Back to School Hairdo: Twist-Back into Square Knot

This hairstyle is a really good one for teens/tweens!  It has a softer and more relaxed look.  It is quick and very cute!

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Items Needed: Brush, comb, hair straightener, bobby pins, and hairspray (pomade optional).

Time Requirement: 5-10 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Twist-Back into Square Knot Hairdo

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1.  Begin by straightening hair. This step isn’t necessary, but I like the look better if the hair is straight. It makes the knot stand out a bit more. If your DD’s hair is naturally straight then you are all set!
  2. Part hair wherever natural part falls. Section off a small piece on each side of the head and twist it back. You can use a little Pomade to help the twists stay together and eliminate flyers from static.
  3. Take the two pieces and tie half a knot. Like you are tying a shoelace. One piece under the other and tighten them against the head.
  4. Now using bobby pins secure this in place. I do it in such a way that the bobby pins are hidden. I think I used about 4-5 bobby pins.
  5. Once the first 1/2 of the knot is secure take the remaining ends and tie together again in the same way… like you are doing a double knot. I think the official name of this is a “square knot“. Use bobby pins to secure in place once again. Leave the ends sticking out a little and fluff if necessary. Use hairspray to help hold in place .  Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. can u please do a video of this?.. You make it so easy for me to do my daughters hair when i watch the video’s
    Thanks =)

  2. This is a really cute hair do! Can you please make a video on how to do the twist-back into square knot on YouTube?
    Thank You! 🙂

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