Valentine's Day Hairstyles: Heart Pigtails

Heart Pigtails (LuvPiggies)

Here is another fun video depiction of a Valentine’s Day hairstyle seen previously on this site. Many of you have requested this to see exactly how to recreate the heart shape of the pigtail in a video format. (For a quick look at the photo tutorial first, please visit Heart Attack.)

This style can work on almost any hair length, and looks super cute on short hair like my daughter’s A-line bob below…

Close up view of Luv Piggies (Heart Pigtails) 

Items Needed:  Brush/comb, 2 rubber bands, 2 clips (Valentines Day themed, prefered), spray bottle, pomade.

Time Requirement: Less than 2-3 minutes.

Skill Level: Easy

Now, to view the video, click below…

To view video on YouTube, click LuvPiggies.

Check back again over the next few weeks for more cute Valentine’s Day videos and new holiday hairstyles! Enjoy!

Happy Hairdoing!

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