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I saw this product online a few years ago.  I have wondered if they really work.  Guess what?  Today I am going to give them a try and share the results with all of you!

Spoolies | Cute Girls Hairstyles

To get this trial started, I ordered two different size Spoolies so I could test the curl with both sizes.  I also decided to test on dry hair vs. damp hair.  The package claims either method to work.  For this fab or fail, I have completely dry hair on the right side and damp hair on the left side. It took about 15 minutes to roll all of my hair in the curlers.  I left the curlers in for about 3 hours.  

About the Spoolies:

  • They are made of silicone which helps hold your hair but can be a little painful when taking them out.
  • I found that they popped out about 15% of the time.  That would definitely make it hard to sleep in these.  I don’t know how well they would hold up over night.  If you were wanting to sleep on them I would recommend wearing a bandana or scarf to secure them in place.


Side view of a woman with curly hair sitting in her room
Portrait view of a woman with curly hair sitting in her room
  • On the dry hair side, I achieved a nice soft beachy wave.  I really like the no-heat aspect.
  • On the damp hair side, I ended up with a tighter curl.  It was very pretty and great for ‘no-heat’.

Final thoughts:

I feel like these would work best on medium or long hair.  I will try on Bailey and see how they work for shorter hair but I can’t give that result yet.

This was not a sponsored video!  I bought these on Amazon and had no contact with Spoolies.  Results from this test are my personal opinion based on my trial.  My results may not be the same for everyone as there are so many different types of hair and factors.

In the end, I give this a ‘Fab and a ‘Fail’.  Fab for the benefit of the ‘no-heat’ curl and Fail because of the difficulty keeping them in place.  Fail for the discomfort in removal and Fail for the price compared to the overall product.  Try the Beauty Blue Spoolies (15 ct Jumbo):  Try the Playful Pink Spoolies (24 ct Small):

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Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, Spoolies {jumbo or small}, headscarf {to help hold curl formers in, if desired}.

Time Requirement: 15 Application, Dry from 3-6 hours, 15 minutes take out.

Skill Level: Easy

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Pick up a small section of hair.
  2. Place a Spoolie on your head at the root of your section of hair.  (with the vented side up)
  3. Wrap your hair around the middle of the spoolie. Continue to wrap until you run out of hair.
  4. Flip the top of your Spoolie down to secure.
  5. Repeat this process until you have rolled all of your hair.
  6. When hair is curled, remove curlers and spray with hair spray {if desired}.
  • Curl time will depend on the desired curl.  Dry hair will take less time than damp hair.  Ultimately, you want to leave them in until your hair is completely dry if you started out damp. Package directions will give you specifics and recommendations for drive time.

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  1. Hi Mindy! I was wondering if you did try the spoolies on Bailey. As my friend is looking to trying these out for our school ball but her hair is around Bailey’s hair length. When she looked at reviews most people had long hair.

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