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I started posting a few Daddy ‘Do hairstyles (girls hairstyles so easy even a dad can do them) over 18 months ago. Many moms have responded that they loved the idea and offered the suggestion that maybe I have my husband do them as a tutorial.

Well, it took 18 months, but my sweet hubby finally relented and decided to do it! (He loves our girls so much that all they really had to do was blink their eyelashes a few times and he finally gave in!)

Here he demonstrates for all dads how to do a simple braid…

Simple Braid (Front View)Back view of the Simple Braid | Daddy-Do Hairstyles

Simple Braid (Side View)Side view of the Simple Braid | Daddy-Do Hairstyles

Not bad for a first try, right?  Honestly, it was somewhat painful for me to see my hubby struggle to braid, knowing I could do it so much faster, but notice how gentle he is being and more importantly… notice the expressions on my daughter’s face as he does her hair! That is what this is all about!  What a great daddy!

We uploaded the video to YouTube the other day, and suprisingly noticed the following statistics only 24 hours later! Apparently moms worldwide were endeared to a video of a daddy doing his daughter’s hair, that it garnered several YouTube awards that day! It has been, by far, our most popular posting after only 24 hours!

Daddy 'Do - YouTube Awards
Items Needed: Rat-tail comb, spray bottle, two hair bands, hairspray, ribbon (if desired).

Time Requirement: 5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

To read all the awesome YouTube comments for this video, please click here. Also, if you like this hairstyle… be sure to let us know!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. I happen to have short hair and side bangs,if you could make things a little easier for me and other people who have this particular hairstyle, I would be very thankful 🙂 THNX-Hailey

  2. hi mindy,
    love your website. even though i am not very good at doing my own hair i do it on my american girl doll’s hair. it never seems to work though!

  3. I love the cage braid. Can you do it in your hair without doing it in a pony tail? And could you do a video about how to braid your hair and leave it over night to get your hair crimped.also, what pomme do you use in your daughters hair?

  4. I have been attempting to braid the wrong way forever! This video finally showed me the correct way. My 4 year old daughter has very long never cut hair. I braided her hair correctly for the first time!! God bless you. This is so exciting.

  5. I love how he flipples (a made up word that seemed very fitting haha) the hair at the end when he’s done.
    So stinkin hilarious!
    Good job on the vids, my girls are excited for the new style ideas. Thanks!

  6. I love your hair styles they are beautiful. I have been studying cosmotoligy for two year I have studied all of the thing from hair nails skin and make up. My favourite is hair!! I have watched your channel for three months and you have really helped. I do the hair styles on my sister my cousin and I. P.S. I love how one of your twins always smiles in the videos and do another episode soon

  7. I love it! My husband would not do this in a million years! Good for him! You have a good man there, what a sweet daddy! 🙂

  8. So sweet 🙂 I have 5 girls myself, and my husband sometimes tries to do their hair, but it is easier for him to just brush it and stick a cute hat on them! Little ladies always accessorize, right? Check out my site for tons of cute hats for little girls 🙂
    They make perfect christmas presents, but are great for any occasion!
    Have fun!

  9. This is my favorite video ever! I love the tips he gives the dads. I think my girls would love for their daddy to try this! Also, to Denae: since you have a twin sister you could try doing these hairstyles on each other:) That is how I learned with my sister

  10. Hi Mindy!
    I came across your blog about a year ago when a friend sent me the link and loved it ever since! I was always thinking of what I could do with my daughters hair (I have 2 girls of 4 1/2 and 3) and this was perfect for me! You explain really good and I actually wondered how you got your husband to film (mine wouldn’t do that). And now actually he is doing hair too! Woohoo for you! Anyways, I love your stories and read your adoption story the other day all the way thru, it was soo moving! We had difficulty having babies and were looking into adoption too, when I finally got pregnant with IVF, so we never got to do it, but it always is on our mind. Of course over here in Europe it’s a bit more difficult and ALOT longer process. LDS Services only is in England and you’d have to live there to take advantage. So, we’ll leave it in the Lord’s Hands.
    Anyways, THANK YOU SOO MUCH for all you’re doing and being the wonderful family you are!

  11. That was a sweet video! We have three little girls and I just LOVE when my husband does their hair! It’s usually something I’ve never seen before (ha ha) but they’re always so proud of their do!

  12. This is great! My dad never even TRIED to do my hair! (Unless I batted my eyelashes while begging him :). Bravo, great job to your husband!


  13. Hi Mindy, I LOVE your website! Your husband is so patient to braid his daughter’s hair! 🙂
    I see on your website that you have twin daughters? How old are they? I am interested in twins because I am a twin myself!!!! I am twelve years old… and my twin sister is twelve of course too. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Anyway, I was also wondering if you could put more ‘do it yourself'(My mom doesn’t like to do my hair, and DEFINITLEY not my dad haha) hairstyles and more ‘teen/tween’ hairstyles. Thanks!

  14. Aww bless him! He does a great job, must forward this to my hubby, best I get from him is to brush the girls hair and then pass over to me for complex things like a pony tail!!!!!

  15. I love how he is even explaining all the steps perfectly! What a wonderful daddy. My husband would never do that!!

  16. How in THE heck did you get him to do that? I cannot for the life of me, get my hubby to even TRY and comb out daughters hair…

  17. Hey Mindy!! Bravo to your wonderful husband for doing the video. He did great! What an awesome dad! I am also blessed to have a great husband. I love how careful and gentle he is when he does our daughters’ hair too. Plus, they love having their daddy giving them attention! Thanks for sharing!

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