Pretzel Twist into Messy Bun

This hairstyle is another quick one that can be done in under three minutes. It incorporates the use of a ponytail separated into two twists that form the shape of a pretzel, and then tied off with a hairband and finished into a fun messy bun.

You will find that this twist hairstyle is perfect for pretty much any occasion, formal or not, and can be ideal for a prom or homecoming hairstyle along with some really cute accessories.

Back view of the Pretzel Twist into Messy Bun

You will find that the pretzel shape will look more uniform if the twisted strands are about an inch or two shorter than the length of hair in the video.

This style works on curly hair as well, and on girls of all ages.  Enjoy!

Items Needed: Rat-tail comb, water spray bottle, pomade/gel/hairspray {if desired), 2 hairbands, ribbon or accessory {if desired}

Time Requirement: 3 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

*Note from Mindy: If you notice the extra large camera in the background, that is because ABC News in NY sent a camera crew to our home for an upcoming 20/20 primetime special on YouTube that will be airing either at the end of June or in July. In all, they were at our house nearly 8 hours so it sure made for a busy day! We are not sure of the air date, but once we do… we will let you know!

Happy Hairdoing,

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  1. I love this hairstyle! SUPER ADORABLE!
    It’s really cute on everybody, especially with the little fluff at the top!
    Thank you SOOOOO much Mindy!

  2. For girls with strait, long hair: If you leave this style in wet overnight, taking it out in the morning, it’s very curly, and with gel will stay in most of the day.

    Just an easy way to curl hair.

  3. Hi, love this hairstyle this is my 8yr old step daughters favorite….esp with these hot summer days here in Chicago..boy oh boy!! but this one and many more…everytime so she comes home she wants me to just hop on ur site to see what hair-do’s we will be doing for the week…thanks so much for your site Mindy!! this has brought more bonding time for my step-duaghter and I while doing hair, something we both love…fabulous!!

    ps…your children are so adorable!!!

    God Bless & Happy Hairdoing!! lol


  4. I just did this on my waaayyy too long hair and with a little bump of the waaayyy too long bangs in the front it looks so cute! It keeps the hair off off my neck in this Utah heat and I don’t look like I am trying to look like a teenager. Thank you!

  5. It would be really cool to cross them over instead of putting them straight up. It looks cool! I love your blog. 🙂

  6. This is so pretty, yet quick and easy! I love it! I am 13, and I found out about this website a few weeks ago. Now I do my little sister’s hair every day, and she gets so many compliments! You guys are awesome!!!

  7. I love this one. I have been waiting a long time for it. I will defintely have to try this on my 10 year old sister. Luv your videos. Sometimes I just wish you would show up with your family and our families would just hang out and have some fun. <3 But a girl can dream right?

  8. I have seen those feather headbands, but don’t know where to get them. Can you tell us where you got yours… or maybe suggest some store that carry something similar? Thanks and I LOVE all of the hairstyles. I have sent several friends to this site. Your family is awesome!!

  9. How old is your daughter? She looks my age……. just curious because I LOVE her top! The pinkish one on top of the brown one? SUPERCUTE! <3

  10. Hi i love your hairstyles! I was wondering if u have any cute sports hairstyles? I also was wondering where you got your daughters shirts in the video pretzel twists into messy bun?? Thanks! 🙂

  11. I did this on my 9 yo this morning. It was SO easy. I must have twisted a little too tight because the twists tuned sideways, but still very cute.

  12. I do my own hair(I’m a teenager) and I absolutely love this look! I have to work out for tennis tomorrow and I’m going to do my hair like that! 🙂

    P.S. You should try to do a braid headband. I do them all the time. – Anna in Texas

  13. I absolutely love this style (and all of the others of course). My daughter is a mover. I can’t keep her still for very long when fixing her hair. And she can’t leave the house without her hair fixed. I can’t wait to try this later for VBS. She will love it. 🙂
    Thank you so much for all of your time in showing us all these hairstyles. I commend you for taking the time with 6 kids. You are amazing.

    Angie in Texas

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