Corner Flip-Under Accents | Hairstyle Tips

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Welcome everyone to Sweet Pea’s “official” first hair tutorial! She is now two years old, super wiggly, but absolutely hilarious to watch!Corner Flip Under Accents | Cute Hairstyles

I have been asked for toddler hairstyles for awhile now, and Sweet Pea was my only toddler, but my son cut off one of her corn rows with scissors about 5 months ago! We have had to wait until now for her hair to be long enough to film a tutorial!

We love the Topsy Tail, and have used flip-unders in several hairstyles over the years. Princess Hairstyles and Girly Do Hairstyles are also pro’s at showing us how to use this tool in creative hairstyles!Corner Flip Under Accents | Cute Hairstyles

These corner flip accents can be done in any hairstyle alone, or in any form of combination. They are also for girls and women of all ages!Baby girl smiling while modeling Corner Flip-Under Accents | Hairstyle Tips

Baby girl smiling while modeling Corner Flip-Under Accents | Hairstyle Tips

Baby girl smiling while modeling Corner Flip-Under Accents | Hairstyle Tips         Baby girl smiling while modeling Corner Flip-Under Accents | Hairstyle Tips  Baby girl smiling while modeling Corner Flip-Under Accents | Hairstyle Tips

For girls in sports {cheer, gymnastics, volleyball, softball, etc}, it would be perfect to combine the corner flip accents with a simple ponytail or braids.

In the video below, I show you how to create these corner flips on Sweet Pea, using a small Topsy Tail {you can find one at Claire’s, Sally Beauty Supply, Ebay, or Amazon}.

I then show you how I used the corner flips as accents on different styles on CGH#4 and CGH#3!

Corner Flip-Under Accents | Hairstyle Tips
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Young girl modeling Corner Flip-Under Accents | Hairstyle Tips

Young girl modeling Corner Flip-Under Accents | Hairstyle Tips

Young girl modeling Corner Flip-Under Accents | Hairstyle Tips

Corner Flip Under Accents | Cute Hairstyles

Corner Flip Under Accents | Cute Hairstyles

Corner Flip Under Accents | Cute Hairstyles

Corner Flip Under Accents | Cute Hairstyles


Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, toothbrush, leave-in conditioner, 3 small hair elastics, hairspray and accessories {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by wetting down the hair with a spray bottle…
  2. Now, part a rectangle section of hair from the left part line to the right part line about one inch deep…
  3. Secure that section with a hair elastic near the right-rear corner of the rectangular part {for my daughter’s AA hair, I used a toothbrush and some moisturizer to help tame any fly-aways and frizz}…
  4. Repeat Steps #2 & 3 with two additional rectangular sections so that you have a total of three…
  5. Gently loosen all three elastics by pulling them away from the head, which will allow for you to flip the ponytail through…
  6. On the first section, insert the thin side of the Topsy Tail tool through the hair, but under the elastic, in a diagonal direction, towards the right-rear corner…
  7. Before you pull the loop of the Topsy Tail through, insert the ponytail through the loop and gently flip the ponytail under…
  8. Feel free to separate the ponytail into two sections and by pulling them apart, cinch the elastic back down again…
  9. Repeat Steps #7 & 8 for the next two rectangular sections.
  10. Incorporate any other hairstyle combinations {braids, buns, curls, etc.) using these accents.

Please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think, and as always… feel free to share!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. Mindy! You have saved the day with this one! My 7 year old had leukemia and her hair is growing out, but it is still only about 5 inches long all over. Mean kids call her a boy although we do little clips, headbands, etc. Soooo… she put “longer Hair” on her Christmas wish list! Talk about tearing me up! We love your hairstyles and do them regularly on the older girls. I did this one and she is THRILLED! Thank you, thank you!

    1. OMGosh, Michelle! Your comment brought a tear to my eye, as well! Please give your sweetie a huge hug from all of us, and let her know that we love her so much! xoxo

  2. Have you noticed how much Sweet Pea resembles Baby J (birth sister)? Do you keep in touch with Sweet Pea’s birth mom? I hope she is doing well with her two growing kids.

    1. No, I had not noticed because we have not seen many updated photos of Baby J. We do keep in touch with Sweet Pea’s birthmother, she follows this blog. We love her so much! Do you know her?

  3. U should toadally move 2 Ransom Canyon, Texas! It is awesome down here!

    That’s how we do it y’all!

  4. I love your videos! Could u make a tutorial on easy hairstyles u can do on yourself? I would like to do some of these hairstyles on my hair, but I can’t see as I go towards the back! Also, could u post a hairstyle that is a last minute hairdo?

  5. Well.. First of all I’m not worried about Sweet Pea being called cgh#5 but just very glad she’s in a safe and loving home. God Bless you and your family. My husband and I have 3 boys and 1 daughter and we adopted her 8 yrs ago. I do your hairstyles on my daughter all the time. It’s so much fun. Anyhow,I’m thinking you guys are moving to Los Angeles California. I think I’m right! 🙂

  6. why don’t you call sweet pea cgh 5. just wondering as all your white children are cgh … but your black children arent. It a bit confusing…

  7. Please move to Gibsons BC Canada!!! I would love to meet you guys! Just so u know its a very nice small little town that’s awesome Pawsome for kids! Plus I live there so now it’s even more awesome! No jk! I would just live to meet your whole family u seem soooo kind and friendly! I wish I could do such awesome hairstyles like u!

  8. I love this hairstyle! Um, I’m guessing you are moving to Colorado or at least somewhere close to where you live. Can you ask Brooklyn and Bailey if they have read the entire Goose Girl series? Thanks a lot!!!

    1. I have and I love them, the are AMAZING!!!! seriously, shannon hale is an amazing YA author.
      Please, andover, Minnesota. I would absolutely die!
      Brooklyn and Bailey’s youtube channel is AWESOME! it would be really funny if they did a tour of the house when you guys just got there with nothing unpacked so everything was in boxes.(before/after)

  9. I think either Jefferson City , Columbia, or Kansas City , missouri. Also I’m guessing you might move to San Diego,CA

  10. sweet pea is so adorable your girls are so pretty and so are you

    im guessing either california or a big place like new york im so sad you’re leaving but im happy for you good luck!

  11. I am unsure where you all are moving too, I happened to cross your site and love it! But please get that rat tail comb out of sweet peas mouth (those metal points are not manufactured very sturdy so they can be dangerous and some sort of cleaning spray bottle in front of her, anywho I love what you all are doing can’t wait to share with all my friends fam and such in Indiana,Georgia,etc. don’t mean to fuss it was just so distracting maybe the nurturer in me but it was so scary

  12. It would be totally awesomely awesome if you move somewhere near Detroit, Michigan. I’m anxiously waiting for your next video so you can tell us where you’re moving. That’s what makes Sunday a day to look forward to — there’s always a surprise in store!

  13. I’m guessing Central Florida. So…Kissimmee or Orlando. I know you have that link with Disney. 😉 Plus…I live there!

  14. Thats good idea to film a video about inside of your house! I always love your kitchen. Please….can u film it?

  15. Hello. Since you guys are moving, can u post a video on your house tour? And your home surroundings? I always wanted to see it! Please, thank you so much.

  16. I love realistic fiction and similar things. Here aresome AWESOME books that I totally loved:

    Looking for Alaska (John Green)
    The Fault in our Stars (John Green too)
    Brown Girl in a Ring (Nalo Hopkinson)
    Divergent (Veronica Roth)
    Insurgent (also Veronica Roth)

    You are both really pretty (and sooo lucky)

    1. I liked divergent and insurgent but didn’t love them. Have you guys ever tried the maximum ride series?

  17. Sweet Pea is absolutely adorable!!!! It kinda scared me when she kept putting the wire end of the comb in her mouth… Don’t move from utah! I keep hoping that maybe I’ll run into you at the store or something… anyway I think you could be moving to either Nashville, Tennessee, Dallas, Texas, Toledo, Ohio, or Anaheim, California. Can you pleeeeaaaaase do a tutorial on the Katniss bow braid?

      1. My last name is toronto:) pur-lease be moving to Andover, Minnesota:)You guys are awesome and I love your girls movies, the twins are awesome!

  18. Hey cutegirlshairstyles i love your site SO MUCH! Your kids are adorable and well i hope you move somewhere in florida! I think youre moving to Crestview Florida or Talahassee florida PLEASE!

  19. I love the video. I’ve been wait for Sweet Pea videos while she sit when you do her hair. She very cute. I like her voice.

    I have no idea where will you move to. Because I have difference nationality. But I hope you all happy with your new house. Have great neihgbor.Wait to see your new videos.

  20. At 3:40-3:43 in the video, it freezes. Just FYI. And I hope you move somewhere on the east coast! Me and all my friends are huge fans. And the prim braid from a few weeks ago is a little different in the trailer than you have it here, just in case you wanted to make an updated tutorial!

  21. My guess is that you guys are moving out of state, probably somewhere close to Utah though. My guess is…..Ok, fine, umm….., uh…., (random decision)…., Idaho!!! I’m just curious, wouldn’t it be a safety issue to tell your new city to all of your fans? I’m just curious. Wishing you a good, positive, and easy move, thinking, and praying for your family as you make this change. -Kaylie

  22. I bet your going to move to New York City New York .
    I love that place it is awesome!!!!! But you should totally move to New Albany Indiana in the nieghborhood wolf lake

  23. My favorite genre is so totally Fantasy, you know, with dragons and such! I’ve already read The Girl of Fire and Thorns and I LOVED it! I’ve read the second one, the Girl of Embers, I think. It’s pretty good, too! I’ll try Wings, and see how I like it.

    Are you moving to Boise, Idaho?

  24. You’re moving??? Haha I never saw that coming! Um I’m guessing Sunnyvale, California. I live in Canada, so I guess you guys aren’t gonna be my new neighbours!

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