Double-Twist Ponytail | Simple Hairstyles

If you are looking for an easy trick for the Fishtail Braid, then this ponytail style is just for you! (Although it was not my intention, feedback thus far is that this looks a lot like a fishtail and can be done in half the time.)

Back view of the Double Twist Ponytail

What is great about this hairstyle is that it takes literally two to three minutes to complete!  Easy peasy!

I prefer to do this style when the hair is damp, like after a good towel drying after the morning shower.  This helps control the flyaways while you twist until you can add hairspray (you can also use Pomade on the hair before twisting).

Side view of the Double Twist Ponytail

We have demonstrated how to do twistbacks like these before, but it was in photo format. You can see things much clearer and in real time by clicking the video below!  Enjoy!

Items Needed:  Rat-tail comb, two hairbands, bow or flower clip (if desired), hairspray (or Pomade, if desired).

Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes…

Skill Level: Easy

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. Hi Mindy I am 11 BTW I love your daughters from hair to clothing. My mom is WAY to busy so I do my own hair. Not that I’m complaining.But this is really easy. L-O-V-E your hairstyles. LUV you !!!!!!!!


  2. Hi, I’m 12 and i LOVE this hairstyle, but when i try to do it myself, i cant get one sides twist to stay while i do the other!As soon as i finish one twist and put an elastic on it the twist comes of and im left with a elastic holding the bottom of half my hair together! the twist just completly comes out! its really frustrating what am i doing wrong? i twist it pretty tight but it still hapens. HELP!

  3. Mindy,
    I love this hairstyle. It is so easy and quick. I love quick and easy hairsyles that I can do on myself, and this is one of them. Thanks so much for all of the great hairstyles, every morning I am looking on you site to see what I am going to put in my hair that day. Thanks so much!

  4. That was such an easy hair do!! I did it on my little cousin while I was babysitting her and i did it as the pony tail instead of the twist and she loved it!!

  5. I love this hairstyle! I do it on myself all the time. but instead I twist it around into a side ponytail.

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  6. Hey im 14 and live in australia i just wanted to say that i love your hairstyles so much. i often do my younger cousins hair and she has been staying at our house all week so this one was great to do after a shower to warm up the morning in winter.

  7. Mindy, Thanks for this one. I used it today. It may not have looked as good as yours, but it was done in less than 3 minutes and will keep her hair out of her face for field day!

  8. Wow! That was so easy! I though there was going to be more to it! I will have to try that one on my daughter! Thanks so much for all the hair styles. We so enjoy using them and my daughter LOVES to watch you on the computer!!!! She alwasy asks to watch another. 🙂
    Where do you get you girls cute cloths. I am always looking for cute skirts and dresses and I can never find them.

    1. Tell me tooo whre do you get your clothes ?!?!?

      P.S. if you could say the names of the shop that you could find in bronx new york

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