Flipped Half Ponytail | Easy Hairstyles

Here is another hairdo that can help satisfy the many requests for Back-to-School Hairstyles! It is perfectly simple, and literally only takes a minute or two to do (even for dads)!  In fact, many of our styles will make for great Back-to-School looks!

Side view of the Flipped Half Ponytail

Funny enough, I filmed this hairstyle in early July and posted it on YouTube a few weeks ago. Many of you know that I just returned from Hawaii on vacation. While flying home, on the plane I watched “The Last Song” with Miley Cyrus. If you have seen the movie, released earlier this year, you will notice that Miley’s character wore this hairstyle during the funeral scene near the end of the film. I thought it looked just as cute on Miley as it does on my girls! I know you will like how easy this hairstyle is to do, and is is perfect for little girls, tweens, teens, and moms! Click below to view the hairstyle tutorial…

Items Required: Rat-tail comb, spray bottle, topsy-tail tool (if you do not want to use your fingers), 1 ponytail holder/band, accessory (if desired).

Time Requirement: 2-3 minutes.

Skill Level: Easy

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. So for my band concert tonight (I play trumpet), I’m going to stand up and do a little solo during a song. This is perfect! Simple, cute, done in less than 5 min, and keeps the hair out of my way! Thank you Mindy!

  2. and where do u reply to these comments. i am not allowed to use the interner alot so can u please mail me or something….

  3. hi i just love you’re website
    u’re daughters are sooo lucky my mom doesn’t evenn try to make my hair.i’ve doing my hair since i was 7. i look for easy hairstyles that i can make on my myself while i go to school.i live in pakistan and i go to a muslim school they are very strict about about girls’ hairstyles they say it should be properly tied soo i need you’re help somethind simple and easy but pretty i am sure you can help me.i really hope you will.
    P.S i am 14 years old

  4. Hi I’m 12 and I was looking for a short hairstle that just barely reaches the shoulders. I couldn’t find any on here. Do u know one? I don’t hava a lot of time in the morning so it should be fast.

  5. Hi I’m 11 and my mom and I came up with a little hairdo. You take a little piece of hair on either side and braid them and then bring them around to the back and make them look like one big braid in the back. Pin them like that and it should look like a half princess circlet.

  6. Hello! I was wondering… where did you get the headband she is wearing in the picture? Thanks! Also do you know how to do the little buns they do in a lot of pageant photos they are like pigtails one low on either side of the head and then it is flipped up and poofed at the end but you cant see the rubberband at all! Here is a link.. several girls wear them at pageants but they arent wigs… thanks! pause it at :32 seconds and thats what they are! Thanks sooooo much!

  7. I am not able to watch the video for some reason. I had to update my Adobe flashplayer to watch it, and did that, but still I can’t see the video. Is it just he top half of the hair that is pulled back? It looks so in the picture, but wasn’t for sure. If so, I know what I am doing. Thank you for your blog, as my daughters are always excited for me to do their hair. 🙂

  8. I just wanted to say thanks for all the great ideas! Your hair blog is by far my fave and I love your ideas. Esp. the recent ones you posted. My dd loves the fancy do’s, but doesn’t like to sit and is very sensitive about pulling, so the easy, but pretty ones are winners with us. Any great ideas for thin hair? You dd’s hair is fabulous, but some of the styles look sub-par on my sweet dd’s thinner hair.

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