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It’s time for another cute updo! Today we are going to show you how to create a Fan Bun. For anyone who loves to wear Top Knots, or High Buns… this hairstyle is for you! We’ve been asked a lot lately for more simple updo ideas, and this is one we just had to share!

Portrait of a young girl modeling The Fan Bun | Prom Updos

This fan bun has been around for ages, literally, but we’ve never shown you here how to create one. The hairstyle definitely has an Audrey Hepburn look to it, and can be dressed up or down depending on what you decide to wear with it. You’ll notice that Brooklyn is wearing this hairstyle with jeans and a t-shirt, but it would look adorable with a cute dress as well.

To see your own photo recreations of this style featured in our CGH app, feel free to tag your photos on IG with: #CGHFanBun

Portrait of a young girl modeling The Fan Bun | Prom Updos

Brooklyn’s In-Video Outfit:
Shirt: Converse | Pants: Nordstrom | Shoes: Nordstrom

You’ll have to forgive Brooklyn, who had surgery last week to remove two cysts from her wrist. She has her wrist wrapped while it heals, and tried her best not to let it show. Please feel free to leave a comment for Brooklyn, wishing her a quick recovery before drill camp!

Portrait of a young girl modeling The Fan Bun | Prom Updos (Back)

Portrait of a young girl modeling The Fan Bun | Prom Updos

If you plan on being active, adding an extra hair elastic on the base to hold the ends before pinning down the fan, will give you added security. On to the tutorial…

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 ponytail holder, 6-8 bobby pins, hairspray or spray wax {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Video Tutorial:

Mindy’s In-Video Outfit:
Shirt: H&M |  Pants: American Eagle | Shoes: Nordstrom | Bracelet: Forever 21 | Necklace: Asos

Step-by-Step Instructions:

{Optional: Tease the hair in the front a little for some added volume going into the ponytail.}

  1. Begin with the hair secured into a ponytail near the crown of the head…
  2. Slide the elastic up a few inches away from head…
  3. Creating a hole between the elastic and the head, stick your thumb and index finger two fingers through {back to front}…
  4. Now, with those fingers, grab the hair from the ponytail…
  5. While holding about 3 inches above the elastic with your free hand, pull the bottom section of the ponytail through the hole {leaving a loop shape on top}…
  6. Now cinch the elastic down tightly against the head, and you’ll now notice that you have the beginnings of the fan shape…
  7. Divide in half the ends you just pulled through and twist-wrap them up and around the top of the elastic and bobby pin into place {hiding the elastic}…
  8. Pull the edges of the fan down against the head and use 1-2 small bobby pins to secure the bottom edges of the fan to the head, thus giving the true fan or “slinky” shape”…
  9. You may need to pin the inside edges of the fan down in the rear, as well…
  10. Add hairspray or hair wax for extra hold and to tame any flyaways {optional}.

Happy Hairstyling!

With Brooklyn out this past week, Bailey filmed her “Everyday Makeup Look” and uploaded it to their YouTube channel. To see the video, click below!

Browse all the products Bailey used in the video here…

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