Vanellope von Schweetz | Wreck-It Ralph Hairstyles

Vanellope von Schweetz, the sweet, but very spunky character from Disney’s new movie Wreck-It Ralph is sure to inspire you or your daughter next Halloween or Crazy Hair Day!

Vanellope von Schweetz | Wreck-It Ralph Hairstyles

When Disney first provided us with photos, long before the movie came out, we knew it would be a challenge that my daughters and I could meet!  We tried hard to keep the style true to form, and you can now see this style on and the DisneysStyle YouTube channel.


Vanellope von Schweetz inspired Hairstyle

Vanellope von Schweetz Hairstyle

Here’s how to get Vanellope’s deliciously-edible hairstyle…

You may need some bobby pins with a flat head and mini jaw clips.  You then can hot glue the candies and fake peppermints onto the flat heads, so they stay firmly in place in the hair.

Hairstyle Steps:

  1. If you have bangs, part them to one side and straighten them to frame the face. {If you don’t have bangs simply pull all your hair back into the ponytail.}
  2. Create a high ponytail.  You simply comb all the hair up to the top of the head and secure with an elastic…
  3. Tease the top of the ponytail to add volume and fullness…
  4. I tied the licorice around the ponytail holder and cut the ends short enough they stuck up a little, as seen in the movie and photos.  Also you may want to use some red fluffy yarn instead of licorice, depending on whether you want to use real licorice in your hair and humidity…
  5. Now… have fun accessorizing the hair with an assortment of your real and/or fake treats!

Items Needed: Brush, comb, hairspray, rubberbands, and lots of treats or craft items.  Some of the items we used included a 2-foot Pull-n Peel Twizzlers licorice rope, for the signature hair tie.  We also used Spree candy, scrapbook pop-up dots, peppermint candies {fake}, candy buttons, etc. Flat-head bobby pins, hot glue gun.

Time Requirement: 10-15 minutes

Skill Level: Medium


Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I am 12 and I think this an adorable hairstyle! I would definitely wear it on Halloween or on crazy hair day! I really like the movie Wreck It Ralph. I love all your creative hairstyles, keep em coming! Keep being awesome!

  2. I love this hairstyle. I don’t care if I’m at school, I’ll wear it! In fact, I plan to wear it tomorrow since its the last day of school!

    An amazed 11 year old

  3. Found your video while looking for pictures of Vanellope…. my 6 year old just discovered Wreck it Ralph and is now obsessed with Vanellope and wanted her hair done for fun! Guess im a horrible mom because im HAPPY my 6 year old wants to use her imagination and be a little girl still. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I have one happy little Vanellope now! 🙂

  4. I would just like to say to Mindy and her girls, that you all have inspired my daughter and me to explore creative and beautiful hairstyles since I found you on pinterest a couple of months ago. I visit your website about once a week to find a new hairstyle to try on my daughter. And I also want to express to Channy and Serena… Wow, you all must have very negative hearts! Why post something so hateful! Mindy’s daughters truly look like the enjoy being a part of this hair hobby of moms. My daughter is 10 and she likes it. Keep up the good work and POSITIVE posts Mindy. We truly appreciate your contribution to the web! Thank you for all the time and effort ou dedicate to your videos! And thanks to beautiful girls and loving husband! We enjoy all of you videos.

  5. Plus Mindy writes: “Vanellope von Schweetz, the sweet, but very spunky character from Disney’s new movie Wreck-It Ralph is sure to inspire you or your daughter next Halloween or Crazy Hair Day.” She doesn’t write that this is for everyday wear.

  6. I’ve worn similar hair styles out and received tons of compliments on them. I’m twenty. To all you who think this is “inappropriate”:

    1. Do you really believe that you have a right to dictate what others wear? No, this isn’t a style to wear to places such as work, but there are times where it is acceptable (school–if the code allows it; I’m in uni so don’t have to worry about it, though my clothes are always presentable–hanging out with friends, Halloween, &c.).

    2. Mindy has a contract with Disney; did it ever occur to you that they might have requested that she do this style?

    I think her daughter looks adorable with this hairstyle.

  7. I totally agree with Kelley it isnt nice to say that sort of stuff. Yeah it is true I,as a 12 year old would not wear this hairstyle out on caual events but if it were halloween and me and my friends were hanging out heck yes I would wear it!!!! I also think it is really cool how creative Mindy is to even think up these videos and I think they are cool to watch

  8. all of u haterz out there better shut up what if her daughter reads these comments. it is rude and mean i dissagree with Chantel and Serrena ok, so shes 12 years old WHO CARES she probably wont wear it out and my daughter thats 11 likjes doing crazy hairstyles but she dsoesnt like to wear them out so please dont make fun of the people who could read these comments

  9. Hey Mindy! Iknow you probably don’t have time to read this but I think what u do is great and your very good at it! I’m the same age as your twins and I want to say they are amazing! If this wasn’t public, I would give u my phone number! I follow u on pinterest! Do your girls have a pinterest account cause if they do i want to follow them! Well have a great month and I will regularly be commenting on the videos!

  10. hi, im chantel,i strongly agree with serenna, why post a style that no one will ever use, and why on earth did you demonstarte it on a young woman. shes not a child anymore mindy, you shouldnt be subsjecting her to embarass herself on this blog, she looks like an overgrown five yearold. gosh knows what her ‘friends’ think. i personally wouldnt let my 7 year ols go out like this, so the idea that you think it suitable for a 12 year old is hysterical!

    1. Hey hater,
      It can be used for crazy hair day or Halloween, didnt you read? btw, shes ONLY 12, and YeS they still have spirit week in school and even celebrate Halloween. Btw, this hairstyle is useful to me in particular because i want to do my daughter’s hair like this for my son’s Wreck it Ralph party. If you do not like this website then move on, there’s no need to be rude when most of us appreciate what she does. I will also throw in my two cents that i am glad she is raising her daughter and not forcing/ allowing her to grow up so quickly as that is what is wrong with our teens nowadays, though by your comment i assume you applaud all the GIRLS who dress and try to act beyond their years. Next time, think before you speak or type.

      On a side note, thank you for this tutorial Mindy!

      1. Thanks for this reply! I think some fans are not reading the post thoroughly, to note that Disney “asked” us to do this hairstyle. Have a great day!

  11. Hey Mindy! It`s Haley from Showmehair. I am the same age as CGH3 and I have my own website. Please check it out.
    Haley from

  12. Hey Mindy!!!. I have been watching your videos for a while know and they have really been helpful. I was hoping you could make a video on the “flipped braid”. Hope you can ,cant wait to see your next video. Happy Holidays!!!.

  13. Hey mindy! I’ve posted comments before and you probably haven’t read them but I thought, why not? I was wondering if either of your twins were interested in having a pen pal. Not so much like a write letters and stuff, but if they had an email account it would work great!

    PS Tell CGH#2 that she did great in her video!

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