Hairstyle Video: Lauren Conrad Front French Braid

Okay, now this one is an easy one and everyone is seeing this hairstyle made famous by Lauren Conrad from “The Hills” on MTV. (I even saw a few variations the other night on Dancing with the Stars.)

Lauren Conrad French Front

Lauren Conrad French Front inspired hair

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Items Needed: One rubber band (preferably small and clear), and a couple bobby pins.

Time Requirement: 5 minutes.

Skill Level: Easy

There are likely 101 ways to do this braid… pinching off with a rubber band just after the French right above the ear, braiding through as I have done (with a bobby pin tuck), tucking the braid behind the ear, etc. It all is a matter of preference and hair length. Try each out and see which works best for you.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Make a deep part on one side of the forehead.
  2. Divide off a section of hair.(Bangs)
  3. Closest to the deep part, pick up a small section and begin a french braid.
  4.  You are going to braid from the deep part across the forehead and down to the ear.
  5. Try to do a loose braid.  The idea for this hairstyle is a soft/loose look.
  6. When you run out of hair to pull in, finish with a normal braid and secure with a small clear elastic.  (Larger elastics are harder to hide)
  7. Pull up a section of hair behind the braid.
  8. Tuck the braid under the hair and secure with bobby pins.  If you cross the bobby’s in a “X” they will lock in place.
  9. Comb the hair down to hide bobby pins underneath.

Many of you may think that this was too simple or common of a hairdo to post here, however this was a special request from Samantha (a fan of the site who is only 12 years old). Sam, this one’s for you!

Enjoy, and Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. hey!
    i was wondering how you get there hair so nice and smooth (at least it looks smooth). do u use a special shampoo or conditioner???

  2. OMG!!! I am so grateful to you for doing cute girls hairstyles! it has saved my life ! I used to have boring hairstyles but now they r really cute 🙂

  3. What is the metal circle that you have your hair rubber bands on? It looks like a mess-free solution to keeping track of hair rubber bands.

    1. It is a band holder from Goody. Not sure what it is called… it came with a package of hairbands that I bought several years ago. I cannot find them anymore, so I wrote Goody to ask where they can be purchased. Once I hear back, I will let you know. Thanks for writing!

  4. Hi, i love your hairstyles that you post and i am 11 and love this website!!! Also if you can please post some videos that you can do a lot on your own hair. Thanks!!!!! 😀

  5. Hi, i love the hairstyles you create for girl and i’m a 14 year-old girl myself, i find that this is one of the most simplest and quickest hairstyles you have created! it’s very beautiful too! I also find that i can’t seem to do the french braid on myself, because i have trouble looking and my sense of hand coordination…i braid really slow, kind of messy, and not really organized…can u make a video to help guide me??? please, my world revolves around cute fast hairstyles! -Thanks!

  6. Mirelli it does tangle my hair and my hair is to my shoulders. It also tangles my sisters hair. Hers its to her chest. So I think really it tangles all hair. 🙂

  7. Hey, i’m Brazilian and i’ve found your wonderful website today, i really love it! But, when i saw these Lauren Conrad pic, I thought this was a relief braid (i’m sorry if this is wrong, my english is just for fun, so…), u know what i’m saying… the hair is braided through out, the entire braid is made inside out, to make a relief (i really think that ‘relief’ isn’t the word i want, i hope u understand it). Thanks for those great hairstyles and i hope u continue doing that! 🙂

  8. Hey, 🙂 when i do a messy bun and at the end of the day when i want to take it off it tangles my hair.does that happen with your daughters hair? I think its it cuz my hair is so Long ;(

  9. o my god the two pictures of your adorable daughter and lauren conrad are exactly the samee !! by the way i love this hair style

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