Double-Frenchbacks into High Pony | Cute Ponytail Ideas

As an initial note, this is actually a 3rd-day hairstyle on my daughter…

On Day 1, she had used a high twisty bun, then removed it on Day 2 to leave subtle curls with a pullback on top, and this ponytail style what we used on Day 3…

Double-Frenchbacks into High Pony | Cute Ponytail Ideas

My girls and I have been wearing this ponytail hairstyle for a few months now after seeing it on Pinterest. Just the other day, I uploaded a photo on Instagram of me wearing this ponytail when I was in LA a few weeks ago.  Our fans there loved it!

This easy pony hairstyle incorporates a pullback {pompadour} on top and French-braided sides that are brought up with the remaining hair into a high ponytail…

I then took a small strand of hair from the ponytail and wrapped it around the elastic band, for a cute hair-wrapped pontail.

Side view of Double-Frenchbacks into High Pony | Cute Ponytail Ideas

You will find that this pony hairstyle is perfect for cheer, gymnastics, other sports, or simply to wear around any day!

I receive emails all the time from moms who love ponytails, but are looking for cute ways to spice them up! This will do it, and you will receive compliments all day!


Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 large hair elastic, 3-4 bobby pins, hairspray and accessory {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 5 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. could you do more ponytails? I love putting my hair up but it gets boring just doing a normal ponytail.

  2. I love this website, its just my mom is still learning to do half this stuff, and we never have time, which really bugs me, but again I love all these hairstyles!!!!!

  3. I am loving what I see on here. And I’ve been wondering for so long how to manage my hair after the first day. I haven’t heard of dry shampoo – what is it? Viewing from Australia!

  4. I forgot how to french braid since I learned like 15 years ago so I am trying to learn again since I have a 3yr old and 5 yr old. I love this style because my 5 yr old is in gymnastics and just about to start basketball.
    She is 1/2 black and 1/2 white so her hair is very curly like ringlets but still very soft.
    I am a new huge fan of yours!!
    I would appreciate any ideas and posts you could give me for my daughters.
    My 3 yr old is also mixed but doesn’t have the curls my other one has so her hair is a little more manageable.

  5. I used this hairstyle and
    changed it and it looked awesome I love your website p.s. brookynandbailey’s YouTube account is awesome

  6. I’m 13 so I love this kind of stuff. My favourite is probably the one with the bun. I love trying new stuff with French braids.

  7. I totally love this hairdo! It looks super cute, but I don’t think I can make the mini French braids, because I am terrible at French braiding!

  8. I’ve watched this video a million times but I still can’t do it right. :`(. I REALLY NEED HELP!!!!

  9. I think it is so great when you can have a hairstyle that works for girls and women alike. I see this dressed down or up. The longer the hair, the better it might look!

  10. I Love this hairstyle works pefectly on my hair, even though I don’t have Bang. Thank Mindy, love this Website 🙂

  11. I love this hairstyle sooooo much!! Your website has helped me learn a lot of new hairstyles. I take ballet and i could definitely use this in a bun! Thank you soooo much

  12. Mindy.One question. If your child has bangs and that pin you used at the beginning held some of your child’s bangs could you take it out?

  13. Hi, I think this hair style is fab, I am learning how to do just a basic French plait but unfortunately I am struggling.
    Can you please help.xx

  14. hey. so pretty. i have a question are you a mormon. i was wondering because i saw the ensign magazines but i wasn’t sure, because your clothes don’t always match what the word of wisdom says. i’m a mormon so i would know. i hope you will answeer me back. see you later. bye

  15. I love it when my mother does this to my hair! I wear it to dance class a lot and enjoy seeing that other people like it to. (:

  16. Hey,
    I wondering if you could do a video of a simple teased bumb into a pony with a bow. This is what we have to do each competition and I can’t quite get it down! Thanks!(: <3

  17. Hey,
    I wondering if you could do a video of a simple teased bumb into a pony with a bow. This is what we have to do each competition and I can’t quite get it down! Thanks!(:

  18. I love this hairstyle. I play soccer and you aren’t allowed to have bobby pins:( So can you post something that incorporate a french braid and a ponytail?

  19. I love this hairstyle! I love to have my ponytails spiced up a little bit and this ponytail is PERFECT!
    PLZ, Can you do a Waterfall Fishtail Headband Tutorial & a tutorial on how to straighten your hair with NoHeat?

    Thanks your BEST Fan,

  20. this would be great for sports and i love it. but i play volleyball and my team has a rule that you can’t have metal in your hair. that means no bobby pins! i would love to see good ponies and buns without using bobby pins. i have shoulder length hair the is extremely thick

  21. Mindy,
    I’m a allstar cheerleader and eairler i ask for a nice and tight pony! I loveeee this!! Thank you so much! I will love and be excited to see more styles such as this in the near future! thanks <3

  22. More ponytails!!! And no-heat curls!!! And I have one question for mindy- I heard about rachel and I was wondering how much money you need to raise for her? And if you could can you please answer this question in the next video? Thankyou sooooo much. And whenever you talk to her again please say hi to her for me.


  23. Ditto the question re: the bump in the front. I am having trouble making it look right with my daughter’s thin hair. Can you tutorial it?

  24. I love your website! But could you do a quick tutorial on how to do the “Bump It” that was on the front of the hairstyle? I can never figure out how to make those look good for my hair!

  25. hey im 9 so i love this and i love all your hairstyles all of your girls have eyes that im so jealous of and i would love to have more cutsie ponytails

  26. I love this style! It works great for my 3 year old’s long curly hair and she was able to play and have fun like a little kid and it still looked great at the end of the day. I vote more cute ponytails! Keep up your awesome work! Thanks:)

  27. Hey Mindy, Love all your cute hairstyles. You have helped me learn so many ways to do my girls’ hair. I know a lot of people can do basic things like holding the top hair with bobby pins, but I am one of those people that even need to see how you did that. I attempted it, but it definitely didn’t look as good as yours. Also, when you did videos in your bathroom at the sink, I could see a lot better because the camera was closer up and a lot of times the angle was from the hair-doer’s perspective. I felt like this one was too far away and I couldn’t see as well what you were doing. Thanks!

  28. Hi Mindy! I LOVE your website and am always excited to see what new tutorials you have posted!!!!!!! Keep the awesome work and say hi to your daughters for me!!!!!!:):):)

  29. Thank You! Ponytails are my daughter’s favorite but they always end up a mess and halfway out by the time the day ends(besides the fact that they are boring to a creative mother). This will help a lot with the little (and not-so-little) fly-aways that fall out the sides and top. We get compliments all the time on the hair-dos we use from your site.

  30. I am a huge fan or this because, I myself have basketball tryouts this week and I always have some cute braid in my hair and this is a perfect way to keep my hair cute, but functional for sports! 😉

  31. That’s so cute! Do you think you could do a section for when you have wet hair? Cause there are a lot with dry hair that ate hard to do with wet hair. Thanks!

  32. I really like this hairstyle! However, for me, the french braiding doesn’t look as woven(?) or intricate, probably because my hair is thinner. I just do a dutch braid on either side and pull the edges, or “pancake” them to make the dutch braids look fuller and pull all of my hair into a messy bun.

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