"2nd-Day Do’s": Curls from Double-French Braids

Second-Day Hairstyles are some of my favorites in terms of ease and speed!

If you wear braids {simple, French, or Dutch}, bantu knots, or anything of the like… the next day you will have gorgeous curls to use as a base for another hairstyle!

Items Needed: Comb, brush, hairspray

Time Requirement: 2 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Take the braids out from the day before and brush through hair. Hair will look like this…

Spritz VERY lightly with water in spots where hair is a little too fluffy or laying weird. Rat the top of hair near the crown. (To rat hair: Take front section of hair and run comb from middle of hair strand down toward head. This is going against the natural grain of hair and makes a sort of bunch or “rat’s nest” of hair.) Once you get the wanted puff then take the comb and very gently comb over the top layer to smooth out awkward spots…

Add headband. Use hairspray to fluff and place hair up around the back of the headband…

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. Hey Mindy,
    Could you do a tutorial on a sock bun but with like a braided headband?I always do sockbuns but they are starting to get a little boring so I thought it would be cool to ask you since you are like the creative-and-cute-hairstyle-expert!BTW, Your daughters are adorable and so quite and patient! thanks for all your vids.!

  2. Wow… Crazy but cute… Could you post a ratting tutorial?? It is really confusing me and mine just ends up really brushed out or getting stuck in the comb.

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