Spiral Curls | Waterfall Braid

Continuing on with our Waterfall Braid series, we wanted to show you this one which incorporates the use of spiral curls on the fall-through strands of the braid. (For those of you who do not know how to braid this style, please review our how to waterfall braid tutorial.)

I think this hairstyle turned out absolutely darling!

Back view of the Waterfall Braid Hairstyle with Spiral Curls

We offset my daughter’s part a little, and then did a waterfall braid on both sides – meeting up together in the back.

Side left view of the Waterfall Braid Hairstyle with Spiral Curls

Side right view of the Waterfall Braid Hairstyle with Spiral Curls

Portrait view of young girl modeling the Waterfall Braid Hairstyle with Spiral Curls

We then took a Conair Spiral Styler and curled the loose strands of the hair and left the rest of the hair straight. You could curl all of the hair, but we really wanted to accent the loose strands of the braid against the hair. It is just a matter of your preference. We bought our spiral styler off of Amazon, at the following link…

Always be sure to us a good heat protectant on your daughter’s hair before curling. I find that this specific spiral styler works better than a wand or other curling irons because it grips the entire strand of hair and forms the curl much faster and with less heat.

Just like other curled styles, you will find that throughout the day the style will “curl crawl” {curls migrate into one another}. All you have to do is run your fingers through the strands, and the curls will separate back to original form!

Items Needed: Rat-tail comb, one hairband, spiral curler (iron), heat protectant, hairspray, accessory (if desired).

Time Requirement: 20 minutes

Skill Level: Hard

We know that this style will be extremely popular for more formal occasions (communions, weddings, Proms, Homecomings, etc.), but it does not have to be.

In fact, I think you moms should try this hairstyle on that Friday night Date Night with your awesome husbands!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. Hi mindy
    It’s Emily from Scotland
    I love this style but I tried to get the wand on the internet and it said that it is unavailable are there any other things I can get similar but achieve the same result


  2. LOVE the hairstyle. My mom says ur daughter looks like a princess. PS. were did u get that curling iron???

  3. so i have like 20 hairstyles from this site that i haven’t tried at school yet. i realize most of the people here are moms, but im in 7th grade, and i’ve been using this site 4 like, 2-3 years i think. 🙂

  4. I love your creativity and love doing my 6yr old’s hair…but she takes it ALL out sometime during the day at school! I have this iron and it’s great (I have curly hair, but my daughter’s has straightened, so I explore curling irons for her!). Thank you for posting so many ideas.

  5. Okay, so I tried this style on my 8 year old niece. The problem with curling her hair after I waterfall braid is that the curling pulls the braid down. How can I make sure the braid stays tight?

  6. hi Mindy, its Dharla from the philippines! I am a really big fan of your webstie. can I ask just some question? if yes here it is:

    where are you from? canada? america? or something because if your from canada can I see you and your children? cause maybe this 2013 or 2014 me my father and mother are going to canada, here is where we are going to stay: ontario, toronto from canada. i will just leave a comment if we are already at canada. I am not an imposter. because I just subscribed on youtube last december 2012. please answer my question. I will just leave my email address on your channel.

    1. They are from Ohio, US, and live in Texas US. So they will not and haven’t gone to Canada. Sorry. Hope I helped in answering your question. 🙂

  7. Really love this style and wanting to do it on my daughter when she goes back to school!! Hoping it wouldn’t take too long in the morning. I already have a spiral curling iron I got for Christmas and LOVE it! It’s a Revlon and does the exact same thing. Works great on my daughter, not on me, my hair is too short, have to grow it out now!

  8. I dont know where to buy the curling iron i checked everywhere even in amazon but it saids item not available so if you find something please email me back

  9. Hey Mindy, I have question about the spiral styling wand. What if your hair is too long, like you roll your hair up the wand and it won’t go all the way up because the styler doesn’t have enough spiral, round things? Hope you can answer, Thanks!:)

  10. Hi Mindy!
    My hair has SUCH a hard time curling! I have watched soooooo many of your videos and haven’t seen one about If you have a hard time kelping your hair curled. Do you have a video on that? If not can you make one or reply giving me some tips on how to keep my hair curly? Please reply!

  11. What is the model of the conair spiral styler you are using? I’m not finding it online. Love this style and your site! Thanks

  12. Hey, I LOVE the Waterfall Braid the most! I just can’t figure out how to do it! You do a great job, though! 🙂

  13. Can you the spiral styler any where else other than online, walmart….???

    I mean a iron that isnt cheap thats in stores?????

  14. This was the hairstyle for school pictures and we got a lot of compliments on it. I have a spiral iron just like yours and I simply cannot figure it out, so I just used a regular curling iron. I was surprised it stayed in all day, but I did use a lot of hairspray.

  15. Hello from Moldova! Mindy, your girls are very nice. All very nice and reasonable explanation. My daughter loves hairstyles done with your advice. Thank you for your blog.

  16. Hi Mindy!
    I love you’re hairstyles I think they are adorable and so fun! I try them on myself all the time, and when I wear them to school my friends think they are so creative! And now every volleyball game I my teammates have me french braid their hair. So I have a question. My homecoming is two weeks from now and I don’t know what to do with my hair. Any suggestions??

  17. I just got the spiral curler, and I can’t get my spirals to look like your daughter’s! my hair is EXTREMELY thin, and I have lots of hair…any tips??

  18. Hey. I am in love with this hairstyle! How do you keep the hair looking so healthy? What products/shampoo/conditioner do you use as I would love my hair to look this soft and shiny! Tips? Please reply! 🙂

  19. I absolutely LOVE this hairstyle!! I’m going to do this for my graduation, and I’m so excited!!thank you so much for putting this up! Your hair tutorials are always amazing, and your daughters (and son for that matter) are just adorable 🙂

  20. I love these hairstyles… I use them in the mornings all the time! When Im getting ready for school and EVERYTHING! I JUST ADORE THEM! Ive done the waterfall french braid for my school dance! I ♥ IT

  21. Your hairstyles are super cute! I can’t wait to start practicing on my daughter. Do you have any tips for making hair hold the curl? My daughter’s hair won’t hold a curl even with hairspray. Thanks!

  22. Sooo cute!! I love this!!! I use this site all the time and I think your daughter is just ADORABLE!!!
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

  23. I love this!!!!!!!!!!!! i am going to buy one thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!I LOVE YOUR SITE! your girls are cute too. i am only 12 and i love to do hair! your site has been so helpful! i dont know where you come up with these things but I LOVE them! than you again!

  24. Hey maybe you can even post hair styles on here for people getting married. Cause i am going to be getting married soon and i really cant think of anything to do with my hair or my daughter hair.

  25. that is so so so cute but you need more ideas with that Conair Spiral Styler i got one for me and my daughter and she really loves it

  26. Hey there! I came over from SITS and saw the gorgeous hair and bookmarked your site right away! My three year old has curly hair, and even when I braid it, the braids curl! It can’t help itself! I look forward to seeing more posts!

  27. What a great hairstyle! My daughter loves having her hair braided like that, but I have never fed the other hair through, what a great idea! I may have to wait until she is a little older to get past the wiggling stage to use a curling iron though!

    Please have a splendid day, you have made many women’s bad hair days curl the other way into cute!

  28. Hey, I am visiting here from SITS, and I just had to say that your daughter is absolutely sweet, and has the perfect head of hair for modeling your adorable styles! Cute blog idea!

  29. Stopping by from SITS! Okay, I love video how-tos, otherwise I never get it. My daughter watched it to and is like “okay Mama, I’m ready to have my hair done!” Uh, oh!

  30. I love this!!!!! But the only thing is that I have super thick hair, but I am practicing the waterfall french braid on me and my little sister!!! I love your website!

  31. Could you do a video of your morning routine? I would really enjoy seeing your beauty routine,etc.
    P.S. I don’t use the email adress that I put in!

  32. Thank you soooo much I love this website!!!!! I do the styles on myself because my mom can’t even French braid, and i have become pretty good at it! I’ve become well known at school for always having cute hair and now everyone asks me to do their hair all the time!!! Thank you so much! By the way this style is gorgeous!!! I’ll have to wear it to prom or something when I’m older! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Hedy… Yes I am, so that I can do more styles on myself. I can always cut it short again later! Thanks for asking!

  33. Okay, so I immediately went to amazon to order this spiral styler, and it is temporarily out of stock!! Do you think your ad caused a run on the product!??!

  34. I think I’m going to do this on my daughter for her pro photo shoot at Wheeler Farm, but with the “beachy curls” Thanks for the idea!!

  35. Wow! I love this! It seems like a hard style to do on myself but I just have to try. It would be really great for a recital, dance, wedding, really anything. Thank you so much!

  36. I did this hairstyle on myself for my Winter Formal! Everyone loved it and it looked better than many of my friends’ hairstyles who paid to have their hair done. Instead of securing the braids with a rubber band, I bobby pinned them underneath a section of hair that I left out. I also curled all of my hair instead of just the small sections.

  37. Hi Mindy,

    This hairdo looks so cute! You know, since I’ve found your blog two weeks ago, I couldn’t stop. I have already made four of your hair styles on my 6 years old daughter.
    I loved these spiral curls and I know my princess would enjoy it so much. Very interesting way of curling; I don’t know if Amazon delivers in Brazil (hopefully it does). I have never saw something like this one here. I will check though.
    Thank you.

  38. Very cute!

    I have a question about the spiral styler, does it allow you to create spirals in both directions, or do all the curls have to go in the same direction because of the guide? Hope you can answer, thanks!

    1. It is the same direction, but you can tip the curler upside down and begin at the top of the strand and wind the hair around that way.

  39. I love it! We have one of those wand curlers, the type you prefer not to use ; )
    I bought it years ago when my daughter was in a wedding. I think I’ll just stick to what we already have here : )

  40. Where did you purchase this spiral curling iron? I love it. It would be fun to try on my daughter’s(Ashlyn)hair.

    1. Hi Staci! I bought it off of Amazon, because I did not like the selection at Wal-Mart or Target. Ashlyn would look cute with this style!

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