February 12, 2012

Simple Messy Braid | Braided Hairstyles

If you are like me, you’ve noticed that everyone in Hollywood {in TV, movies, etc.} is talking about the comeback of braid hairstyles.

Messy Side Braid Hairstyle

Simply flip through magazines, catalogs, or beauty websites and see them there, too! Everyone is wearing braids and the best thing is that there are a million ways to wear them!

One of my very favorite braided hairstyles uses a small, added flair to a simple braid… what everyone is calling a Simple Messy Braid. This is the perfect second-day hairstyle {after curls the day prior} for a quick rush out the door.

Messy Side Braid Hairstyle

I’ve received so many emails requesting a video for this hairstyle. One of our most loyal fans even asked 10+ friends to all email me within a few hours each asking for this style! I swear we have the best fans! Well, it definitely got my attention and my girls and I decided to make this our next tutorial.

Items Needed: Brush, comb, ponytail holder, hairspray {if desired}

Time Required: 2 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin with dry slightly messy or curly hair. {You can use a flat iron or wand to add a little curl to the top layer if needed}.
  2. Pull all hair loosely to one side, over your shoulder.
  3. Braid the hair using the regular braiding method.
  4. Tug on the “elbows” of the braid to loosen/flatten and soften the braid.  This is called “pancaking” the braid.
  5. Curl any loose pieces of hair to frame your face. Remember, the braid  is supposed to be messy!
  6. Bobby pin any problem strands into place, and you are good to go!


Happy Hairstyling!

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