Cute Twistback Flip Under | Girls Hairstyles

What is fun about having posted so many cute and easy hairstyles on this site, is that you can use any combinations of past styles to create a new one!

Here is a hairstyle that incorporates concepts used in previous tutorials I have done. The end result is very cute…

Side view of the Twistback Flip Under | Girls Hairstyles

This style incorporates a front-to-side twist as well as a side-ponytail flipunder. To vary the hair style a bit, you can use a French Front or a Reverse French Front instead of the front twist.  Oh, yes… and now you can watch the new tutorials in HD, if you wish!

For anyone looking to purchase a Topsy Tail, you can purchase one from the Amazon link in my left sidebar… or you can make your own with wire or a pipe cleaner (I will be posting a tutorial on how to do the latter in the next week).

Back view of the Twistback Flip Under

Portrait of young girl modeling the Twistback Flip Under

Items Needed: Rat-tail comb, water spray bottle, one ponytail holder, Topsy Tail.

Time Requirement: 2-3 minutes.

Skill Level: Easy

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. Mindy, I love it so much. Could u pls let me be Kamri’s pen friend. She is so cute I love her so much. I’m her biggest fan.

  2. OMG!!! How in the world can you do that!!! It seems so impossible!!! Do you think someone at a salon can do that? That is amazing!!1

  3. I love this style!!!! I do my hair in a ponytail all the time and I found this website to look for some other styles kthat will be fun and not be the ponytail all the time. So my question is where can you get that little twisty thing? I would love to do this hairstyle.

  4. you can also use your fingers to flip under. thsts what i use, i guess im not fansy enough for a topsy tool. lol! jk!
    btw. exuse my poor spelling im only 13!

  5. Hey! My name is Gabby. Im in ninth grade and i really enjoy these videos and hairstyles.(: But i was wondering if it was possible if you could make more styles aimed for teens in High School…That would be great!!! I still love the other videos favorite is the front french braid! i use it all the time(: Thanks again!
    <3 Gabby!

  6. I looked at all other websites for hairstyles and i looked at other hairstyle blogs on your website i looked at all of them and yours is still THE BEST!!!! Thanks so much for all your hard work I’m sure it means a lot to other people especially me other websites i can’t even understand what there saying or they need to get a new camera or laptop or whatever there video taping with but you you rock you are the best!!! You rock Mindy. Sincerely, Ely

  7. Have your girls ever cut their hair? My little devil has even though she is seven. She has given a self a small layer at the front any idea what I could do to pull it and stop it from falling out into her face.

  8. Thanks for the cute idea… I dont have the topsy turvy thingy and if you dont have it just back the hair off the pony then push your pointer finger though making a little hole. Then starting where the rubber band is start pushing the pony through the hole you have made and pull through…then a little tug on pony to make it tight and tada…!! i did have a topsy turvy when i was a kid lol though that how i learned how to do them in the first place does make for a very cute kids hair style!!

  9. the side twist into twist under is so cute and since i have a topsy tail and the supplies needed i can do those marvelous hair styles thank you so much i look forward to doing all of them.

  10. hi im 12 but ive been trying to do new ones i realy want some more french styles plz also i cant seem to do these ones and if you could plz make the french ones two pony tail bands and a brush cus i only have a few items plz

  11. I really love this hairstyle and I’m going to wear it tomorrow with christmas! I’m 17 years old, but I think it doesn’t look childish at all. Unfortunately I can’t do all of the hairstyles on my hair since my hair is naturally curled, so I have to straighten mine. But keep on going !

  12. I love all of your cute ideas for hair styles! I just bought the Topsy Tail tool and tried it on my daughter. It doesn’t stay tight though after an hour or so. I’ve tried a single one, and also a triple one (with 3 going down her head). Do you have any tips on how to make the hair stay in place and not become loose during the day? Thanks for any help you can give me!!

  13. Thank you so much for some quick and easy styles. My 8 yr old daughter is a rough and tumble, i don’t care attitude and when she comes home from school I feel that I am getting a wild child back. I was so sick of pulling into ponytails and braids. Just this past week we have received so many compliments.

    I would also like to know/see the tute. I had an epiphany after a visit to the dollar store. The initial inventor used her knitting needles before patenting the TT. I looked and couldn’t believe it! OF COURSE the needles that are attatched with a cord! The aluminum needles slide through wonderfully and do not tug on the hair.

    I attempted with a wooden chopstick and some duct tape. Still did an okay job but SO glad I got those knitting needles!

  14. You can buy fake Topsy Tails that are just as good from Hong Kong on Ebay for a package of TWO for only $1 plus .69 for shipping. I bought 2 packages and only spent $3.38 and it came in a week! Much better that $38! Who would pay that price?

  15. So excited to have the tutorial on how to make a topsy tail thing. I can’t justify spending $35 to my husband so that will be an awesome thing to have. Love your hairstyles. You rock. My daughter will be rocking this one for school tomorrow!

  16. I LOVE that! I can’t wait to do it. I too am looking forward to the tutorial. I had a topsy tail for years and my boys took it and broke it. I couldn’t believe you can’t find them at Sally’s and Walmart. It is expensive to buy them online and they look cheap. So we are still without. I will be anxiously waiting.

  17. This is a fun style. I can’t wait for the “make your own topsy tail” I had to purchase one not too long ago after the one that I had had for many many years broke. Needless to say, the new one I bought, broke too.

  18. I like it! Fast, simple, elegant. I just wish my daughter’s fine hair would stay in that way all day. All your girls’ hair are gorgously thick.

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