Headband Twist | Half-Up Half Down Hairstyles

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Several months ago Brooklyn was wearing a headband we bought from Target, one that was braided in the front but with an elastic on the back half. She thought that it was tacky how you could see that elastic from behind, so she asked Bailey to twist her hair around the back half of the headband to hide it!

Headband Twist | Half-Up Half Down HairstylesThis isn’t actually a new technique, as we showed you how to do this {back in 2011} in order to create Headband Curls.

Instead, we are leaving in this headband to give you a half-up half-down hairstyle that is sooo very pretty!

Portrait of young girl indoors modeling Headband Twist | Half-Up Half Down Hairstyles

Back view of young girl indoors modeling Headband Twist | Half-Up Half Down Hairstyles{Please also note, in the video I show you how to get the headband to stay where you want it, using pre-set bobby pin trick.}

Bailey used a NuMe 19mm wand to create her base curls, but the hairstyle will look equally as great on straight hair with subtle waves!

Back view of young girl indoors modeling Headband Twist | Half-Up Half Down Hairstyles

Back view of young girl indoors modeling Headband Twist | Half-Up Half Down Hairstyles

Back view of young girl indoors modeling Headband Twist | Half-Up Half Down Hairstyles

Portrait of a young girl indoors modeling Headband Twist | Half-Up Half Down HairstylesTry out the hairstyle, and let us know what you think… this one is so easy! Teens and adult women of all ages can enjoy this hairstyle, and not only because it is easy to do, but because it is beautiful!

Items Needed: Curling wand, rat-tail comb, brush, 1 braided headband {elastic back}, 2-3 bobby pins, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 3-4 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by curling the hair with a curling wand {optional}.  Bailey used a 19mm NuMe curling wand to create her curls…
  2. To create a softer look, finger comb through the curls before beginning…
  3. Place the desired headband onto head with the decorative edge on the forehead with the back half resting near the base of the head {you can add a few bobby pins to help hold the bottom of the headband in place}…
  4. Now, pick up a 1/2 inch section of hair near the top of the right ear and thread it up, over, and under the headband by pulling it through with your fingers…
  5. Continue to back wind the hair around and around the headband until you are about 2-3 inches away from the end of the hair strand {near the back of the head}, and let the strand go…
  6. Next, repeat Steps #4 and 5 on the other left side of the head.
  7. When both strands of hair are completely twisted around the headband, you can go back and loosen the loops for a more soft, bohemian look {you may also bobby pin the ends in place for added security}.
  8. Now go back, gently lifting the headband twist,  and re-tuck any hair that had loosened from the top of the head.  Personally, I like my hair to look a little more disheveled and full, so I don’t tuck it down tightly.
  9. Add hairspray {if desired}.

Please feel free to leave me a comment below letting us know what you think of this cute headband idea!  As always, if you loved this hairstyle, please feel free to share it!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I curl myself but I only see her style tips would you miss chien also some tips for curly hair want to put on it because I have to go to school almost always in a ponytail or loose

  2. hey mindie do you tHink that you can post how to do dorothy’s hair from wizard of oz cause i wanna be her for hallaween.

  3. can you do a video of how to do dorothy’s hair from the wizard of oz cause i wanna be her for hallaween.please do it.thanks.

  4. I have really thick stubborn long hair and was wondering he you had any hair styles dmpwtgat kind of hair styles
    (my name is pronounced like efa.im Irish so names are kind of like that here ). And also could follow me on instagram @Aoifemelonsxxx

  5. I love your channel and Brooklyn and Baileys channel! All of your hairstyles are amazing, and your YouTube videos were what inspired me to start braiding hair, if you want to check out my Instagram, it’s @hair_for_you_xoxo it would be amazing if you could look at it!!! xxx

  6. The headband looks co cute and elegant and oh!please can you put up a tutorial on how to do Astrid’s hair
    from ‘how to train your dragon’Please?

  7. I live your guys channel its just so simple but so adorable. I have been watching your channel since pretty much the very beginning. I remember I would wait and wait for a new video to be up. You gave me so many hairstyles to try. When I got hurt a couple of summers ago and I couldn’t walk or do anything I would watch your video and try them. Now that I have recovered I like to do different hairstyles on my friends, family, and kids from my work. You have been so helpdful for hair-do’s and I can’t wait for more to come. I can tell you this you make this look a lot easyier than what it really is but I’m up for a challenge. Thank you for taking the time to read.

  8. Hey Mindy, what would you think if one of your daughters wanted to donate their hair to Locks of love/cut their hair short?? Just wondering

    1. I know when I was young I could sit on my hair. My mom would be working at the snarls on my very tender head (lol) and not with the products we have today! And she would have me look in the mirror and tell her what special things I saw in me. My hair was very special to me and made me feel pretty! I am a redhead, and it’s more rare to see hair that color even now. Mom took me into get a monthly trim and the woman instead of cutting off 2 inches, cut my hair about 2 inches long! I was devastated! But it also made me look into myself all these years and becoming a grandma (growing it back by the way before it’s too late to enjoy it!)to make me understand that we are made up of many wonderful things, not just hair! I went to 17 schools,have had many wonderful friends, and my hair for the most part got to about the middle of my back, and yo-yo’d 6″ up or down depending on the damage from the sun. So if you want to donate your beautiful hair to that special cause, go for it! You are so much more than just your hair, and I am new to your site, but love it, and you can always grow it back. It could bless many special people to feel good about themselves through your kindness! You rock!! I’ll be watching for sure!

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