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I am always on the lookout for the next Waterfall Braid-type hairstyle!

About two weeks ago, a Twitter fan tweeted us a photo of a very intricately-laced bow braid hairstyle, and I thought the idea was so fun and unique! In fact, it was likely the most creative and cute hairstyle I have seen since the Waterfall Braid! So… I sat down to figure it out, but after many attempts I wasn’t having much luck at all.  Close, but nothing worth posting…

Another fan, Katrina on Facebook, posted her version along with a link to a low resolution Russian YouTube video showing the exact technique.  The video was at times hard to follow, and it does not show a finished hairstyle, but it provided me with just enough info to be able to master the braid! With that, I am now ready to teach you all!

Back side view of The Bow Braid | Cute Girls Hairstyles

Portrait view of young girl modeling The Bow Braid | Cute Girls Hairstyles

You can use The Bow Braid in pretty much any hairstyle as long as there is a three-stranded French or Lace Braid involved.  It will work on short hair, medium hair, long hair, layered hair, hair with bangs, combos, etc.

In the tutorial, I show you how to do Bow Braid Ponytails, but I also show you on myself and the other daughters some finished looks for a braided headband, diagonal braid, and lace braid.

Side view of the Bow Braid Ponytails | Cute Braided Hairstyles

Front view of the Bow Braid | Cute Braided Hairstyles

Close-up view of the Bow Braid | Cute Braided Hairstyles

Back view of the Diagonal Bow Braid | Cute Braided Hairstyles

Back view of the Lace Bow Braid | Cute Braided Hairstyles

Items Needed: A brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, hairspray or pomade, a hairpin (not a bobby pin), and a few hair elastics.

Time Requirement: 10-15 minutes, depending on the hairstyle you choose.

Skill Level: Hard

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by braiding a section of your hair. You can use a lace braid or a 3 strand French braid. Remember you will need another ½ inch section of hair parted next to your braid to create the bows.
  2. Thread the hairpin, loop end first, through a section of your braid to prepare it to pull through hair for the bow.
  3. Take a small section of hair from the ½ inch parted section and create a loop with your fingers.
  4. Thread the loop of hair through the hairpin and grab loop of hair with left hand while gently tugging the hairpin back through your hair with your right hand.
  5. As you pull the hairpin out of the braid it will begin to form the other half of the bow. Gently tug the hairpin until you like the look of the second loop and then remove it from hair. You should now have one competed bow that runs through the braid.
  6. Repeat Steps 1-5 all the way down the braid until you run out of hair.

{You can see in the video that I mixed in the remaining tails of the bows back into the next strand. It may be easier and less “messy” to simply lay the tails alongside the French Braid and then bring down the next section of hair over the top for the next loop. As you finish the braid, most of the tails will be covered by the hair from the top. It all depends on how you want the bow braid to look.}

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. My favorite version was the Katniss one! It looks fantastic and especially beautiful on the front. Since the French braiding is a bit more complex, I would really appreciate it if you could do a tutorial on it1:) Thanks!

    1. actually, they did make a French braid tutorial! BUT, you have to go on to YouTube and scroll all the way to the bottom on their channel. its not on their website because they made this website late!:)

  2. how do you get it so tight to where it wont fall out when I do it , it is always too loose and falls out . how do you do it !?!?!

  3. I love it I can’t do this hairstyle on myself because I have cancer and I don’t have any hair right now but I can do it on my 7 year old sister!!! She doesn’t let me do her hair very often though!

  4. bindy i love your hairstyles. i’m 10 years old and i have a little sister that i could do these hairstyles on and my older sister tori loves your hairstyles and does them on me all the time!!!!!!!

  5. Can you make a video of how to do the other two? the bow lace braid and the katness bow braid!!!!!!! Thank you hope you post the video.

  6. OMG! I now have a new hobby! My daughter is loving all the new braids I’m doing on her. Her friends are asking if I can come to school early so I can do it on them!!! I am making a list of all the braids I’m going to make on her (its getting really long!). I think I have enough for a different braid each day! Thank you sooooo much for showing us how to do these braids!

  7. i love your hairstyles pls pls can i be apart of your family
    your kids are amazing and I have instergram and i am following you on it

  8. I found this website after I stumbled onto one of your youtube tutorials. I LOVE the look of this particular braid and can’t wait to try it out. Awesome website! Keep up the amazing work!

  9. On your twin that did the bows diagonally, like the katniss braid, where did you leave the hair out from? The hair that was used to creat the bows. Was it from around the forehead/front of the face?

  10. super cute! Iam 10 years old and I love to do hair except for my hair is cut short. could you do a viedo on how to make your hair grow longer fast?

  11. I used a dutch headband. For some reason it was an easier technique for me to separate the sections. I also seem to get a tighter brais with a dutch braid. My daughter’s hair is as long as your long haired daughter in video. When you make the bow do you twist the hairz? The bows i made are splitting on her hair. I used hairspray, but no product. I didn’t know if it was a technique, product, or hair thickness issue. My daughter’s hair is very thick.

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