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We had a reader recently email us this easy braid technique, asking if we could make a tutorial of it! Brooklyn actually saw the email first, ran in to show me, and we fell in LOVE with how beautiful it is!

3D Split Braid


The girls named this the 3D Split Braid, because it does have a similar look to our 3D Round Braid, but the stitching is completely different.

You literally, simply, “split” the outside strands in your braiding! How cool is that?

3D Split Braid

Today, Kamri and I will teach you how to create this easy Split Braid technique, but we will also be showing you a few other hairstyles we created that were inspired by it…3D Split Braid


3D Split Braid

3D Split Braid

One aspect we really love, is that this is yet another braid you can add to your hairstyle/combo arsenal {use it tied up into a bun, ponytail, side braid, tieback, accent, etc}!

3D Split Braid

3D Split Braid

3D Split Braid

We are also classifying this hairstyle as a “Daddy ‘Do” because it is so easy… even a dad can do it!

To see your recreations featured in our CGH App, feel free to tag your own photos of this hairstyle with: #CGH3DSplitBraid


Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 ponytail holder, 1 small hair elastic, hairspray/pomade and accessory {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 2-4 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by placing the hair in a ponytail, securing it with a ponytail holder…
  2. Split the ponytail into three even strands…
  3. Now split the left-most section into two pieces, with your index finger…
  4. Next, pull the middle strand in between and through the left “split” strands you just created…
  5. Combine the two split stands together to become the middle strand…
  6. Now take the right-most strand of hair and split it into two even strands with your index finger…
  7. Next, pull the middle strand in between and through the right “split” strands you just created…
  8. Then combine the two split stands together to become the middle strand…
  9. Continue with Steps #3-8 until the braid forms and you run out of hair…
  10. Secure with an elastic.
  11. Add hairspray and an accessory {if desired}.

Please feel free to leave a comment below letting us know what you think of this 3D Split Braid! Do you think your husband, boyfriend, dad, or brother could do it?

Happy Hairstyling!

Brooklyn was babysitting a neighbor family last week, so Bailey decided to take her own turn filming for BrooklynAndBailey‘s YouTube channel, by interviewing our 3-yr old, Sweet Pea! If you want to be thoroughly entertained, A LOT, go ahead and click below!

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  1. Dear Mindy it seems that you have already done this hairdo o Kamari.
    But still pretty. And you have posted a heart hair style twice as well.
    But they are all still amazing! Keep posting.
    Lots of love

  2. My daughter is trying this as a first-time project (beyond simple braids and pony-tails, of course). I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  3. dear,
    this is blair here. i loved your 3D split braid. i am quite excited to meet you. i really live far away but i know that soon i am gonna meet you. waiting for your new videos

  4. Hey! I love the 3D Split Braid. I practiced it on my mom and it’s perfect. I think my dad can do it. My mom and I love your channel!!!

  5. I love this style! It reminds me of the box fishtail! But just one thing. I love your family, and the fun you put in, but I think calling it a daddy do’ is a little sexist. Some dads are very good at hair… nothing against you, or dads, or anyone. Just saying.

  6. I would love to meet u sll in one day. I live far away from u guys . But i still have hope to meet u and to thanks u. I live in Dubai and i do love watching all your videos =)

  7. I live about an hours drive from Disney Land. Unfortunately I would probably not get to go because my parents hate driving out to the Disney Land area because of how much traffic there is:(.

  8. This is great. I will ask my Mom to try it so I can wear it in my school. I just transferred schook. Most of my schoolmates don’t know my name yet but they are calling me “the girl with awesome hairstyles” everyday. Thank you #cutegirlhairstyles my Mom always get techniques from your tutorial.

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