Simple Braid with Micro-Braid Accents | Braided Hairstyles

I saw a version of this super-cute micro-braid accented hairstyle on Pinterest last week, and pinned it. Since then, it has received over 330 re-pins.

{We tried as hard as we could to find what website the style originated from, to give proper credit, but the original photo was uploaded directly to Pinterest with no tie to a user.}

After seeing the photo, my #3 daughter pleaded with me to do a tutorial of this braided hairstyle on her, so we could share with all of you! How can I resist those batting eyelashes???

Close-up view of the Braid with Micro-Braid Accents | Braid Hairstyles

This hairstyle uses a Simple Side Braid, only I included two microbraids in two of the strands. Please be sure you follow my braiding procedure exactly to ensure that the micro braids lay on top {rather than be hidden}.

The style of braiding you will need to use will be similar to the under-over stranding in a Dutch braid.

Side view of the Micro-Braid Accented Side Braid | Braided Hairstyles

I also included a Hair-Wrapped Ponytail, to give the braid an even more sophisticated look.

We have worn this braided hairstyle twice during the week and moms always give a “double-take” for a closer look, asking how I did it. They are amazed when they see how really easy it is!

Portrait view of a young girl modeling the Micro-Braid Accented Side Braid | Braided Hairstyles

Since this is a simple braid, you can pretty much combo it with any number of accents… like twistbacks, or incorporate the braid into a bun.


Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, water bottle, two clear elastics, one hairband, hairspray {if desired}

Time Requirement: 5-7 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. Hi I really like this hairstyle cute and simple. Good for school as our hairstyles must be simple.Love it!

  2. Hello,I <3 your hairstyles! They are so cute and my fave is the flower bun or whatever. I started doing my messy buns the way you do yours and I love it! so beautiful
    so cute 🙂

  3. I love doing this one on my sister.

    SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. I wish so much that I could meet you. If you read this you guys are AWSOME!!!!!! And tell everyone I said aloha.

  4. I tried to do this, but strands of hair kept getting in front of the micro braids and they were really hard to see. I tried like 3 times and got angry and gave up. Did anyone else have this problem? Mindy, you make it look so easy!!

  5. I love to do something new each morning with my four-year-old. She cant wait to see what style we are doing! Thanks for all the advice:)

  6. Uhh… Is it just me or is the 2 pics the same? It looks like the one from pinterest got tinted a little and her photo looks EXACTLY like it but not tinted. If you look closely the braid is done the exact same way and there is a little flyaway in both pics in the SAME place… Weird….

  7. Hi! I’m your fan here from Japan and really enjoying watching your videos with my 3daughters.. keep doing great!

  8. hi mindy im lina from algeria im 13 and i can do any hairstyles like the frensh braid or the cage braid and im good at doing your hairstyles Especially thd dutch braid . keep going

  9. Hi I am a new fan from the UK 🙂 I did this for my daughter this week – she peeked at me watching your videos and was so excited as she thinks this style is very similar to Rapunzel’s braid in Tangled. Thanks! She is wearing the primrose braid to a party today too.

  10. My friend in my fourth grade class told me about your website and said to check it out.the first one i saw was the katniss braid.I REALLY love this one!I’m gonna wear it on my field trip tomorrow! Your awsome mindy!:)

  11. i love this braid becouse i can do it with out my moms help. p.s. can you try to do more cute hair styles for people that do a lot of sports

  12. Hi! Love this hairstyle, and I love the shirt you’re wearing in the video. And I was wondering how you had your hair done in the video. I couldn’t really tell from the front.

  13. I was checking your blog like three times a day to see if u added anything. When my hair grows out, I’ll try this. In the meantime, I’m going to try it on my big sis. Wish me luck!

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