November 02, 2011

Braid-Wrapped Chignon | Cute Updo's

It is time for another updo hairstyle!  This one is actually a very quick and easy ‘do… and it looks beautiful!

You can see that my daughter’s hair is fairly straight this day, so it really made the style look sleek and crisp.  {If you or your daughter have waves and will be straightening your hair, please use a good heat protectant first… although I think this would look cute even with wavy hair!}  I then created a microbraid right behind each ear {not shown in video} that will be used for the chignon wraparound.

Braid-Wrapped Chignon {Back}

For the next step, I then brought two sections of the hair from the front/sides to the back and secured them with an elastic hair band.  Then, with my rat-tail comb, I gently ratted the remaining section of that ponytail pullback to help create my stuffing for the chignon bun.

Then I secured the remaining hair with another elastic hairband at the ends, and gently rolled it up over the ratted ponytail and tucked it behind the tieback.  Feel free to secure the hair to your desired look by using bobby pins {as I did in the tutorial, since my roll-up was not exactly how I wanted it}.

I then brought each of the microbraids from just behind the ears and wrapped them around the chignon, securing them with bobby pins.

This is a gorgeous style, and perfect for girls of all ages.! Of course, it is meant more for formal occasions/holidays so if you do this on your daughter on a day when she will be active… it will likley fall out.  We would recommend this chignon hairstyle for church, weddings, flower girls, award banquets, communions, Prom, Homecoming, or any other formal occasions.  Enjoy!

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, 4elastic hair bands, 4-6 bobby pins, hairspray {if desired}

Time Requirement: 5-7 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Happy Hairdoing!

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