Glee Hairstyles: Quinn Fabray Tieback

So during my summer, during what little free time I had, I became hooked on Fox’s summer repeat of the “Glee” musical TV series. Although the dramatic content is not suitable for children, I have shown my girls a few of the awesome musical numbers and mashups from albums that we all grew up with!

If you watch the series, you will notice that there are quite a few fun braided hairstyles worn by the girls. In my opinion, Dianna Agron’s character Quinn Fabray has the most beautiful styles…

Quinn Fabray Braids

The series shows quite a few messy (loose) braid styles, and Quinn regularly sports a French Front as seen in the above photo.  This hairstyle is perfect for teens/tweens, moms, and little girls. You will also notice that hairstyles like this are extremely popular right now, so I can guarantee that you will receive tons of compliments.

Back view of the Double French Tieback

Items Needed: Rat-tail comb, spray bottle, one hairband, hairspray, (accessory if desired).

Time Requirement:  3-5 minutes.

Skill Level: Easy

The particular hairstyle I show below is a “double variation” of the style seen in Quinn’s photo above, with a tieback to finish it off.  If you choose to vary the style a bit for another day, feel free to try a Dutch Braid version!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I wore this at a church dance and got like gazillion comments. Absolutely love this hairstyle :-). Keep it up Mindy

  2. Adorable here is a style i would like you to try it is called (double hunger games braid ) you alredy have done it before so you also know how to do this

  3. i also have bangs and wondered if you could show more videos with hairstyles that look cute with bangs please and thank you

  4. Hi!
    I have the same problem as Olivia but I usually just braid them in and bobby pin flyaways under the braid if possible.

    I did this on my sister but parted to the side and did one braid, it looks more like the picture of Quinn :)Super Cute either way! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  5. Thanks so much for showing me how t do this! I love glee and I love how Quinn styles her hair. I’ve always been wondering how to do Quinn’s braid in the choir room in “Theatricality.” I would love to know how to do it. I’ve tried before and it didn’t look right. Thanks.

  6. I did this style today and it looked AWESOME!!!!!!
    Thank you for all of the hard work!!! By the way your girls are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. These are beautiful i have been doing these on myself even though i am only 10 they do look pretty good myself but i recently got my hair cut and i try to keep my hair out of my face and i really would enjoy if you could do a video on how to do a standard french braid down the back if you would that would be great and i happened to come upwith a twist style myself i look foward to doing that thanks your awesome Taylor

  8. hey! i’m 12 and mixed with Jamaican, plus my hair is really long with side-bangs and frizzy thick hair! What can I do to tame it so it’ll be easier to do these styles? thx a bunch! : )

  9. Hi. I’m 12 I have the same problem as Olivia witj the side swept bangs. I either sweep it into the hair style or leave it out. Can you do something for thick hair with lots of layers? I love your blog and I always get complements from school about my hair.

  10. Hey!! i am so inlove with this one guy at my school and he likes girls with curly hair but mine is super straight. how do i get quick curly hair so that he will like me??

  11. I did one like this only put it UNDER the loose hair & it looked like a braided headband. thanks for the steps on how to get it!

  12. Hi, I’m 12. I was just wondering what to do for ALL of your hairstyles if you have side-swept bangs like me. Because I can’t start from the top because the hairs will stick out in the braids and twists. I’m sure alot of people are wondering. If you could help that would mean so much. Thank you. ♥

  13. love your videos so much! i am also obsesed with glee, as well as hair! (i mean this in a good way!) Thank you so much for making this vlog and posting these videos, you are truly amazing!

  14. We love Glee and the styles they wear! Can you post a tutorial on how to wear the style worn by Brittany in the episode when they dance in the library to “Can’t Touch This”? (not sure of the name of the episode) That’s another really cute one! Thanks for sharing Mindy!

  15. This is cute! Thanks for another way to end a cute front braid.

    Nicole…I’m pretty sure just the one side is French Braided.

  16. Way cute! Thanks for posting this! I love learning how to do the styles I see on TV and in movies. There’s one in The Blind Side that Collins wears that I’d love to learn. I can’t remember what part. LOL Anyway, did you French braid both sides or do just a regular braid for the smaller one? I couldn’t see the other side to tell for sure.

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