November 23, 2011

Lady Gaga Hair Bow | Video Hairstyles

Lady Gaga first introduced the “Hair Bow” hairstyle to the masses back in 2009, and it has gained steady popularity every since. Aside from her Grade-A meat dress, or being carried to an awards show in an UFO-looking egg, this is another of her popular fashion moments and certainly the most duplicated.

Lady Gaga Bow Hairstyle

We have received hundreds of requests for our own version of the bow hair style over the past few months. It has been perhaps the most asked-for style we have ever had!

Just last weekend, we finally found some time to film the bow hairstyle version that my girls have been wearing. We get compliments all the time on how cute it is, so we are sure you are going to like it!

Hairstyle - Lady Gaga Hair Bow

This is a perfect hairstyle for your daughter if she decides to dress up as Minnie Mouse {along with a set of Disney mouse ears), also good for Crazy Hair Day, or used in a variety of hairstyle combos {we plan to show some in later tutorials}.

Hairstyles - Lady Gaga Hair Bow (Back)

If you have seen the pictures of Lady Gaga’s bow, you will notice that it is a half-up/half-down hairstyle. We opted for a full on updo for our tutorial, but you can do it either way. You may also choose to angle the ponytail to either side so that the bow if offset. The great thing about this hairstyle is that it is completely up to you! Enjoy!

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 hair band, 6-7 bobby pins, hairspray {if desired}

Time Requirement: 5 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Happy Hairdoing!

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  • sbp

    could you put the typed instructions on here because I cant watch the video?

  • American singer and writer their blonde hairstyle are most famous.. thanks for your tutorial .. me easily make the .. blonde

  • homer simson

    I like the bow im going to do it with my girl lisa. does it work on spiky hair

  • luba

    this is an awesome hairstyle but it does not work on my head

  • Katy

    Hi, I love the lady gaga bow and I tried it on my self and it was so cute ,

    P , s a am 9 years old.

    • Joanna

      Yes I am 9 to i really want to do it

  • annonomous

    Can you make a video on how to do it to yourself? I tried but it was hard

  • Kel Mo

    Cute!! I love this hairstyle!

  • BethandMillie

    As much as i LOVE your hairstyles i decided i much prefer this one when the hair has been teased before, i tried to post the pic but it didnt work- i’d love to see your version, once again; we LOVE ALL YOUR HAIRSTYLES

    • BethandMillie

      We have lots of different versions of this e.g. Clip the bow to the back lf the head and only using a small amout of hair and letting the rest fall down, also, if you do the bow but leave 2 bits hanging down it looks great to- thanks for the inspiration!

  • virginie

    merci beaucoup pour cette jolie coiffure que je vais pouvoir faire a ma fille.
    la jeune fille dans la vidéo est a ravir, une jolie petite poupée!
    encore merci

  • JNC

    I absolutely love the lady gaga bow!!!! It is so cute!

  • Mommy dona

    Ill be doing this this week for my daughters kinder graduation but her hair is so short..goodluck for me! Thanks for this hairstylle video soo cute for lil girls.

  • Amber

    what an amazing hairstyle!! Just got to try this on my little sisters.. thank you !

  • Rachel

    Omg this is so amazing I have wanted to do this for so long can’t wait to try it!!

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  • Rhiannon

    Your children are so adorable I love when they say “bye” it’s just so cute! So huggable!!!!! Keep making more video tutorials with your beauty pageant worthy little kids!!

  • Taylor

    I have very thick curly hair and not many of these styles work for me !! I love all of them !! I don’t get many opportunities to straighten my hair so do you have any suggestions ????

  • Maryann

    As usual a no fail fun video, you are the only reason my 4 year old has allowed me to brush and style her hair. Also the only reaon she leaves it in. THANK YOU

  • Katie

    Thanks sooooo much mindy i love the idea for the hairbow Im going to try this on one of my six daughters (all of which were adopted) and maybe let my 1son try and be a hairstyler too(he was also adopted)

  • Shannon T.

    Ahh! I just did this on me & my little sisters hair & it looks AMAZING! Thank you so much!

  • Ashley B.

    Very, very cute! I can not wait to do this with my daughter’s hair. By the way your daughter is just an angel!

  • Noey

    Thanks! I love 🙂 is their a way you could show how to do just a high ponytail flower bun?

  • Zoe

    I absolutely love this.
    I did this on myself It was so easy! My friends were like, Woah! How did you do that!

  • Beverly

    Thanks Mindy for sharing hairstyles! I love this also^_^ very cute…

  • omg,this hairstyle is sooo hard to get right.I can’t get the middle section to stay no matter how many bobby pins I use. Guess thats what I get for not learning how to use bobby pins right.HaHaHa

  • Rebecca

    Too cute for words! <3 ya Mindy! 🙂

  • Ashley

    Hey! I love your videos! Mindy, you always have the best hairstyles!I was just wondering though, if you have any hairstyles that work well with naturally curly hair? 😀

  • Ashley

    Hey! I love your videos! Mindy, you always have the best hairstyles!I was just wondering though, if you have any hairstyles that work well with curly hair? 😀

  • Luna

    Mindy,you’ve got the BEST IDEAS EVER!!!
    I luv the site!it’s really helpfull to people.:)

  • love it is this like a crazy hair thing or a cute hair thing or is it both because i think it could be both

  • Sarah

    What is the girls name she is georgous

  • Coolio

    That is so cute and easy!! People say on MSN that she wasn’t allowed to take pics because of her hair!! I don’t get that!!

  • Zeida

    I love it but the middle part wont stay because i have layers! 🙁

  • Meg

    SO CUTE! Love it. ITS A BIG BOW!!!
    My sisters will love this one because they love big bows.
    Thank you Mindy!

  • Kyra

    My hair is to long!! 🙁 what do I do ?!?!?!?

  • :Dani

    omgi lovedit imwearing this for a partyon sunday and spirit day tommorow!!…. will it stay up though?

  • Ke$ha

    Totaly amazing!
    I’ll have to try this for my next concert!

  • sleepovergirls

    this works well! WE WON A TRIP TO THE BAHAMAS FROM THIS HAIRSTYLE! the judges at the pageant went all crazy for this! when will your second way of doing this come? now at all pageants everyone wears this style! thank you, we cant to wear are pajamas at the bahamas! thaaaaankkkkme

  • Sandra

    Just tried this style & it was so surprisingly easy and looks absolutely adorable on my daughter. Instead of the splitting the hair in two and going around the back i used a topsy tail and pulled it under the hair band, then tucked it into the bow. Thanks heaps for the easy to follow instructions.

  • sandra

    Love your hairdo’s! I wish my daughter loved me playing with her hair as much as I’d love to play!! (She’s a sensitive head and I have to pull tight for my french braids to be anywhere near successful!) I love this one and I think she’d let me do it, but I was wondering if using a topsy tail would hold the center of the bow well enough… I would love to see more stuff using it since it is one tool she lets me use on her hair! Thanks for the great videos!!

  • Amy

    have you ever tried doing that with a side braid?

  • Diandra

    We LOVE this hairstyle. I’d seen a different video a couple of years ago, but it didn’t stay as well and it really didn’t look as cute. Yours takes half the time, holds up all day and is adorable! Today was the first day one of my girls rocked the Gaga Bow at school. She was beaming when I picked her up after being complimented all day. Bonus: It still looked just as cute when I picked her up as when I dropped her off!

  • Sarah

    I have no idea what I am doing wrong but I cannot get the middle section to stay for the life of me. When I wrap it up, it just falls out
    🙁 Bummer! it’s so cute but I just cannot get it to work. I’m going to keep trying it but the first 10 attempts were fails. My loops kept coming back together before I could get the hair wrapped up between them and then one side would fall while I tried to tuck and bobbypin the other side or it would bunch in the back, not all smooth like yours. Maybe I need to try it wet.

  • Kim

    Thank you for this amazing website! I have a daughter but I’m not great at doing hair!

  • je vous felicite tout ce que vous faites!!
    j’adore ,je pense faire cette magnifique coiffure aujourd’hui pour ma princesse lily ,ma fille adorée que j’aime ..
    bon reveillon de noel ..j’habite en FRANCE et vous souhaite de bonnes fetes de fin d’annéé
    merci pour votre blog super

  • Bethani

    Amazing! Decided how I’m doing my little sisters hair for her party now I think! Either this or the waterfall braid! Thanks xxxx

  • Izzy

    This hair style is really cute! I’m definitely going to try this on my sister!
    Super Cute!

  • Hannah

    I love this hairstyle! Super cute!

  • Cara

    Hey Mindy! I tried this on my sis, but when I tried to wrap the hair around and split it, it just ended up looking funny! Anyways, I love your website and I check it practically everyday! I was wondering if you could do some hairstyles in which I could incorporate some clip-in flowers.

    Keep up the good work!


  • This is so cute! And I just had to tell you that my almost 4 year old loves watching your hair videos. She usually asks to watch them several times in a row and today she just kept saying “wow, she’s good!”

  • rachel

    I just wanted to let you know that I read through your adoption story about your son, and it simulatenously made me smile and cry. I have so much respect for people who adopt. Thank you for being brave enough to share your story and your experience with us – it has made me a lot more open to the idea of adoption, and in the end, a baby is just a baby, no matter their gender or race, and all babies deserve love and a great home. I’ll always remember that.

  • Ruthie

    Surprisingly simple and just in time for a fancy Thanksgiving hairdo (under a turkey hat, of course!). The bow held up well after a long day of turkey gobbling and trotting. Thank you so much!

  • Caitríona

    haha love this hairstyles, i’m 17 and when i did it for crazy hair day at school i was the overall winner! i don’t think anyone realised how easy it is tbh!

  • Sarah

    Does this hold up at school…or is it more of a “Sunday” hair do? Either way, it’s super cute and fun!

    • Maegan

      I do it for school a lot! Just a little bit of hairspray!!!

  • Rachel

    This is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the hard work!!!!!!

    • i love this! i tried it and everybody complimented my hair!:D

  • Teri Daniels

    I wanted to do this on my Daughters hair but here is too short to make the middle. Any suggestions on how to wrap the middle when you can get a pony and split it but no hair to wrap?

    • Jen

      I have the same problem with my oldest girls and we were thinking of using one of those clip in hair extensions to wrap the middle in. Only problem with that is I have the clip in for me (brown hair)and she is almost blond. lol