The Original Waterfall French Braid | Braided Hairstyles

This is a very beautiful and elegant variation of a French Braid that is perfect for moms, teens, tweens, and little girls! (If you cannot tell, I use French Braiding a lot in many of my hairstyles.)

We have done this braided hairstyle for about a year or so now after learning it from a German hairdresser.  He called it a Fairytale Braid, but my girls said it looked like a waterfall so that is what we named our version…

Portrait of young girl modeling waterfall braid hairstyles
This is also a style that is very tough to teach via photos, unless I wanted to post 20-25 pictures enough to demonstrate the exact technique. I thought a video tutorial would be more helpful, so you will have to let me know how you like it.

{I would recommend not accessorizing this hairstyle, but you may opt for a ponytail in the back if your DD is going to be active that day. That is what I did when my DD had a soccer game on Saturday!}

To see your own photo recreations of this style featured in our CGH App, feel free to tag your photos on IG with: #CGHWaterfallFrenchBraid

Side view of young girl modeling waterfall braid hairstyles
This “Fall-Through” or Waterfall/Fairytale/Curtain French Braid took me less than three minutes to complete after I had lightly straightened my DD’s hair! You may choose to continue the braid across the back of the head, or do another on the other side and join them in the back for an even prettier look!

I promise … you will get so many compliments on this hairstyle!  Enjoy!!!

Items Needed:  Brush, rat-tail comb, water bottle, one clear rubber band, hairspray, accessory {if desired}.

Time Requirement:  3 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Video Tutorial:

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I’m going to share it w/my little niece she is 9 she is going to love it. You really r so creative. Thank u x sharing.

  2. Really easy. One or two attempts before I got the hang of crossing the strand in the right direction, but mastered within minutes.

  3. Hello! which one of the braids, the waterfall twist or the waterfall, stays in longer, I did my daughters hair in the waterfall and it fell out very quickly, and he wants it for homecoming… thanks

  4. my hair never stays curled no matter how much hairspray i put in it or anything what should i do also p.s my grandma is even an hairstyles shes been one for like 30 years

  5. While I’m here, my daughter fell in love with this cute braid last year. It took me a couple of practice rounds to get it to come out right, but I was able to perfect my technique. She loves it so much it was the hair style she choose for her school softball team pictures. She has super straight, slightly thick hair. So, after braiding it we ran a straightening iron over the remaining hair, we finished with a drop of glossing serum and spritz of styling spray. All the girls on the team (22) and the two female coaches commented on it and loved it. In her individual picture the photographer had her pose towards the right (all the other girls were facing left in their individual shots) to show the braid, she said she loved it too. Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge. My daughter says your site is going to make her 8th grade year the best, and that without you she would have spent all of her 7th grade in a ponytail or bun, LOL.

  6. My mom and I love your website plus we love your girls and your generosity for adopting. Thanks so much for inspiring us to make beautiful hair and to become a better person overall.

  7. I just had to say I just love your website, I’ll be able to make all those beautiful hair style to my little girl know, thank you very much!!!

  8. Thanks for the awesome ideas for hair!! I get on here everyday for a hairstyle for my hair!
    Love the waterfall braid too!

  9. im adicted to this WEBSITE. i cant stop watching it. I love doing hairstyles on me and on others. I like how i dress cute and have your cute hairstyles and everyone are jealous of me. I like how my teachers and my classmates moms want to have a daughter like me. Who dress and create hairstyles like me. And every hairstyle i have done its from this website. Thank you so much for every tutorial you have made. Thanks a lot. REALLY!

  10. BEAU – THI – FUL

    I WOULD DO IT ON MONDAY because tomorrow i would do the primrose everdeen braids with the fun end and on friday i would do a hairstyle of hair 4 my princess

  11. This website is the best. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon it. I love doing my daughter’s hair but she likes doing it herself now (ponytail). Since seeing these she gets so excited. I saw the videos Friday and have done one every day since. Can’t wait for St. Patty’s. Waterfall is absolutely beautiful. And to boot they are so easy:) Thanks for helping me make my daughter look as cute as (all) yours.

  12. Thank you so much! I’m 14 and was looking for a style to do in my little sisters hair for her sixth birhday party and this websites are amazing! The videos really helped and there are a lot of styles to choose from! This and the lace braid are my favourites so far though xxx

  13. I love the waterfall braid! Thank you so much for the video!!
    I wish i had someone to do it on other than myself though… :/
    but it is still fun and super cute!!! 😀

  14. This is so beautiful! Thank you for the video tutorial! I understand it perfectly and my girls are having this today! 🙂 Pictures just did not make sense to me! THANK YOU!

  15. You’re right this kind of braid is fairly difficult to explain in pictures. And I didn’t think it was possible to this at this length of hair. Amazing.

  16. Love watching all the videos on the braids. I have naturally curly hair and my mom nor myself never had attempted much of anything with my hair except the typical easy braid. I just did the waterfall braid on my almost 6 year old daughter who also has very naturally curly hair. I don’t have a straitener so I used some styling products and lots of brushing to straiten as much as I could. It took me three attempts just because her hair would so quickly curl and want to tangle – her hair is also pretty thin. But once I did it, it looked so cute! So proud of myself, I couldn’t have done it without the video; so thank you for taking the time to post these videos to help mom’s like me! 🙂

  17. This is my favorite. I especially love doing ringlets out of the hair that hangs down. I would love to know if there is any way to make it stay in. I would love to do this for school pictures, but I’m not sure it would last that long.
    @ Faith: keep trying. This one is really easy. I found that having my daughter hold the bottom pieces really tight toward the front helps; if she holds them loosely it doesn’t seem to look as nice.

  18. we love this braid but it is veryyy confusing!!!! it doesnt stay tight or look right… we never get all the hair to make it look right is there more ways to do t? or a easier video? please help we have been tryiing for two days straight!!!!!!

  19. Hello i always like going on your website and i am 11 years old and love to do your hairstyles but my mom doesnt know how to do a waterfall braid and i cant do it on my own hair because i dont know how but i certainly love the waterfall braid

  20. OH MY GOSH!! I love this website sooo much!! my faveorite is the waterfall braid! this website is brilliant! 🙂

  21. I LUV the waterfall french braid. It’s just that I don’t know how to do it, I’ve tried videos and more but nothing. I’ll have my mom try it on me.:)

  22. This waterfall braid is so pretty! I tried it on my own hair & then did my daughter’s (6 years old). I’m always looking for new things to do on her hair & stumbled upon your blog when googling “cute girl’s hairstyles”. I love your site & will be back often for hair ideas! I love that you do instructional videos :)I think it’s so important for Mom’s to show love by taking an interest in their daughter’s haircare, hygiene etc. It builds their confidence & shows them we love them enough to take the time to do those little things for & with them. Thanks so much again for creating such a cool website! 🙂 ~Kim~
    Seattle, Washington

  23. This is so fast & easy despite appearing difficult! It’s beautiful. It’s so fast & easy I was able to do it to my own hair while nursing my baby & watching the video just now! It came out great the 1st time. I can’t wait for my daighter’s hair to grow long enough to braid. (I agree it seems easier than a french braid as you can pull out bumps afterward.) I did it with damp hair, & held each last loose piece in my mouth. I have bangs & shoulder-length hair.
    Here’s a link to my do:

  24. every morning i want something new done on my hair but my mom can’t do hair. The hardest thing she has done was a french braid. what should i do? also when i put my hair in a ponytail it gets bumps everywhere i don’t know what to do.

  25. luv’ed all the hairstyles that u have posted !!!!
    Since my hair is pretty long, finding it slightly hard to try all these 🙁 especially d messy buns which is one of my favourite !!! if u could post some more styles for real long hair it would b helpful for me!!!! mmwwahhh to ur kidoo’s they luk absolutely charming !!!! 🙂

  26. I love this hairstyle and it is a favorite with my DD. Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to make it hold better? the loose strands seem to start sliding out of the braid within a couple of hours! Thanks!

  27. Love your site its awsome Thanks sooooo much for making it ! Ur daughters r gawgus :)JUst like u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  28. I just wanted to tell you that I love the videos and to say thanks a lot because I am not a mom that is good at doing hair but since I found your website it has made it a lot easier and fun to do.

  29. I have bangs and I was wondering how to do this with bangs,thanks. I come here every day before school to choose a hairstyle and I’m always getting compliments. I love your site! Thank you for your posts and stuff


  30. That worked out great! I did it to my hair and all of my friends hair (did it to themselevs)! I favorited this website! it is so so amazing! Thanks so muchh!

  31. I tried this on my doll head its really cute..
    I also tried the Quick Slide,And the Topise Tail on her.I’m 11 years old couldn’t do it on myself because I was about to get a perm soo maybe I’ll try it on my cousin hair.


  32. Can you please make it to pictures part, because i can’t understand it.I’m 10 years old, and i cannot do it myself. Only in other people’s hair.
    I want it for a halloween costume party on Febuary. I know, halloweeen in Febuary?
    I’m in Greece, and i don’t know how to describe it.Bye, and thatnks!!! for reading. Love you guys and your videos !!! share a new video with more simple braids.

  33. I wish my mom could do this to my hair. Ive tried (with helping hands of course) so many times and it just doesnt look as good as yours does! Maybe my blonde hair just doesnt give the same affect. Oh well. Thanks this video was great!

  34. Have done this one twice now on my 11yo with great success. I actually find this easier than a regular French braid! She got lots of compliments at school.

  35. omg i have school pictures 2marrow ive tryed so many of ur styles i dont no wat i like more grrr i have to choose 4 pictures though

  36. I see you on youtube and absouluely love these hair styles. When i go to school in the morning i am frustrated because i dont know what hair style to do but i just remember what i watched before and it turns out great.(not as great as you). i wanted to know where you get those styles from. PLEaASE OH PLEASE answer back.Thanks for your time!!

  37. realy i like this
    it is famous in saudi arabia but i think it is difficult ..
    i will do it fir me this eid inshallah =)

    thank you

  38. i have a twin who is great at doing my hair and i am great at doing hers and we tried this into a pony it looks great u should put a pic of it

  39. Watching your video’s have been so much fun to watch with me kids:) I love all of your simple ideas and your step by step instruction.
    It’s neat how your styles look so hard to do…like you spent hours on your child’s hair, when really it’s using the basic braid (for example.) and doing something unique with it.
    Thanks for not being afraid to step out of your comfort zone and to try new ideas. I am looking forward to trying them all:)
    ~ Sara.

  40. My girls and I love your site!!! I loved the waterfall braid from your first video but I didn’t think it would hold in my youngest because she has a the aline bob cut. However once I seen the the waterfall #2 video (self braid) I thought I’d give it a shot and it looked adorable!! She has now decided to grow her hair so she can do more of your styles. :o) Thank you for all the great ideas!!!

  41. Mindy,

    I am a mother that does not know how to do a french braid. no clue. Can you please do a simply video showing step by step to completing a french braid. Hope you can help me.

    Thanks so much,

  42. I really like this one it is really cute. My mom has been trying to do this on me for a wile but she just can’t get it right. is there more ways for my mom? shes really new at this.

  43. Finally tried this hairdo on my sister. I did it on both sides as she has a middle part, I also put the tails in a small (regular) 3 strand braid.

    It looks really interesting. 🙂 Thank you for posting it.

  44. I love this hairstyle so much! It’s really pretty at it’s really good at school when I want my hair down but not in my face 🙂

  45. I loved this braid. I tried in on myself and it looked really cute. I can’t wait until my daughter’s hair is long enough to braid

  46. I loved it! I tried doing it on my hair right away. I love this website so much. Thanks so much.
    -Summer(12 years old)

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