Pin Coil {Curl} Accents | Easy Hairstyle Ideas

We wanted to teach you a fun way to accent any number to hairstyles, and can accent a style for any number of occasions.

Pin Curl Accents | Easy Hairstyle Ideas

You can use pin coils to accent a simple hairdo, add variety to a basic messy bun, dress up a formal occasion, or even just match a cute outfit!   In the video below, I used the pin coils to accent basic beachy waves and also to accent a simply messy bun.  Either way looks great!

I’ve also had fans comment that you can use the coils to cover ponytail holders on a basic ponytail, create a headband, or create amazing day-2 waves in your hair.

Many of you may remember your mother or grandmother making overnight “pin curls” using this same method to created beautiful next-day curls.  That is where I got this accent idea!

Pin Curl Accents | Easy Hairstyle Ideas

Pin Curl Accents | Easy Hairstyle Ideas

You may also use these accents as a very fun way to dress up an updo for Prom or Homecoming, since these pin coils are easy to form and look very much like rosettes!

Your possibilities really are endless!  Enjoy!

Items Needed: Brush, 3-4 small bobby, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by determining where you want your cluster of Pin Curls…
  2. Then, grab a 1-inch section of hair and twist it around your 2nd and 3rd fingers to create a coil shape…
  3. Gently slide the coil of hair off of your fingers and lay it flat against your head…
  4. Take a bobby pin and secure the coil against your head.  {Do your best to hide the bobby pin.  See note below…}
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you form your desired, cute cluster of coils.  I created three coils in this video, but you can do four, five, or even a whole headband of coils.
  6. Get creative… and enjoy!

* Note from Mindy:  To make the bobby pins less noticeable, try using the mini bobby pins that match the color of your hair.  {In this tutorial, I used large “blonde” pins so you could see what I was doing.} You can also “weave” the bobby pins through the coil in an up and down manner to help hide them.  Using decorative bobby pins with little jewels can also add a little flair.

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. Hey Mindy! i was wondering if you could do a tutorial using the acents on top of a bun or on braids. if so could you do a tutorial on that? thanks!

  2. Love it! Doing this on two of my nieces hair with a sock bun and the other with a chignon for their huge formal party before they both lose their hair during chemotherapy this month. Thanks for all the tips and styles. It makes it so much easier to have thoughts and ideas I’ve seen or thought of executed into great styles and tutorials!

  3. So pretty can’t believe how easy this is. For those of you trying a headband I tried it on my little sisters and they came out, I suppose you could use a hairband but if you do use a small one because if you don’t, they don’t lay flat on your head like their supposed to. Just a suggestion for you guys trying to make it a bit easier.
    lOve the hairstyles you do Mindy. one question can you do a video of a bow waterfall braid. Always wondering if you can do that bye

  4. Hey, thanks so much for this hair style! I have homecoming today.. and I am going to test this style out because it looks like it’ll work perfect with my hair. Thanks a million You guys rock! I was totally struggling to find a cute way to do my hair. I googled ways and clicked your link and you guys kjust saved my butt. Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!! I will see whicch way looks better, im thinking i may do the bun but whatever will match the dress better will do fine. Thank You!

  5. hey sydney….
    i do that upside down french braid all the time. all u have to do is french braid your hair with you r head flipped upside down. p.s. it is easier if someone else does it….

    hope i helped but it would be cool if mindy could do it too!! she is prolly better!

  6. Hey, Mindy!
    I Love this! a great way to snazz up any hairdo.

    Just wondering, but when i was at a volleyball game, I saw a girl with an upside-down frech braid that ended in a messy bun at the top of the head. Do you think you could try it? ( they started the braid at the hair on the bottom )

  7. Hey, Mindy!
    I Love this! a great way to snazz up any hairdo.

    Just wondering, but when i was at a volleyball game, I saw a girl with an upside-down frech braid thatn ended in a messy bun at the top of the head. Do you think you could try it? ( they started the braid at the hair on the bottom )

  8. OMG that is perfect! I go to an arts school for dance and they require a bun and I get so bored with the same style every day its perfect 🙂

  9. I really love your hair styles!!!!! You are so sweet in everything you do!!!

    I found the ears!!! Also I love what you have done with your room where you flim your hair dos. Keep up the good work!!!!

  10. So cute! I think that would be really cute in a side ponytail or a bun.

    Thank you for everything you do here Mindy!

    You make hair-doing in the morning fun!

  11. you know what would be cool if one of your daughters could make up a hairstyle and do a video on it

    love this hairstyle :0 lol! the end was funny! 🙂

  12. Hi im stella im 12 and imknow how to do all of the hairstyles pn your website how i would use the pin curls is i would make a small headband out of them thank u so much bye 🙂

  13. Hi Mindy, I havn’t personally tried this hairstyle accent yet, but what I would do is do a line of the accents around my crown to make it look like a tirara. And I just wanted to suggest that you would try some Star Wars movie hairstyles, I find that they would be very popular on your site.

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