Daddy-Do Hairstyles | Triple-Flipped Ponytail

Hi Ladies, I think you will love this one! This was the very first Daddy ‘Do hairstyle that my husband filmed (right before the Simple Braid tutorial we posted recently).

The style is really cute, and is actually one submitted by a follower on Facebook. What is unique about this hairstyle is that it looks far more complicated than it is!

It gives a similar look of the Fishtail Braid without having to spend alot of time doing the actual braid. All it takes is three simple flips and you are done!

Back View…
Back view of the Triple-Flipped Ponytail | Daddy-Do Hairstyles

Side View…
Side view of the Triple-Flipped Ponytail | Daddy-Do Hairstyles

The filming of this hairstyle tutorial absolutely cracked me up, because it REALLY shows how funny yet sweet it can be to have a daddy do a daughter’s hair!

First, notice how gentle he is being while trying to flip the hair, then notice how he confuses himself on how to put in a hairband… not once, but TWICE! As he misses it the second time, check out my daughter’s face! She could barely hold back her laughter (and you can hear me snickering as well)!

Items Required: Rat-tail comb, brush, Topsy Tail tool, spray bottle, three hair bands, hairspray, and accessory (if desired).

Time Requirement: 5 minutes.

Skill Level: Easy

My hubby was proud of the outcome and so was I! If you also like this hairstyle… be sure to let us know!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. That is so cool!! I wish I had known about this website years ago when my mum had to go away and dad was in charge! He used to drop us off at our friends house and get their mum to do my hair. I think be once attempted to do my sisters hair, but that didn’t work very well! The other day I when I couldn’t find a hair tie, he suggested that he get me a piece of cable tie from the shed to hold my hair up. The sad thing was; he was actually serious!!!!!!!!!!

  2. in which my mom or dad could do this to me, my dad dosnt even know how to do a braid or any hairstyle, not even a ponytail and my mom knows how to do a braid but dosnt know how to french braid, dutch braid or any type of braid only the normal one. But i realize its okay because now with your tutorials i can do every hairstyle in my hair. Thanks so much for every tutorial you have made. I learn so much and now my hair is really pretty, my classmates have their hair always ugly, and oily, and eww not very clean. Btw, thanks for the tutorial, its a greta idea.

  3. I wish my dad had a topsy tail when I was little ! He would do our (my 2 sisters and I) hair often when mom would go to work in the morning. It was always a braid !! Bringing back funny memories !!
    Thanks for your blog, I love it !

  4. Hey!!! hello..
    I’m 26 years old. Married for three years, and my husband knows how much I like to have my hair done, but he just couldn’t do anything with my hair but to brush it.
    So I showed him this video
    Later on the same day, we were getting ready to go to the church, i was brushing my hair and did a simple pony tail. he looked at me and said: I’m gonna do your hair today.
    (I had made the topsy tail tool as you instructed before so he picked up the tool and TADAAAAHHHH
    …he did this hair do on me.. and he was soo gentle just like your hubby!!
    You had to see his face when he saw it done, perfectly! he was so proud.. and everybody at the church was like “WOW” when i said that MY HUSBAND DID IT .. thankyou so much

  5. AWESOME video def one of my favorites so far 🙂 the style looks great and I had to giggle when daddy couldn’t get the pony holder on. My hubby wont even go near my daughters hair so def extra brownie points for your hubby!

  6. Thank God for this video! My Dad keeps on trying to do my hair but it always ends up a mess! This video is a life saver!

  7. My daughter doesn’t have a father that is active in the picture. That being said, the boyfriend tries to take on the dad responsibilities. It was wonderful to see a father not only take interest in his daughter enough to do this video, but be serious enough about it to do a fabulous job. I know I’m just repeating other posts, but one parent to another, I am very impressed and proud for you!! Great job Dad!!!

  8. That is soooo cute! I have been looking for cute, fast hairstyles for my 4-year old. She is tired of ponytails & pigtails. =]

  9. Wow… so great to see a real man doing a little girls hair lol. I have 2 daughters 5 year old and a 3 year old and sometimes I ask my husband to do the girls hair … so he does he gives them a brush and tells them to brush there

  10. I made a topsy tail [im 12] and I dont get why the top flip almost always comes out crooked for me!

  11. Five minutes for dads? Pah! Five minutes for moms who were raised by tom boys! I’ll be looking at these posts more often! I went out and bought a Topsy Tail, too. 🙂

  12. Way to go Dad! I couldn’t help but laugh myself as well. He did a great job and since I’m not professional, I like the simpler hairstyles as well!

  13. my daughter asked, “is she jasmine? she looks like jasmine.”
    it would be great for a little princess wanting to look like jasmine… i didn’t notice it myself, but my 4 yr. old is right… it does resemble jasmine!
    love it. good job dad!

  14. Ten years ago, if you’d told him that one day he’d utter the words “Topsy Tail,” I bet he wouldn’t have believed you! Great video, good for him for being so willing to help!

  15. I love this!!! I love the fact that the husband is such a great sport. I love how he gets involved with your passion of doing hair.I showed this to my husband and he said he would love to see more videos like this but starting from putting in the ponytail himself, since that is the part my husband struggles with the most. Thanks for sharing :0)

  16. LOVE IT!!!! I’m so going to show my husband this one, he tries sometimes to do my daughter’s hair, it’s so sweet and it gives me a break some days.

  17. I just found your site and I’m so excited to have learned so much so quickly. I’ve always had trouble styling my little one’s hair, but this site has done so much for us. I still have a way to go before convincing my hubby to do anything besides combing out our daughter’s hair, though. lol. Thanks for these great videos.

  18. That is so great! I wish my husband would do my girls’ hair, but he won’t. My girls don’t have long hair, so as much as I’d like to try this, I won’t be able to. Super cute! Maybe I’ll try it on myself!

  19. where did you buy the topsy tail hair styles.because i whent to sally bauty salon but not find any in that store.thank you.

  20. So funny! I love how he gets mixed up with the band! So cute b/c my hubby once got frustrated b/c he did a similar thing.

  21. This is a really cute hairstyle! And it looks like you guys had a ton of fun shooting the Daddy Do’s. What a joy it must be to have such a lovely family.

  22. first of all…great hair do…simple and very cute. second of all, your husband is great! what a great sport and you can tell he really cares about doing a great job! i showed my husband yesterday’s post and i could tell he was taking it all in just in case he’s stuck with hair duty one morning! :o) thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us!

  23. omg!!! i love it… i love it even more that sweet husband did it:) its great to see a daddy doing hair my husband threatens my daughter with fixing her hair lol.. she told him once she would let him put a pony tail in if he gave her two credit cards(shes only 5 and already after his money lol)

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