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Music has always been an important part of our family, going back generations.Woman and man sitting next to each other posing in the living room

In Shaun’s family, his grandmother was a concert violinist, his mom plays several instruments, and every sibling can sing, play the piano, or other instruments. My siblings and I all took piano lessons as children, and one sister is phenomenally gifted with it!

{Like many of you, I personally hated piano lessons as a kid, but LOVE that I can play the piano as an adult!} One of our viewers, Louis, asks the following question, “How do I get my kids interested in music and the arts?”Music in Kids

So we invited guest, Jorge, the father behind TheRealityChangers music YouTube channel, to share with us his tips and advice on how to nurture an interest in music with our children from a young age. The key, is to never force your child to do something they do not want to do. It also means that we should  not also allow them to give up on something so easily, either. There needs to be a balance between effort and desire, which goes for adults as well as our children Although the twins have dropped piano as a musical interest, they still pursue dance and choir. In our home, we do require that each child have at least one musical activity every year {band/orchestra, piano, choir, dance, etc}, in order to continue with an appreciation for music and the arts. I do feel that music often invites feelings and emotion that sometimes words cannot communicate. Music has always been an important part of my life, and I am so happy that my kids share in that enthusiasm. Click below to view the episode…

What ideas do you have about how to nurture musical talents in your children? Other parents would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below! Happy Parenting!

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  1. I am 13 years old and I am doing grade 7 piano. when I first started, I hated piano lessons and practicing all my scales and pieces. but now, I love it. I practice from 2-3 hours a day. I also learn the clarinet, the drums and I love to sing. I absolutely love music now.

  2. I play the piano also Mindy! and in the Fall, I will be learning how to play the violin like Schaumn’s grandmother:) also, do your kids play any instruments?

  3. I, too, grew up with a love of music. I played clarinet, and made some of my best, lifelong friends through mutual loves of the arts. I am very fortunate that locally, there is a magnet school devoted to the arts, and both of my children attend. They get weekly dance, music, art, and drama classes through the school. Each year they put on a grade level musical. My 9-year-old son came home from school talking about Franz Hayden. I love that they are able to experience this at such young ages. My daughter additionally takes dance lessons. Too many schools today eliminate music programs (due to budget constraints, I know) but I truly believe they are necessary for children to have a rich and balanced education.

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