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About a month ago, a loyal follower emailed me a photo of a braided hairstyle , asking if I could replicate it and possibly do a tutorial. Never having seen it before, I was fascinated with how it looked and spent an hour or so trying to recreate it.

I did figure it out although the braid did take some practice to get the stranding correct, but here is what the hair style looks like…

Side View
Side view of the Braided-Over Ponytail

Back View
Back view of the Braided-Over Ponytail

When I first posted the video on YouTube, a viewer commented that he had seen this braid style used on horse tails in horse competitions, etc. I can only describe this style as a Fishtail Braid that uses three strands (as in a typical braid) rather than two.

I think that this is a beautiful braid… good enough to not only be worn on horse tails! I coupled the style with the Hair-Wrapped Ponytail as a starting point. You could even opposing-curl strands of the remaining ponytail hair to add additional flair to the style! My #2 daugther was stopped time and time again in the hall at church this past Sunday by moms trying to figure out exactly how this hairstyle was done.

Personally, I think that the braid looks more amazing by using even smaller strands from the back.

Items Needed: Rat-tail comb, water bottle, and 2 ponytail holders.

Time Requirement: 10-15 minutes

Skill Level: Hard

If you like this braided hairstyle, be sure to let us know! Happy Hairdoing!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I did this hairstyle on my sister and it looked amazing! I was very proud (it was the first hairstyle I got right on the first time). Please make more videos!!

  2. Hi Mindy..
    This is one of the braids my mom did for me as a lil girl.. I’d completely forgotten about it until today. Thanks for this walk down memory lane.. 🙂
    I came across your website when I was looking for hairstyles to try on my 2nd daughter who has very silky hair. After having a looking at some of your hairstyles (& all your sweet lil girls), I’m so keen to try it on my girls & will be coming back for more. I’ve 4 daughters myself & my youngest 2 are fraternal twins. I’m sure my eldest who is 10 would love to try some of your hairstyles on her sisters, too.
    Thank you for this lovely site.. ^_^

  3. This is so pretty! I am 13 and the oldest of my sisters, I am going to try it tommorrow on them, they are so excited! they absolutely love this website, and so do I! My aunt had showed me this, and before all I could do is braid, not even french braid, but i learn all my trickd from you, this is an amzing website! By the way, all of your daughters are gorgeous!:)

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