Does the Split-Ender Really Work? | Fab or Fail

What is a girl’s worst nightmare? Split ends! We all dread getting them but its hard to keep up with regular haircut appointments to avoid them. How can we keep our hair healthy in between haircuts?Split Ender | Fab or Fail | Cute Girls HairstylesIn this video we show you an online tool that could be the solution to our hair problems! Brooklyn gets split ends on occasion so she volunteered to be our tester! She was pretty nervous about the process but I tested a strand of my hair first to put her at ease.

To see your own photo results of this tool featured in our app, feel free to tag your photos on IG with: #CGHSplitEnder

If you are interested in the Split Ender tool you can find the latest version here. Unfortunately, the model I purchased is no longer available.  It has been replaced by the updated “Pro” version which has a significant price increase from the original.

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This week on Kamri Noel “K-Swag’s Morning Routine”  Watch to learn K-Swag’s real name!

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  1. Your so brave to try that out and now I know that it does work!(I have been wondering for a while now if I should try it but I was always to scared to) SO THANK YOU

  2. I saw the video and I was so happy someone tried it out before I did because I thought I would have my hair chopped off ahhhhh scary lucky from what I saw and read it won’t so thank you again!!!

  3. I watched the video and it’s really cool because I have a lot of split ends so I think that the split ender is good

  4. This tool seems like it would work great for when I can’t get in for an appointment and I have some split ends going on! Great find!

  5. That’s really cool! Thanks for showing something that no one probably would have tried first… 🙂

  6. This is such a neat gadget! As someone who sits at my desk and trims split ends with my scissors, this little tools is totally satisfying! Haha.

  7. Thanks for making awesome videos it really helps me figure out what hairstyle to do the next day and I think that your videos make people happier.

  8. i was sad today because i was really sick and i watched some of your vids and it actually made my day!! i cant believe but i feel better when i watch your vids, cant wait for next week’s vid!!!

  9. im subscibed to all of your family’s youtube channels. Can’t wait for Riley,Paisley and Daxton to have one too!! (sry if i spelled the names wrong) xxxx

  10. I watched this video and I thought it was super funny because I loved Brooklyn’s reaction and I want to thank you for making this video because now I feel more confident for when I use it. ❤️

  11. This will be great for me to save up cause I have lots of split ends and this will come in handy!!!

  12. It’s so convenient you don’t have to go to the hair dresser to just get the split ends trimmed

  13. I watched your video on this on you tube and I thought it was a really awesome product and I definitely should try it out!!

  14. It was good to see if this works because I see stuff like this in shops and I never know if it’s good for your hair

  15. i need it but i don’t know if they sell it in my country. I’ve got long hair and there are split ends in my hair but since my hair is layered so it’s hard to see if there are lots in my hair. I want that soo badly. 🙁

  16. After watching this video i really want to buy this product… My hair is very dry i have thick curly hair (which i have dyed and bleached a few times) and my ends are very dead and i have a lot of split ends this would probably work really well. And i wouldnt have to spend 70+ dollars to get my har trimmed/ cut

  17. Oh my gosh! I totally need that. I have the worst split ends and I have never even heard of the split ender!! I am a huge fan, and have been since day 1 of CuteGirlsHairstyles, and Kamri’s new channel. As soon as I saw that she made one, I immediately subscribed! 🙂

  18. I was wondering if the split-ender worked and was happily surprised to see you made a video on it recently. 🙂 There are so many new devices and products for many things now a days. It is sometimes hard to know if these products really work or are just useless rubbish for companies to profit off of.

  19. holy moly! this video gave me a heart attack i thought all her hair was going to come off! but this thing looks like it actually worked

  20. I had really long hair with split ends so i cut all the way to my shoulders. Why didn’t i know about this earlier!

  21. this is useful even though i don’t have split ends. My friends do so i can recommend it to them

  22. Your all a beautiful creative family and truly inspiring to many of us. Your personalities are great to. Thank you for making is all happy with your channels and family.????????❤️

  23. Loved your videos It just makes me happy every time I watch it,it just makes me so happy!

  24. Love the video! It really help us not cut 3 to 4 inches of hair just to take away those split ends. ???? loveyou Brooklyn! ????????????

  25. I love the “Does this work?” Kind of videos! They’re super helpful for students like me on a budget!! Keep them up girls!????????

  26. I want to try this! Before I watched the video I was like that is gonna cut her hair off and it will not work and her hair will be messed up but, you guys proved me wrong! Love watching your videos and keep up the good work! Love you guys! ❤️

  27. Definitely want to try this because I love my long hair and hate having to get it cut because of split ends, such a pain lol ????

  28. Wow I want to try this. Where can your purchase one from Australia?
    ❤️❤️ I love cute girls hair styles, Brooklyn and Bailey and kamri.????????

  29. I love your channel when I’m down just go to your channel and I makes me so happy thank you so much for you videos and God bless you????

  30. I love your Hairstyles of how you explain to make them good cause when I see other YouTube videos of hairstyles, they explain it hard and I don’t understand how to but I love your hairstyles mindy! ;)❤️ I also love how great your family is their all so wonderful! ???? Hope that God keeps on blessing your family and U ????????????

  31. Thank you for trying this!! I was too scared to buy it but now I know it’s not gonna chop all of my hair off 🙂

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