…
  9. When you have braided all the way around the bun, meeting where you began, continue a simple 3-strand braid down the remainer of hair, and secure with a small hair elastic…
  10. Now, take the tail portion of the braid and tuck it around and under the main braid. It should all fit fairly well under the main braid.  {If you do have a few problem areas, where the braid doesn’t fit well, feel free to tug the top braid down a bit and secure with a bobby pin}. Do you best to make it look like one continuous braid around the bun…
  11. You will want to use bobby pins to secure the main braid against the head.

Please feel free to leave me a comment below letting us know what you think!  As always, if you loved this hairstyle, please feel free to share it!

Happy Hairdoing!

Also, don’t forget my twins’ video this week on their YouTube channel! Bailey was sick, so Brooklyn asked me to step in for her to show you some cute, coming trends for this school year!

  • Mary Byerley-Rhinehart

    So you pull all of the hair into a ponytail holder but leave a small portion out of the donut? I want to try it tomorrow but need to make sure I’m gonna do it right

  • Teacup2155

    This is a great bun for a lot of things and I love it. It is such a beautiful elegant bun. Thank you , this is my try of the bun

  • Teacup2155

    Thank you so much for these videos. They are so good, I love this bun it gives a elegant look and is great for ballet. This is my hair when I tried the hairstyle

  • Hannah

    The video wouldn’t show up

  • Anna Grace

    This is a great, quick and easy hair style for dance! It stays put and I do it every day for dance! Recommended to my friends!

    • Lottie

      Being a dancer, I always have my hair in a bun.I usually do a twisted bun with a hairnet, but now I can do this for dance! It’s so easy to do as I can LaceBraid, and looks super neat and cute. Thank you!

  • Kate

    Being a dancer myself, I usually have my hair in a bun. Normally I do a sock bun, section the hair into two and braid both, then wrap them around the base of the bun, then pin them. This is much quicker and more neat! Thank you! xx

  • Kaetlyn

    I was wondering if you can do this hairstyle on an american girl doll with medium hair length. If you can do this hairstyle on an american girl, I would be very happy. Thanks, Kaetlyn

  • Shelsie

    You could have some sort of alarm or something like it, which sends an email each time there is a new hair style, because I do not have no youtube account so I do not know any time when there is a new hair style

    • Keiora

      You could ‘like’ their Facebook page. They usually post when there is a new style up. But they post every Sunday so if you wanted you could just come check every Sunday evening/ Monday morning.

  • Lauren Comrie

    Soz i meant CGH#3

  • Lauren Comrie

    I absolutely love this hairstyle i think its so cute and pretty. I wish i could do this hairstyle. It looks so nice on CHG#3 and aahhh i just wish i could do it like Mindy!!

  • Gaitri

    Hai..CGH.i really like your all hairstyles.i,m become ur fan ready..it,s really nice and easy hairstyle to learn.As a kindergarten teacher i really need it 4 my school event.thank u very much.:)

  • M

    Oh my lord you are talented! I wish I could do that on my own hair. 😉 keep up the good work. Love the tutorials beautiful I must say.

  • Abbie

    I love all of your creative hairstyles! Please keep them coming! (:

  • helene

    I made it with my daughter and we didn’t need the first accessory you put in the hair. the style was not as thick as yours.

  • I so fell in love with this hair style that I used it to do my daughter’s hair for her baptism. Thank you!!


    If you have thicker hair/no bun maker, skip step 3. Instead, separate out a third of your hair, wrap the remaining two thirds around this hair forming a bun, and secure with bobbies (make sure it’s a flatter bun, not a tall bun). You should now have a ponytail with a bun wrapped around it. Continue on with steps 4-11.

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    Can you please do more DIY hairstyles.
    P.S love your hairstyles amazing. 🙂

    • larabob

      yes can you please

  • Grace

    Love this! Got so many compliments at school and I wear it to dance class every day! You are amazing mindy and now I can do a LOT more hairstyles than ponytails thanks to you! (And yes, I have dance every day of the week)

  • anna

    i’ve been trying to do that bun for a long time but its hard because i have layers in my hair, any tips?

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  • Thanks for this post on the lace braided bun. It sounds like you found the trick on how one might best do it. Great photos!

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    I dropped my daughter off today for the dance carpool and all three girls had this bun in their hair! How funny is that?! Definitely a new favorite! Thanks Mindy for helping us make our girls cute too!

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    Thanks for all that you do!!! I love your videos!!!

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  • Alyssa Jorgensen

    I absolutely LOVE this hairstyle, and I can do it well on others, but I have a really hard time doing it on myself. Are there any tips or tricks that could help me?

  • I love watching your hair tutorials on YouTube they are great. I am not very old but I love trying them on my self .Brooklyn and Bailey are great dancers and so are CGH#3 ,and CGH#4.I loved watching there dance recital video on YouTube.I am also a dancer I love it .This hairstyle is so cute for dance. Thanks for all the great hairstyles .
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