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Yes, I have been on a bit of a “bow” kick lately with our braids and hairstyles, but that is because they are very much in style right now!

For many of us moms, there are options with the Bow Braid, but wearing the Lady Gaga Hairbow or the mini Bow Tails may be a better fit for our daughters than for us.

Close-up view of the Side Ponytail Hair Bow | Cute Hairstyles

So, I decided to incorporate this bow technique into a cute side ponytail version that is perfect for older teens and women, without looking too childish! {My friend Jenn over at Girly Do’s posted a similar double-pigtail version of this on her daughter a year ago.}

It is difficult to describe exactly how to make the bow in a step-by-step procedure.  It is equally hard to show visually show you since my hands end up being in the way most of the time, so we decided to show you two different views hoping that it will be easier for you to  understand.

Portrait view of a young girl modeling the Side Ponytail Hair Bow | Cute Hairstyles

Portrait view of a young girl modeling the Side Ponytail Hair Bow | Cute Hairstyles

Please note that this is not a hairstyle to wear on a very active day because the bows are very delicate and serve more as an accessory than anything.  You can use the hair bow in any number of hairstyle combinations {half up/half downs, curly hair, two ponytails, one in the back, pigtails, as a bun, etc.}, so your options really are limitless!

My daughter wore this side ponytail to Church this past Sunday and lots of little girls and moms were asking her how we made the bow!

Good thing all we have to do is refer them to this website!


Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, water bottle, two hair elastics, pomade {hair wax}, 1 bobby pin, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I was looking for a new hairstyle to wear to school, and this was perfect! I added a touch of my own, and I braided the section I put through the topsy tail. Super cute!

  2. Thank you very much. Now when the grand girls come here before school, they come EARLY ’cause they want Grandma to fix their hair. (did you feel the sarcasm) 😉
    The hairstyles are beautiful and cute, emphasis on cute. 🙂 they are 9,8 and 6

  3. Hello!
    Your daughter is sweet and the tale also! I love your ideas!
    I’m from Austria and my friends loved it ! *-*

  4. Omg guys you really do the best hair styles
    EVER!!!I just think that there just like well ummm………ohh i know PERFECT!Macy out PEACE!

  5. This is absolutely adorable. I have to try this sometime.(:
    I’m a junior in high school, but this is just fantastic. Very creative and stylish! <3

  6. hello this looks amazing!!!!!!!! and i was wondering if you could do it in hair that had layers? 🙂 oh and your girls are all so pretty i wish i looked like them

  7. Hey Mindy,
    I’m 13 and seen pretty much all of your videos! I can do so many things now, and whenever I do one of your hairstyles to school I ALWAYS get comments 🙂 thank-you for your videos


  8. OMGosh SO CIIIUTE. Way cool I’ve only saw your website today and I’ve seen your pics. and its very viral. I love it I’m gonna try this one tomorrow for school. Thanks 🙂

  9. Hey mindy! Thank you so much for all your videos!! Now I know how to French braid and do so many other braids! But my hair just lays on my shoulders, it’s not very long. Can please do some videos for short hair? Thanks for everything!

  10. Way cutie!!! But I have kinda short hair like u mindy, and I have layers will it still work? Can u do some do’s that would work with my hair? Thanks! 🙂

  11. My daughter had the lead roll in her theatre groups play tonight and she picked this hairstyle to wear. It turned out so well! She looked & felt great!! Thanks mindy for incredible inspiration …

  12. This is so cute! I found your site when somebody told me to Google the waterfall braid. I found your video for the waterfall braid and came here 🙂

    I am glad I did! I have two girls so having some new and cute hair ideas will be fun for them and me too. Thank you for sharing these!

  13. Hey Mindy,
    your hairstyles are the best ! yesterday in school i made it and every1 was asking me how did u make it, even the teachers ! i am ur biiiigg fan… i wanted to ask u can u make the disney princess “cinderela’s hairstyle =D pllzz i neeed it for a play !
    thanks 🙂

      1. That’s not jus a bun! Remember tinkerbell! And Merida! Wasn’t both of those hairstyles a different technique even though they look quite the same!

  14. Hey Mindy,
    You know so many great hairstyles I wish you could teach all you know to my mom ,she always does the same old hairstyles like ponytails and braids !:{

  15. hi mindy i just wanted to tell u and everybody eles that i found the topsy tail at rite aid!! its only about $10

  16. i saw this on youtube a few days ago and i did it on myself yesterday. i got so many comments at school some even from people i don’t know!

  17. Just thought I would share my trick because I don’t have a topsy-tail. You can use one of the giant sized yarn needles (the plastic kind) with a hair elastic (not the fabric kind) pulled through the eye halfway so that you have 2 loops to put the hair through. Works great on smaller sections of hair and smaller heads of hair too.

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