Back to School Hairdo: French "Doubled-Up" Braids

This hairstyle is fairly simple with a little flair on school day mornings.    I’m sure you will love it!

French Doubled-Up Braids


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Items Needed: Brush, comb, spray bottle, 2 regular rubberbands, and 2 clear rubber bands.

Time Requirement: 5-10 minutes.

Skill Level: Medium


Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by parting your DD’s hair on either side.
  2. Create another part from the top down to each ear and clip the hair out of the way on one side.
  3. Using the French braid technique, braid down both sections of hair to the ear. When you run out of hair to add to the French braid, just continue on with a regular braid through the length of the hair and secure with a clear rubber band.
  4. Part remaining hair into two equal parts down the back of head.
  5. Gather and create a braid right behind the ear adding in the ends of the French braid.
  6. I intentionally had my small braid showing within the larger braid.
  7. Secure with a regular rubber band and you’re done!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. OMG




  2. Hi! I know I’m being so annoying leaving you all of these comments…sorry! Can you do a video or post a hairstyle on here about your daughter’s hair care routine? Thanks! Please! Oh and btw, I am always on YouTube looking to see if you have any new vids.. Lol =D I am obsessed with u guys…I’m 11 btw. Just like your twins… Haha thanks again! =D

  3. hi i love the hairstyle.
    If its possible could you do a hairstyle where you do tiny french plants to about the middle of your head from the front, if you know what i mean.
    I think your children are so cute, the little boys so handsome, hehehe.
    Ps:im 12

  4. Thanks so much! I did this style on my daughter today thanks to your info. on how to do it. It’s so cutle. I didn’t spray her hair though so there were lots of little fly aways. I often use your site as an aid in styling my daughter’s hair more in the mornings.

  5. I LOVE and I mean LOVE this hairstyle!!!You did so great on it!!! I did it on me today, and I absolutely LOVE it!!!!! Thanks SO much for doing this one!! Keep up the good work!!!! By the way your girls and boy are so beautiful and cute!!!

  6. I love it, its soo cute! I don’t really get it though, can u please please please with a cherry on top do a tutorial of this?? PLZ! it wud really help 😀

  7. I love this one. I did it on my sisters and they loved it to. Thanks so much for sharing your talent.

  8. Hi! Nobody in my family knows how to do a French braid but me. I realise that someone has to do it on you. But I always do it on myself. A few days ago, I tried this hairstyle and I can never do the French braid straight across the top of my head. I always end up French braiding it like french braid pigtails, with the French braid braided back. Do you have any tips for me about French braiding across the top of my head, like you did? Thank you and love the hairstyle! Pleeeeaaase reply! 🙂

  9. I loved this one! I showed my little sis and she loved it, now she wears it like every other day!

  10. Hi. This hairstyle is great! I just wanted to ask you if you did the French braid on the other side of the head. Please reply! P.S. I always watch your videos! And I am assuming you Will respond to me by email? Thanks again and please reply!

  11. Cute! I tried this on my daughter today. She is in a wheelchair or laying down all the time and so we can’t do any of the knobby styles or even ponytails. This works like a charm and is so cute on her! Today is her 11th birthday and she wore her hair like this to school. Thank You!!

  12. Hi, I was thinking about hairstyles and I was wondering if you could do a hairstyle that has the french braid twists into low braids? Thanks so much, Happy Hair-doing!

  13. Tried this one on the 11 yo tonight. She said she loves it. She thinks it looks like a headband. 🙂 I think she looks like a modern Pippy Longstocking.

  14. i do my sis’s hair all the time and ever since she saw this shes been asking for it everyday (please note:I am a girl!!!!!!!!!!!)

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