December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays from CuteGirlsHairstyles!

We here at Cute Girls Hairstyles wanted to take a quick minute and thank all of our wonderful fans worldwide, and to wish you all.. Happy Holidays!

Our family enjoys traditions, and we have many. Although the Christmas season brings lots of excitement to our family, with 3 birthdays also celebrated between Christmas and New Year’s, we pay particular attention to serving those around us who are in need.

Cute Girls Hairstyles Family

We had the opportunity to donate and help wrap gifts for underemployed families with children, via the Little Heroes Foundation. My girls even commented on the “warm feeling in their hearts” after we delivered the presents. Here is the news clip…

So, today we decided to give you a quick look into our Christmas Eve traditions, share with you a quick Thank You, and give you each a promise that there are ,many more hairstyles to come! Enjoy!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  • Alex

    Wow! The year does go by fast! It’s almost Christmas again!!

  • I love the family picture. Where was it taken or who took them?

  • Kenly

    Oh your family is so cute. LOL it’s like 3 months after Christmas! You have the cutest family!!!

  • OMG!!! What a beatiful family. When i grow up i want to be exactly like you. have 3 beatiful daughters, beatiful precius and gorgeous twins,1 lovely son and one hot husband

  • Ashley

    could you make a video of the hairdo the girl with the feather haed band had

  • kaitlynn

    can you do a video of the girls hair all the way on the right if the video is already up can you tell my the hairstyles name thanks and I love your website.

  • EEEK how cute is your family?!!!!!! Thank you for this website, I love it and I have 3 girls so they are my poor little guinea pigs as I try out all these beautiful styles you show us.
    Thanks again! Happy 2012!

  • Rachel

    Love the picture!!!!!!!!! You have a very cute family!!!!!! I love ALL your hairstyles you do!!!!

  • Yana

    Can you do a video of the hairstyle the girl on the far right is wearing? Its lovley c:


  • Paula

    Wondering about the cute legwarmers too. Where did you get them??
    Beautiful picture 🙂

  • Happy Holidays to you Mindy and your beautiful Family,nice picture…

  • What a cool program Travis Hansen put together. You guys are lucky you got to help with that. Your little guys playing with the tape at the beginning– Super darling. You know what is funny I saw it on the news when it was originally aired… yeah, saw your girls and it didn’t register. I remember thinking they looked familiar, but didn’t dwell on it. That is funny.

  • Sterre

    Can you do an tutorial on the hairdo of the girl with the feather headband??? Thnx XOXO

  • Sterre

    Can you do an video on the hairstyle of the girl with the feather headband??? Thnx XOXO

  • Brittni

    Where did your 3rd oldest(i belive) get her leg warmers? There sooooo cute! Luv your exstensions. Merry Christmas,happy new year and happy birthday(s)!

  • Yana

    Wow! Your family is GORGEOUS!! I absolutly LOVE both of your older daoughters hair! Merry Christmas!

    ~Please reply c:

  • hey mindy.
    i adore all your wonderful hairstyles. i just started my own hair blog and was wondering if you could add it to your hair blogs list. it would be great.

  • moskaan

    lol when i posted my last comment it said time posted 7:47am but it was like 1-2pm here maybe its cuz this is in america and i live in london or somfin!!

  • FindingMe

    OMG! Super cute family! Have a Happy Holiday season! Looking forward to upcoming posts

  • Too cute! I’ll bet making that video was a blast. LOVE the extensions, Mindy! Happy Holidays!

  • Kate

    Just wondering, where did your daughter get her cute combat boots? It would be great if you could reply because I absolutely love them! By the way, I LOVE your videos! Whenever I wear your hairstyles, I get tons of compliments. I’ve been telling all of my friends at school about your videos and how they should watch them!

  • Merry Christmas! Love your blog and your family is so cute! 🙂


  • moskaan

    you have such an adorable family!!! i love all the hairstyles here!!!!!!!! awesome!!! and happy holidays!!!!!

  • JAmie S

    Happy Holidays to you Mindy and your beautiful Family! Great Holiday movie Love it… However am I missing something…..How did your hair get so Long? 😉 Love it!