Bailey’s Dorothy Braids | Halloween Hairstyles

Ever since Brooklyn and I were little girls, we were fascinated with Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, starring Judy Garland!

I think part of it had to do with our dad telling us all the time that one of the last remaining munchkin actors lived out the rest of his life in my dad’s small hometown of Shelley, ID.

Dorothy Braids | The Wizard of Oz

I remember our mom bringing home a pair of sparkly red-glittered shoes {made to look like Dorothy’s ruby slippers} from a garage sale, and I was in heaven! I wore them all the time, even if I was wearing pajamas! When I grew out of them, Kamri then wore them and I begged my mom to buy me new ones.

Bailey's Dorothy Braids | Halloween Hairstyles

When my mom proposed doing this Dorothy Braids tutorial on herself the other day, I begged and begged her to be the one to do the tutorial! She agreed! We quickly found a Dorothy costume in my size at a local Halloween store, grabbed my red Converse sneakers {yes, a modern touch} from our closet, and went right to work!

So, today we will be showing you how to create Dorothy’s braids from The Wizard of Oz! I even have my own Toto the dog, in Braidy! Isn’t he cute in his adorable sweater?

Young girl dressed up as Dorothy | The Wizard of Oz

Young girl dressed up as Dorothy | The Wizard of Oz

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This hairstyle is perfect for Halloween, school or local productions of The Wizard of Oz, or for everyday wear {minus the costume, of course}! Dorothy actually wears blue ribbons in the movie, but for purposes of the costume we bought, red ribbons looked much better.

Young girl dressed up as Dorothy | The Wizard of Oz

Young girl dressed up as Dorothy | The Wizard of Oz

Young girl dressed up as Dorothy | The Wizard of Oz

I experimented a little with my makeup to complete the Dorothy look. I wanted to accent my lips and to brighten my eyes, so I opted for ruby red lipstick and highlighted the inner corners of my eyes with a white eyeshadow.

I loved this tutorial, and hope to be more involved in future tutorials! Don’t forget that this month of October our mom will be putting up more of our #CGHSpooktorial series Halloween Hairstyles, including a collab tutorial of a Monster High character look next week!

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 2 small hair elastics, 2 hair ribbons, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by curling the hair with a wand, or a no-heat curling method {I find that 2nd day curls worked best as the base for this hairstyle}…
  2. Divide the hair down the middle of the head, and secure one half of the hair out of the way for now with an elastic…
  3. On your first side, pick up a small section of hair near the middle part line and begin to twist it upward toward the part line…
  4. As you twist the hair back, following your hairline and adding in hair after every twist, make sure all of the hair on that side is eventually incorporated into the twist at the back corner of the head.
  5. Also as you twist back, you will want to ensure that the twist remains fairly tight against the head {you can loosen it later}..
  6. While holding the twist tightly in one hand, with your other hand begin to section the rest of that hair into three even strands {Optional: If holding the twist and creating braiding sections is difficult for you, at this point you can secure the twist with an elastic and then cut it out after you finish the braid}…
  7. With these three strands, now create a simple braid several stitches until you reach the collarbone area.
  8. Secure the braid with an elastic at that spot {which gives Dorothy’s signature fluffy and curly ends to her braids}…
  9. Repeat these steps to create a second braid on the other side…
  10. Add hairspray and bows {as desired}.

Please feel free to leave a comment below letting us know what you think of these Dorothy Braids!

Happy Halloween!

It was Daxton’s turn to be interviewed on our BrooklynAndBailey YouTube channel! This video was part of a Meet My Brother tag going around YouTube lately, and Dax pretty much gave Brooklyn a run for her money! It is sooooo funny! By the end, he was clearly running the show! {PS~ Daxton is watching you!}

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      1. Yes they did, I think it was the miner-inspired hair & beard styles… only saw it on youtube but they used an beanie all the time. hope i could help you

  1. I am being a pioneer for Halloween and I think I will do this hairstyle to add something special to normal braids that pioneers would wear.

  2. I really love these braids, but whenever I try the twist part at the top it gets all messed up and I can never do it right. Do you have any tips to make the twist stay in while you’re braiding?

    1. I know, but here’s a tip, You have to twist it SO HARD! I have hair up to my ankle, and i still do the Dorothy braid! It hurts but FUN~

  3. Hi! I love this hairstyle! It’s super cute. Can you do some hairstyles for fall, maybe some ones for Thanksgiving? Thanks!

  4. Hi Mindy!
    I LOVE curls but my hair hods somewhat of a good curl towards to front of my head, but NEVER stays curled towards to back 🙁 ! I’ve watched your tutorial on the NuMe wands, and thought they were fantastice, but WAY to much money!!
    Is there a curler/wand that you would recommend that makes tight curls, and is $25-$40?
    Forever a fan! -Karina Grace

  5. hey mindy! I’ve put my email in the thing to receive emials from you so many times between now and a year ago……and still no emails!!! is there something I’m doing wrong??? please help me

    1. So have i! Is there something else i need to do, or could u fix it please!

      I love ur hairstyles sooo much and would like to be able to know when there r new ones!

  6. I love this one. Wizard of Oz fan here & Bailey did a great job. I just might try it on my little sister. (She wears a different hairstyle to school each day & claims she is cuter in braids)
    I would love if you could do tutorials on the updoes pictured on your instagram.


  7. hi sorry to ask but could you post up some gothic bride halloween hairstyles and makeup please? because im going to be a gothic bride this year so i would appreciate it if you could because my minds gone blank. could you do it before halloween if its not to much trouble? thanks

  8. plz do more african american hair hairstyles i try to do some of your hairstyles but they don’t always work

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