Egg Tails | Easter Hairstyles

Two years ago we posted a photo tutorial of our Egg Tails, which were a huge hit for little girls at Easter Egg hunts or at family parties, Crazy Hair Day, etc.

It has turned out to be one of our fun Easter Hairstyles (although not appropriate, in my opinion, for Easter Sunday)!

Back view of the Egg Tails hairstyle | Easter Pigtails

Yesterday, I took a Facebook poll asking viewers if they thought I should do a video tutorial of this style before Easter and the response was overwhelmingly… YES!!! Sooooo, we scrambled to find the supplies and filmed the ponytails this morning.

Side view of the Egg Tails hairstyle | Easter Pigtails

I am telling you, this hairstyle is a definite conversation starter! I guarantee that you will have people stopping you in the street trying to see exactly what it is that you did!

In fact, the Egg Tail video tutorial is already getting a great response on YouTube! {Two years ago a viewer’s daughter was at an Easter Egg hunt wearing this style and was photographed for her local newspaper!}

Portrait view of young girl modeling the Egg Tails hairstyle | Easter Pigtails

In our original photo tutorial two years ago, we used full-size Easter eggs.  This time, we used the mini eggs so that we could fit three in each ponytail.  It turned out super cute.  (Be sure to start looking today for these mini eggs, because they are hard to find!  Hobby Lobby had been carrying them, but we found ours at WalMart.)

We also enhanced the hairstyle to include a trick we used last year to help keep the eggs from falling out.  You will have to watch the video to see exactly what it was!

Before you view the video, though, be sure to review the old photo tutorial (“Egg Tail” link above) beforehand just to make sure you understand each step well.  Then after seeing the video, you will be a pro!

Items Needed: Rat-tail comb, spray bottle, hairspray, 36 clear elastics, 8 hair bands, 6 mini plastic Easter eggs, and two ribbons (your choice of color).

Time Requirement: 20+ minutes

Skill Level: Hard

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I love this hairstyles and I have one quick question was the hair wet before you began or was it dry? I couldn’t tell.

  2. OMG tomarrow at school i will be waring this hairstyle because (technically) i can’t ware it on another day (besides Monday but i’ll be too lazy to do it then soo….) and your daughter is soo cute in that hairstyle!!! I hope i get lots of complements 🙂
    thank you SOO MUCH!!!

  3. First – How is it anyone’s business how old the daughter is and that she is “to old” for the hairstyle? Who are you to judge that?! For all you know she didnt keep this hairstyle, but the blogger was just being kind enough to get this video up since it was requested. SHUT UP ALREADY!

    Second – This style is adorable and I cant wait to try it!!

  4. hi mindy!! we will definetely be doing this hairstyle this sunday April 8, 2012 for Easter Sunday….My daughter, together with her cousin, will be joining an Easter Egg Hunt event happening in the hotel where her dad is working. “it is themed as an “Underwater Egg Hunt Adventure”. i’ll post some pics after the said event on your fb page. so excited!!!

  5. I am so going to do it to my own hair this year(I am a college student but this is toooooo cute not to do) Love it!

  6. I did this hair style for my ward Christmas party. But instead of eggs, I used plastic ball ornaments.She got lots of complements on it.

  7. I tried posting this on your FB but for some reason it didn’t let me;

    I tried this hairstyle today (Easter Sunday) on my daughter this morning before we headed out to our local Governor’s mansion for a meet and greet with him and his family. EVERYONE commented on her hair!! The governor’s wife LOVED it soo much she couldn’t stop talking about it. It was such a huge hit she got her little bit of fame by getting put on our local 5 o’clock news. Thank you soo much for this idea.

  8. Did this to my girls’ hair last year and this year. Both times were a HUGE hit!! Everybody loves it, including my girls- who asked for it this year!! Thanks for the adorable idea!!

  9. This was such an awesome hairdo for us today! I love your ideas!

    I tried this on my 4 year old but made two changes that made it a little faster and a little more secure.

    First, I only split each pony into 4 pieces instead of 5. This let more egg show, but would have been less secure.

    Second, I looped a single elastic across two opposing mini pony pieces, stretched it out in a straight line, then opened the plastic egg and clipped it shut on that elastic. That anchored the egg VERY securely and it was invisible. If you want to do it that way, you do the bigger combined pony under the egg after the egg is secured instead of squeezing it in later.

  10. I echo April’s comment. My kindergartner was the hit of the school today with her egg tails. She too was paraded around. This was nothing new though as she was paraded with her V-Day hearts, her TG turkey (from Babes in Hairland), and her Halloween Spider (also BIH). My girls will be wearing the PrincessHiarstyle’s baskets for Easter Sunday. You women have no idea what you do for the confidence of little girls around the world and the parents who wouldn’t otherwise come up with these darling dos. Thanks so much! My girls love it and so do I!

  11. I cannot tell you what a hit this was at school today. My daughter’s teacher paraded her down the hall to show the other teachers and by the end of the day word had spread to the point the most of the teachers in the school, including the office staff and principal, had come by her classroom to see it. The other kids LOVED it and when I was up there for the Easter party one girl even said, “I want to come over to your house so you can to my hair!” My daughter is known for her awesome hair at school and I have this website to thank for it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for all of the awesome ideas! 🙂

  12. ahem,
    VERY cute ‘do
    almost TWEEN girl
    im really sorry Mindy bu i think ur girls a bit too old for hese baby styles…..
    whats her name?

  13. I love it when she was a bunny! The pencil box sounds so cute! Love that hairstyle. You are so creative and imaginative!

  14. I love it!! I showed it to my DD and she said no way mom!! That really stinks because she is the only one out of my 6 girls that have hair long enough:)Maybe I can tie her down to do it;)jk

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