Double Braid Sparkly Headband | Braided Headbands

We wanted to do a hairstyle this week that would be different than all of the other braided headbands you see out there.

Top view of Double Braided Sparkle HeadbandThis one promises to get lots of attention because of how simple it is, yet it can be accented with thin sparkly headbands that you can find inexpensively at Walmart, Target, or Claire’s, etc.

Side view of Double Braided Sparkle Headband | Braid Hairstyles

Top back view of Double Braided Sparkle Headband

This style is perfect for girls of all ages, and would be particularly beautiful as an accent to an updo for Prom, Homecoming, or any other formal occasion!

This hairstyle incorporates two thin braids, on either side of the head, which are then brought up over the head and pinned down just below the opposite ear.

Top view of Double Braided Sparkle Headband

Portrait of a young girl modeling the Double Braided with Sparkle Headband

Then the sparkly plastic headbands are placed in to accent the braids to your liking. {I pancaked the front braid just a bit to add a contrast to the braids themselves, which ended up being a very good touch!}

Double Braided Sparkle Headband | Cute Girls Hairstyle

Portrait of young girl modeling Double Braided Sparkle Headband

Items Needed: Curling wand, brush, rat-tail comb, 2 small hair elastics, 4 bobby pins, hairspray {if desired}, and two thin sparkly headbands.

Time Requirement: 5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by brushing out the hair, and curling with your favorite curling tool {I used a 25 mm NuMe curling wand} or overnight no-heat method…
  2. Hairspray the curls when you are done curling, and leave them alone for a few minutes to let cool and set…
  3. {Optional} Tease the top of the hair a little, from the crown down the back, to add mega-volume…
  4. Pick up a section of hair near the ear and begin to braid it over the head {make sure to braid in the direction you want the braid to lie, which is up and over… otherwise, the braid will lay funny when you are done}…
  5. When braid is finished, secure with a hair elastic.
  6. Repeat Steps 4 & 5 on the other side of the head.
  7. Now, finger comb through the curls and smooth the top of the hair lightly with a brush, as needed…
  8. Bring each braid over the top of the head, and secure behind opposite ears with bobby pins {two crossed bobby pins works great}…
  9. {Optional} You can tug on the edges of the braids, like I did to the front braid, in order to pancake them.  It adds a subtle differentiation to the style.  I left the back braid alone.
  10. Now, place one sparkly headband in front of the first braid, and place the second headband between the first and second braids…
  11. Adjust the braids and headbands, as desired.
  12. Finish off with hairspray {if needed}.

Please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think! If you enjoyed this hairstyle, please feel free to share it!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. im going to a wedding in november and my mum is going to do it for me and with other version i get it done for school and i get lots of comments
    p.s. you are my role model

  2. This is such a genius way to put up bangs! It would be awesome if you included more shorty hairstyles, since my hair is kind of short. I <3 you guys and you and your kids are gorgeous!

  3. Can u please have more short hair styles
    I love doing my hair just like your kids
    What grade is the twins in are they in grade 6

  4. Hi I am Jina and I am 8 years old I love ure hair styles mindi I found this web from my friend Rhoda I tried most of the braids but it didn’t work so ya LOVE URE HAIR STYLES

  5. Thanks Mindy so much for this hairstyle! I wore it all day at school and for cheerleading tryouts after school with a ponytail and it held up great! I’m so excited now because I will be a cheerleader for the 2013-2014 school year! Thanks again for everything!

  6. That hairbraid come hairband looks so gorgeous.
    Thank you for being so kind and showing us how to create this look. What a clever lady, Of course having a gorgeous model always helps too.
    well done guys.

  7. I really like the hair do. I do it all the time. can I ask when do your videos come out. what day because I don’t want to miss another vid !! 🙂

  8. Hi Mindy!! I have noticed in your videos lately that all of your lovely models always have georgeous waves or soft curls and I cannot get that same look! I have naturally wavey hair but it tends to look too messy on day#2. And I am always looking for ways to make it look softer. If you could help that would be wonderful! By the way, I absolutely love your whole families personalities! And after looking at all of these coments you can definately tell you are all so sweet and very greatful for all of your adoring fans! Thanks again! See you in your next tutorial!

  9. Hey CGH family! I don’t know if you are going to read this but it would mean so much to me if you could watch this video of this girl at my school that is an AMAZING singer! She is only in 4th grade too! Share it with your friends too PLEASE! It would mean so much if you did. Thank you so much. BTW I’m the girl doing the cup beat!
    Thank you so much and God bless your family

  10. Im 10 and i LOVE all your hairstyles- i just wish my sisters hair would grow! Quick question- how many kids do you have (ive lost track!) also, how do you keep your kids hair so gorgeous?!¿!¡ 🙂

    1. Yep, that was us! Crazy, I know! We never knew that they were going to air that episode on Disney Jr! It was only supposed to be on! Thanks so much for being such a loyal fan! xoxo

      1. Can you make keek its like youtube but the videos have a limit of 36 seconds. Many people have keek like Kim kardashian, Kendall Jenner etc please make one search keek and you’ll find it!!!

        1. Mindy please please please answer my can you add me in my email [email protected] i want to have a chat with ur twins and please if u did this it will be the best present to me cuz its my birthday tomorrow please mindy please u would make my day i swear

  11. Love, as always! Who’s at the end of the video, Brooklyn or Bailey? There’s no long earrings or bangs showing, so I don’t wanna get it wrong. Even though me and my twin sister aren’t identical, people confuse us and we have ways to be told apart. Thanks!

  12. Hi! I’m daniela from chile, I love this hairstyle, actually I love them all jaja, I found your website on facebook and since then I have been waiting all week for your videos jaja I am a big fan of you and your twins, greeting from this little country chile from southamerica !! (:

  13. I do this hairdo on mydelf all the time and get MANY commplements!!! Its so quick and easy for those mornings when your hair just isnt laying right! I love it!!! But the onw thing I do different than Mindy is that I bring the braids closer to my hairline and farther away from the crown of my head. This is only because I noticed they stay better and fall throughout the day!

  14. Hey Mindy and Everyone I’m 12 and I love your hairstyles, so does my BFF! Could you post more hairstyles for really thick hair? I’m going to do this headband with a side braid!

    1. She actually made one introducing the family a long time ago but a personality video with their favorite hairstyles and sports etc. would be a great idea!

  15. Love the hairstyle! Because I want to make the style even more unique, I think I’ll use either the three strand slide up braid or maybe even the four strand slide up when my hair grows a few more inches. Thanks Mindy!

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