Hair-Wrapped Ponytail | Easy Hairstyle Ideas

This is a very quick and easy hairstyle for those mornings when you simply to not have enough time at all!  As simple as it is, the ‘do looks quite elegant and you will get compliments!
Tweens, teens, and moms can even sport this hairdo… and it is simple enough that a daddy can do it (we list this as a Daddy ‘Do because my husband did on our other daughter right after filming this)!  It also holds up super well without bobby pins… repeat… WITHOUT BOBBY PINS!  Check out the video to see how I did it!
Back view of the Hair-Wrapped Ponytail | Easy Hairstyle Ideas
Items Needed: 1 large hairband, rat-tail comb (to help part hair), Topsy Tail tool (available in my left sidebar), hairspray (to help with fliers).
Time Requirement: 2-3 minutes
Skill Level: Easy

If you like this hairdo, feel free to let us know!  Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. it looks so cute for soccer games or basketball games. Thanks! I really dont like using bobby pins on hairstyles, so… THANKS A LOT!

  2. Im 12 years old, almost 13 and I LUV LUV LUV this website!! I have it bookmarked on my ipod lol. When I got my topsy tail at claires in the mall the other day I was super excited 2 use it!!! Keep doing what you guys do! O yea and I luv this hairstyle 2 lol

  3. thank you sooo much my hair is thik and wavy and alot of mornings i cant do anything with it but this works its quick and easy too!!!

  4. I love all the things you do to with your daughters hair. I am going to try to do some to my daughters’ too. But… how do you get all these things undone? I can see me cutting her hair because I can’t get it out anymore…..especially the ones you do with the topsy tial

  5. This is so pretty, and something else you can try: at the end of your braid, you can do the same thing so that the elastic doesn’t show and it looks so beautiful. Also, you can braid the section that will go around the elastic, and it will look gorgeous (harder to pull through, though)

  6. By the way, I LOVE YOUR HAIRSTYLES!
    I forgot to mention it before. Your girls are so beautiful! God bless you and your family. You are doing such a great job with this site!

  7. If you don’t have a topsy tail you can get a piece of string, fold it in half and make a loop. Then, use it like in the video. It only works with this hairstyle, not the flips though. I hope I helped!

  8. Nice! Daddy approved here, super easy to put in, I didn’t have a topsy tail thing so I used a headphones cord and looped up through the hair band, worked great now she’s ready for her track meet. Thank you!

  9. hey
    i didnt have a topsy tail
    so i got a bangle and bent it to make an oval shape
    and it worked the same

  10. I bought one of these tools when I traveled to China and I lost them on the way home…arg. Sure I will buy it again.

    Your video are wonderful. I myself had problem doing this hairstyle with the poppy pins too but no more after watching your video.

    I really admire your family (hot husband, cute kids) alot. All best wishes to your kids, husband and for you, please continue to make more videos. You’ll always have our support.

    PS: I see your very attractive web banner “Donate a Do” and I am wondering if you accept donation from readers/watchers? If yes please let me know how.


  11. Stacy to my friends, Honey to my man, Mommy (to the littles), and sometimes, the dreaded MOM! says:

    I just had to comment – this is so smart! I grabbed my little girl and tried it right away. I will admit – I copy your styles a lot! You have beautiful little ones. You can see my princess sporting some of your styles here: Let me know what you think!

  12. This very simple hair do has always caused me problems…I'm so excited to try it now! Thanks for the tip using the topsy tail.

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. So quick and easy. My topsy tail from my teenage years finally broke a few months ago, so I got a new one for my birthday. I use it ALL the time and love it, but never thought of it for this do! Thanks! AND, please keep the videos rolling. They make it SO MUCH EASIER!

  14. k where is my post, thank you Jen from gilry do's for turning me on to this site!! How cool I get to be the 1000th follower. Good luck on tv!!

  15. Yay, Im the 1000th follower, thank you Jen from girly do's for bringing this great blog to my attention!!! Good luck !!!!

  16. AWESOME! That's a fantastic idea. I always love to do wrap around ponies but they never stay in. THANKS!

  17. I love this! Your video tutorials are so awesome too! I have tickets for the 14th so I will see you there! YAY!

  18. That is so cool how that works! Where do you get all these tricks? I just love how you are so willing to share them with us.
    I am kicking myself in the behind for throwing away my Topsy Tail when I was a teenager. I never thought I would ever use it again. LOL

  19. Wow! That was awesome. I had no idea why you needed the topsy tail for in this hairdo but now I do. Super idea. I really really love this one.

  20. my kids hair always fall out of close to everything I try- so know I know how to do it with out giving them a huge headache.. LOL

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