Four-Leaf Clover | St. Patrick’s Day Hairstyles

This will probably be my last St. Patty’s day hairstyle. It is a four-leaf clover version of some of the past hairstyles. I didn’t take too many pictures since I knew you could refer back to this 2-leaf clover or the 3-leaf clover.

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Items Needed: Brush, comb, hairspray, spray bottle, pomade, 5 rubber bands.

Time Requirement: 10-15 minutes.

Skill Level: Hard


Four Leaf Clover #1


Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1.  Begin by parting hair into four sections. Now gather up each section of hair and form a ponytail. You want these ponytails to be close together. Now flip each section under. (Many of you have asked where to find the *Topsy-Tail Tool* I use to flip the ponytials without torturing your daughter. This link should help.) As far as which way to flip the ponytails, flip the bottom two straight outward and the two top ponytails at an angle.
  2. Divide each section into two parts and twist them tight. Combine all the ends together and add a rubber band. (Add ribbons or accessories where desired).

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I know everyone else is saying the same thing, but maybe you could make a video for some of those harder-to-do-looking hairstyles(if that even makes sense)if you have time. thanks for all the effort you but into this though! I found you website two days ago and I already spend hours a night on here (and i don’t even know how that’s possible since i’m so busy). but great job!

  2. Great job on the written description! The pictures wouldn’t load but i got it!! My daughters hair came out great!! Thank you!

  3. It would be awesome if you guys did a video on this before the upcoming st. Patricks day because i would love for my mom to do this on me, or even a DIY so i could do it on myself.
    Thanks a Bunch!

  4. Hi, Mindy my name is Milady, I am a huge fan of your website and all your hair styles. My daughter is 3 years old and she goes to pre-k with a different hair style. She is known for her different hair styles but the reason why I’m reaching out to you is know if you can post a video of the four leaf clover I would of love to do that on my daughter. It’s kind of difficult to follow the written direction. I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you, Milady

  5. Is it possible to post some no-heat straightening techniques? Thanks, my daughter Rochelle has very wavy hair and I do not like using heat products. Thanks,

  6. Hi Mindy! This Saturday, I am having a St Patrick’s Day party with my children’s’ friends and my own friends. I simply adore this ‘do and I am planning to do it on my two daughters. Thank you, and keep posting!

  7. Ya!!!!!!!!!!!! i agree!!!!!! I still don’t get it even with the pictures! I mean, don’t get me wrong,it’s a good idea, but there needs to be a video so we can actually see how to do it!! Thank you so much, you guys rock, Sydney

  8. Can u please do a video for the four leaf clover hairstyle because me and my best friend were going to dress the same for St. Patricks Day and we wanted my mom to do the hairstyle but she doesn’t know how to even when u put the pictures on she still doesn’t get it! Thanks! Sincerely, Amanda

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