Cute Layered Ponytail | Teen Hairstyles

I saw a ponytail hairstyle very similar to this in the mall the other day, only I elaborated on it somewhat and I like how it turned out.  Today was the second day that I used it, and we were stopped all the time by people we know asking if we had posted it to the website yet… so here it is!

Side View…Side view of the Layered Ponytail

This hairstyle is perfect for teens, since they are always looking for something unique, so I recognize that this hairdo may not be for everyone.

There are several variations you can use on this style… rather than lay the hair strands flat (like I did), you can twist the strands or micro-braid them.  It just depends on how you want it to look, so it really can be three styles in one.

Back View…Back view of the Layered Ponytail

Front View…Portrait of young girl modeling the Layered Ponytail

Items Needed: Spray bottle, rat-tail comb, brush (if needed), 6 clear hairbands, hairspray, and accessories (if desired).

Time Requirement: 5-8 minutes.

Skill Level: Medium

If you like this hairstyle… be sure to let us know!

Happy Hairdoing!

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  1. i love this hairdo! but i would end it with a fishtail braid just to spice it up a bit. i love this blog! keep on making more awesome hairstyles!

  2. I am from pakistan. And everyone here is eastern but here in karachi everything is really fashionable an stylish so on top of the pretty clothes i simply love to style my hair. Its long and brown so i mostly prefer easy styles and i recently started to visit your website and i seem to learn hunreds of hairstyles. Thanks loads.. But i have a problem and that is that here youtube is blocked so i cant watch the videos of many hairstyles so please add the step by step instructions of the hairdos too… Pleaaase.. I sigh for it..:)

  3. I love your hairstyles but my hair is so long it goes down to hips which sometimes doesn’t help when doing some of the hair styles but they are all beautiful! What would hair be without Mindy?

  4. Hey! I’m in LOVE with all of these hairstyles! Your girls are adorable and you make everything look so easy! Go Mindy! Haha. Could you show in another video how to to the braid along the bottom of the hair but instead of picking up from just the bottom, picking up from the top? THANKS

  5. oh my gosh so awesome so pretty i also like your side pony tail combo. i have an important question can you still do half of the hairstyles with out the topsy turvy !!!!!

  6. Hi! My hair dries curly. In your video on YouTube, her hair was wet and in this picture, her hair isn’t that curly. Do you have any tips for me for letting my hair dry straight? Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please respond back to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you and I would love it if you responded today because I want to wear this hairstyle for school tomorrow. PLEASE!!!!
    -Gianna <33333
    P. S. Love this!!!!

  7. Love your hairstyles they are so cute and fun to do!!! What state do you live in? Are you LDS? (I’m LDS and I’m just wondering I won’t make fun of you or anything.)

  8. hola un gusto en haberte encontrado,me encantan todos tus peinados,t felicito tenes unas nenas muy bellas y un marido q te ayuda con tus obras de artes jeje,a mis nena le voy asiendo todos los peinados tuyos y le quedan fabulosos!!! segui asi q ese don no t lo quita nadie Dios te bendiga y q esten muy bn toda tu familia (=!! soy de argentina

  9. I do something similar to this that you might like to try as a Daddy-Do for long hair. If you do and you like it can you please show us? I pull back hair from each side to centre back and then use one of those tiny little butterfly clips to hold it in place (it can grip into the hair under it as well, no problem as it helps to keep it centred). Repeat as many times as you like placing the next set over the top of the previous ones and about an inch or so lower each time. The butterfly clip is fast and a lot easier than using elastics for those that have trouble with them. It self-accessorises too. It also looks nice if the hair is twisted before clipping the two in centre-back, but that might be getting a bit fiddly for a quick Daddy-Do! I’ve also done it using 5 tiny little barrette clips with little enamelled flowers on them on my own hair for a more grown-up look.

  10. Oh my goodness we just found your site!! My 5 year old is in HEAVEN. We watched a whole bunch of your movies last night and tried one on her today and she just picked this one for me to do to her little sister, who has about 3 times the amount of hair she does 😉 We are so happy to have found your site, Josie, my 5 year old thinks you are a nice mom to show me how to do her hair lol I guess she has had little faith in me all these years and is happy I now have help!! Thank you. We added your button to our blog!

  11. Hello i am 16 years old and i love your blog! I do these hairstyles on my sister all the time. I was wondering if you could do a video hairstyle like the french braid wrap around but adding hair to both sides and not just from the bottom. I would just like to see if it would look nice. Thanks a lot!:)

  12. Hi! i’m from Brazil and ijust loved your blog. Iwill work at a hotel in Rio de Janeiro(my home town!)and i was looking for a easy looks to wear in my job and i guess i’ve found some!But the principle thing to me is here in my lovely town happened a natural disaster, hundreds died, townsands losted their families and homes, and it were some kind a relief to me look to your family and i realized that still there is happiness in this world. It can be strange to you, but thank you. God bless you and your family(and my city too! )

  13. hey i love your site and do a lot of these styles on my sisters. i just want to make a suggestion try doing this with a hippy braid across the forehead i tried it on my eldest sister and she loved it not to mention looked adorable too anyway thanks for all the neat styles!

  14. Just found your blog, Love it! In an effort to manage my daughters crazy wavy hair we were browsing to find some cute new styles, can’t wait to try some of these out!

  15. for school I have to dress up as a fairy tale character and I was wondering if you had a hairstyle that looks like a tiara? Thanks

  16. My 10 year old daughter was having self-esteem issues and in an effort to find ways to make her feel good about herself I searched and searched for hairdo ideas that wouldn’t require cutting her very long hair. We now get on your site almost every morning and she chooses what style she wants for the day. We get compliments all the time but most importantly she gets compliments from school mates and teachers daily and is feeling really good about herself. Your website has not only made doing her hair easy, and fun, but made a difference in our lives and I thank you:)

  17. Hi. I love your blog. I live in Queensland, Australia in one of the many areas flooding. Everyone here would be highly greatful if you and people following this blog could send your prayers and best wishes.

  18. This is adorable!

    I have a question for you….How do you tame fly-a-ways? My daughters hair seems to frizz out everywhere in the front so when I try cute things like this, it just doesn’t look right! Any suggestions would be helpful.

    Keep up the awesome work! You’ve inspired me to learn how to french braid (something I’ve NEVER done before until a few weeks ago). Your girls are adorable!

    Thanks again!

  19. It looks so easy when u do it. Really cute on your daughter’s hair, and i love the shape of her head. she is lucky to have mom like you.

  20. This is so cute. I will definitely try it.

    I often wonder how you get the time to do 4 heads of hair with a 2 year old running around. I have a 2 year old son and it’s hard to do 1 head of hair. Kudos to you. 🙂

  21. I love it! I am hoping my Kaecee leaves me enough time in the morning to give it a try, but if not, I am going to try on Wednesday (which is late start day). We had a house fire on New Year’s Day and haven’t been really able to do any fun hair dos and my daughter and I are really missing them!

  22. So cute. You do make everything look so easy. I’ve been trying lots of these styles on my daughter lately and I’ve been getting lots of comments from her teachers. Thank you!

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